X yellow

Japanese Name:

イエロー Yellow


Female (though sometimes disguised as a male)


9 (RGB), 11 (Yellow), 12 (GSC), 14 (FRLG, Emerald)


March 3

Blood Type:



Wilton (uncle)


Viridian City


Pokémon healer, Trainer of the Viridian Forest


Chapter 36

Yellow is one of the many protagonists from Pokémon Adventures, featuring in the Yellow, GSC, FRLG, and Emerald arcs. She is inexperienced in the fields of battle and Pokémon capture, but she tries her hardest to do what she believes is right. She possesses an ability to communicate with Pokémon, healing powers, and limited telekinesis.


Yellow is a short,fair skinned girl with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and light amber eyes (Sometimes depicted as brown). She wears blue jeans, a black turtle neck shirt, purple boots,a yellow tabard with a green border and a wide brown belt in which she keeps her pokeballs and pokedex. She sometimes wears a large straw hat and hides her ponytail beneath it. During the Yellow arc she used her hat to hide her long hair and thus her gender.



Yellow wanders Viridian Forest, lost, and Red saves her from a rampaging Dratini. He helps her catch her first Pokémon, Ratty the Rattata, and escorts her home on his Aerodactyl.

Before leaving for Viridian's gym, he tells Yellow that Pokémon, though they can seem scary, are kind and loving on the inside, and she should raise her Rattata with loving care.[1]

Yellow and the rest of Viridian City help Red recover after his battle with the eighth gym leader, Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Red leaves afterward but promises that he'll teach Yellow and the rest of the trainers at Viridian City how to battle once he becomes a true Champion.

Yellow Arc

Yellow's next major appearance in the series is in the fourth volume, when she replaces Red as the main character of the series. It's been two years since the events of the last volume.

Yellow is contacted by one of Red's friends, Green, and she explains that Red has gone missing after challenging one of the Elite Four. As a diguise, Green gives her a big sombrero to hide her ponytail and make her look like a boy. Yellow begins her search for Red's Pikachu, or "Pika."

After hours of searching she finds him in Professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town. Professor Oak is supicious of Yellow's actions, as she is a complete stranger to him. Yellow heals Pika's injuries with her mysterious powers.

After Yellow promises to find Red and bring him home and asks for custody of Pika, Professor Oak, still untrusting, challenges her a Pokémon battle. The professor brings out his Pokémon, Spearow, and Yellow releases her Doduo. When Yellow ends the battle, the professor yells at her, claiming making Spearow dizzy enough to stop fighting doesn't count as a Pokémon battle. Yellow replies that he had asked him to end the battle, which she did without any Pokémon receiving any damage.

Professor Oak begins to believe in Yellow when Red's Pika shows that he trusts Yellow. After receiving Red's pokédex from the professor, Yellow and Pika head out on their journey.[2]


Yellow is the kind of trainer who's not really a battler. She hates hurting Pokémon and refrains from doing so whenever possible. Yellow maintains a happy-go-lucky personality throughout the story, knowing that no matter what, her main concern is finding Red, and later, defeating Lance of the Elite Four to stop him from destroying humanity.


Ratty (Rattata/Raticate)

Red lends Yellow his Pikachu to teach her how to catch a Pokémon. Yellow successfully catches Ratty.

Ratty was Yellow's first Pokémon.

Dody (Doduo/Dodrio)

Dody debuts in Chapter 42. Yellow often rides him.

Chuchu (Pikachu)

Yellow finds Chuchu injured prior to the GSC Arc and heals her. Chuchu takes a particular interest in Pika, Red's Pikachu, and they eventually produce an egg together at the Pokémon Daycare. The egg later hatches into Gold's Pichu. Chuchu is also one of Yellow's few offensive battlers, excited by the prospect of battling strong Pokémon such as Blue's Gym Pokémon.

Kitty (Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree)

He was captured with Blue's help. He is frequently used by Yellow as a means of aerial transportation.

Omny (Omanyte/Omastar)

He was given to Yellow by Misty. He initially refuses to obey Yellow but once her level as a trainer raises, he becomes one of her most powerful fighters.

Gravvy (Graveler/Golem)

He was given to Yellow by Brock. Like Omny, he refuses to obey her until her level as a trainer raises and ultimately becomes one of Yellow's stronger Pokemon.



Red is a good friend of Yellow's. They first met when Red saved her from a rampaging Dratini in Viridian Forest. Afterwards, Red taught Yellow how to capture Pokémon and gave her a Rattata, her first Pokémon, whom she later nicknamed "Ratty." Two years later, when Red went missing, upon advice from Green Yellow embarked on a journey to search for and rescue Red, despite her inexperience.

Although she has never confessed, she has a crush on him, but it isnt confirmed if Red knows that Yellow was that little girl he saved, or that she likes him.


Blue is one of Yellow's best friends and was the person who suggested that Yellow should search for Red. Green made Yellow swear to keep the secrecy of their mission, but Yellow never excelled at keeping secrets and eventually slipped some information. Despite this, Green has often helped save Yellow's life on the sidelines where she could not be discovered, so their mission could not be jeopardized.


Green is a good friend of Yellow's. In volume 5 of the Pokemon series he decided to become Yellow's mentor so she would be able to save Red. At times Blue questioned himself on why he was teaching Yellow when she seemed so helpless, but once Yellow proved herself, Blue trusted Yellow to search for his friend.


Pika traveled with Yellow for a long time as they searched for Red together; but went back to the latter after they found each other once again.


Yellow helped Silver discover the truth about his past, using her telepathic abilities to read his Sneasel's mind. When Silver is kidnapped by Team Rocket to be taken to his father, Yellow pursues them resentlessly to try and save him.


Lance has the same birthplace and abilities as Yellow does, making him her de facto rival and, in the Yellow Arc, arch-enemy.



  • Her "starter Pokémon," a Pikachu, is the only "starter" that is also used by another trainer. That trainer is Red, although her very first Pokemon was a Rattata, caught under supervision of Red. (We call it her "starter" because it was the starter in the first generation game Pokémon Yellow.)
  • She and (as of now) Whi-Two are the only Pokédex holders who doesn't have a starter.


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  2. Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 42

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