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Wallace, Sapphire, Hoenn Gym Leaders


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Chapter 211

Winona is a the gym leader of the Feather Badge in Fortree City. She is considered the leader of the Hoenn gym leaders. Sapphire is her "apprentice."


Winona has had a previous romantic relationship with Wallace, which she broke off due to feelings of inadequacy compared to Wallace's great skill in battle and contests.


Winona debuts in Chapter 211.

Volume 17

She has been assigned the task of mentoring the new gym leaders Flannery and Norman, who have both left their gyms. She has to round them and deliver them back. In the process, she interrupts the tail end of Norman's battle with Ruby, forcing Norman to cut it short and admit to Ruby that Ruby has permission to participate in Hoenn's contests.

Winona then flies away with Flannery and Norman on her Altaria.[1]

Volume 18

She hosts the Hoenn gym leaders' meeting called by Flannery concerning Teams Aqua and Magma. She supports Team Magma over Aqua. After the meeting, she reports to the Hoenn Director of the Pokémon Association and has a phone call with Wallace.

When she knows that Sapphire is coming to challenge her, Winona asks her citizens to keep an eye out for her and alert Winona when she arrives. Winona finds and watches Sapphire interact with Mikiko before stepping in, announcing herself and admitting that she'd wanted to meet Sapphire before Kyogre wakens. She challenges Sapphire to a battle, which Winona wins by having her Altaria use Sky Attack after Sapphire's Combusken evolves into Blaziken.

After the battle, Winona offers to coach Sapphire in battle, and asks Sapphire to fight alongside the gym leaders in the upcoming war. Spotting a familiar car in the sky, she realizes Wallace is about to arrive, but he's brought someone with him: Ruby.

Volume 19

After introducing Sapphire to Wallace, Winona takes Sapphire for a battle lesson, during which she gives Sapphire good advice. She then leaves.[2]

Late that night, Sapphire comes to Winona for training. Though she is astonished to see that Sapphire is wearing leaves instead of clothing, Winona agrees to a battle, sending out three Pokémon. During the battle, Winona observes that it is as if Sapphire's drive for strength is bursting out of her, she is so intense and enthusiastic. Impressed, Winona awards her the Feather Badge and then returns indoors.


Winona tells Wallace there is nothing between them any longer

Wallace comes to her to report on his findings about how humidity has been affected by Mt. Chimney's death. When he goes on to wonder if Winona can manage to unite Hoenn's gym leaders, Winona takes offense, seeing him as questioning her leadership.

He puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder and tells her she doesn't have to do everything herself. Winona throws off his touch and tells him sharply that she was appointed by the Pokémon Association and that Wallace must not do anything inappropriate of his position. More quietly, she reminds Wallace that they no longer share that sort of relationship.[3]

Later, Winona calls for the gym leaders to meet and they see footage of the devastation that natural disasters are wreaking on Hoenn. The director tells them that Kyogre and Groudon are behind it and assigns Winona to be the commander for the battles against them; that is, not participate in either fight herself.[4]

She and Sapphire travel to Route 123, where the weather forces of Kyogre met those of Groudon. Seeing Sapphire about to be killed by a monstrous wave, Winona has her Masquerain attack the wave to break it.[5] She seemingly succeeds, though in fact Sapphire's life was saved by the Relicanth she was tending to. Winona receives a call from Wattson , reporting that the battle against Kyogre is going badly. When the call shorts out, Winona calls the other group, only for that call to be interrupted as well. Winona and Sapphire are then approached by the guardians of Mt. Pyre, who tell them that Kyogre and Groudon are being controlled from the Seafloor Cavern.[6]

Winona has to chase after Sapphire when Sapphire immediately sets out to go there herself, despite having no clue where it is nor any means of getting to the bottom of the sea.[7] Later, Wallace and Ruby arrive with the information that Sapphire's Relicanth can carry two children—Ruby and Sapphire—to the Seafloor Cavern. Concerned, Winona immediately objects, but Wallace convinces her to trust them.[8]

Volume 20

After Ruby and Sapphire dive underwater, Winona and Wallace are horrified when some shape looms out of the sky. However, it is none other than the Pokémon Association headquarters, which can transform into an airship. The Hoenn director tells Winona that he can take over command, and that she may join the battle against Kyogre. Before she leaves, Wallace holds his hand out to her, and she takes it briefly before they go their separate ways.[9]

She arrives at Route 108, where she, Flannery, and Wattson fight against Ark, Angie, and Amber. After Wattson is seemingly drowned, Winona defeats Ark and does her best to protect Flannery from Angie.[10]

Volume 21

Angie leaves, and Wattson surfaces, saved by Sapphire's Wailord. Winona finds a little black box from the Kaien I, and listening in on its radio, she figures out that the Aqua hideout is offshore of Lilycove. Thinking that Professor Starstone may be there, the three gym leaders go.[11]

They find Starstone there and bring him to the bachoon, where Winona orders Wattson and Flannery to remain because of their injuries. She sets off for Sootopolis. When she gets there, she agrees with Maryann's conclusion that Absol is an impartial representation of nature and not there to help them stop Kyogre and Groudon. She flies down to Sapphire, who begs her to flee because there is no hope. Winona scolds and inspires Sapphire, who tells Winona her past with a Salamence and the boy who saved her. Winona tells her that if she ever wants to meet that boy again, then she has to stop Kyogre and Groudon.


Winona is threatened to make Wallace surrender

Noticing that Sapphire's Meteorite, which Winona picked up when saving Sapphire, is growing hot, she, Wallace, Sapphire, and Ruby realize that it can be used to negate nature. They use it and a strategy of reflection to beam its power onto the Jewels in Archie and Maxie, ejecting them and causing an immense explosion.[12]

Volume 22

At some point, Winona attacks Archie and Maxie, and they take her hostage after injuring her. They later threaten her to force Wallace to surrender.[13]

After the battle, Winona is seen standing by the injured, but healing, Wallace in the bachoon.[14]


The author describes her: "The Pokémon Association has entrusted her with the task of mentoring the new gym leaders. Her skills must be undeniably good to be able to take on such an important role. Will her leadership bring the gym leaders to victory?!"[15]



Ability: Natural Cure

Known Moves:


Known Moves:


Known Moves:


Known Moves:



Winona is Sapphire's mentor.


It is implied that there was a romantic relationship between Winona and Wallace, that is now over.


  • Like Erika and Pryce, Winona is considered the leader of her league's gym leaders
  • Falkner and Skyla also train flying-type Pokémon


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