Zuzu (Viz: Mumu)
Species: Mudkip→Marshtomp→Swampert
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:






Where Caught:

Outskirts of Littleroot Town


Chapter 182

Zuzu is Ruby's male Swampert.



Zuzu is given to Ruby by Professor Birch. Ruby is disgusted with Zuzu's runny nose and generally unattractive appearance, but comes to admire Zuzu's power after Zuzu saves him from a wild Dustox, earning him the nickname "Zuzu."[1] Zuzu later saves Ruby from some wild Nuzleaf. Notably, Zuzu does both of these without orders for which attacks to use.[2]

On the Abandoned Ship, Zuzu is tricked by Plusle and Minun into eating a berry that afflicts him with the confused status condition.[3]


He evolves while walking in Slateport City.[4]


When Ruby is kidnapped by Team Magma, Zuzu accidentally gets out of his pokéball. Ruby is caught eavesdropping, so he and Zuzu lure Mack's Slugma into the Kaien I, where they initially pretend to have done it by accident; however, when Mack isn't believing Ruby's lies, Ruby and Zuzu look at each other and Zuzu nods. They then drop all pretenses and battle. Zuzu uses Earthquake, risking damaging the submarine, but Ruby and Zuzu get out safely in the escape capsule and drift out along Routes 118 and 119.[5]

At the Weather Institute, Norman uses Ruby's PokéBlocks to lure Zuzu—and thus lure Ruby—onto the roof, where they battle. Because he's known them for a long time, Norman can easily counter the attacks of Ruby's other Pokémon. Ruby decides to fight Norman with Zuzu, as Norman doesn't know Zuzu's attacks and weaknesses. He uses a strategy where Zuzu is on the ground, feeding Mud Shot into the pipes of the Weather Institute to attack Norman. The strategy is very successful.

The battle ends when Ruby and Norman fall off the roof and almost die.[6]

Zuzu later participates in Verdanturf Town's toughness contest and wins, wearing a sweater that Ruby knit for him.[7]

At the cave-in in Rusturf Tunnel, Zuzu uses his fin to locate Riley and then saves him with Rock Smash. Ruby gives him a PokéBlock for his good work.[8]

Zuzu evolves after Ruby accidentally reveals his true strength to Sapphire, making Ruby realize how much battling he's been doing on his journey.[9]


Zuzu Mud Shot
Ruby escapes down the river riding Zuzu directly after his evolution.[10]

Zuzu wins the toughness contest in Slateport City.[11]

Ruby sends him out against Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts in the Seafloor Cavern.[12] He later sends Zuzu out against Archie and Maxie. Zuzu and Toro manage a combo attack which hits them with Muddy Water.[13]

Known Moves

  • Earthquake[14]
  • Mud Shot[15]
  • Rock Smash[16]
  • Muddy Water[17]
  • Hydro Cannon
  • Bide
  • Surf
  • Mud Sport
  • Endeavor
  • Water Gun
  • Mud-Slap


The author describes Zuzu: "A happy-go-lucky Pokémon, which rules the department of strength…?"[18]


  • Other than Plusle, Zuzu is Ruby's only male Pokémon


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