The Yellow Arc begins in Chapter 41 and ends in Chapter 90, making it 50 chapters long. It takes place in the Kanto region.

Yellow is the main protagonist and Lance the main antagonist. Other protagonists include Blue, the Kanto gym leaders, and Green. Antagonists include the Kanto Elite Four.

Volume 4

Chapter 41: Ponyta Tale

Chapter 42: Do do that Doduo

Chapter 43: Sea Sea Seadra

  • Yellow reveals more of her ability to communicate with Pokémon
  • Yellow meets and saves Bill
  • Yellow demonstrates telekinesis

Chapter 44: Do Wrong, Dewgong!

  • Lorelei challenges Yellow to a battle
  • Lorelei reveals that she is a member of the Elite Four

Chapter 45: Cloystered

  • Lorelei discovers Yellow's special abilities
  • Yellow reveals her name
  • Green (discreetly) saves Yellow

Chapter 46: Whacked by Marowak!

Chapter 47: Purrrr-sian

Chapter 48: Paras Sight

Chapter 49: As Gastly as Before

Chapter 50: Lapras Lazily

Chapter 51: Electro Magneton

Chapter 52: Growing Out of Gengar

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

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