10 whi two

Japanese Name:

ファイツ Faitsu






Team Plasma (former)


Team Plasma Grunt (formerly) Pokemon Trainer

Whitley is a former member of Team Plasma. Her appearance is based on Rosa, the female playable character in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. She first appears in the Pokémon Black and White 2 chapter of Pokémon Adventures.


Whitley used to be a member of Team Plasma. After it disbanded, her mother forced her to cut off all ties and move to Aspertia City, where she enrolled in the trainer's school. Whitley, who believes N's philosophies and has serious reservations about battle, is determined to draw as little attention as possible; unfortunately, on her very first day she accidentally causes an argument to break out between the incorrigible flirt, Blake, and Hugh, and the teacher Cheren decides that everyone in the class should participate in a battle. The two best winners would be rewarded with pokédexes from Bianca.

Whitley is paired against a classmate who has a Sigilyph, one of the worst possible match-ups against her Foongus. However, she and Foongus pull through in an amazing victory, leading Cheren to declare her one of the pokédex winners. Whitley is horrified, because she, like N, doesn't approve of pokédexes, but the other winner, Blake, sweet-talks her into accepting it.


Whitley is rather shy and quiet when it comes to speaking to others, she tends to avoid contact with some and is rather reluctant when someone may offer her something. (I.e the pokedex)



Foongus defeats Whitley's classmate's Sigilyph, earning her a pokédex from Bianca.





  • Whitley is the first female Pokedex holder to be directly based off the player character, as her mother resembles the one of the player in Black and White 2.
  • Whitley is the second Pokedex user who doesn't have one of the three main starters of her region, the first being Yellow


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