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ホワイト White






Black, Bianca, Cedric Juniper


BW Agency President


BW Chapter 5

White is a protagonist of the Black and White Pokémon Adventures. She is a representative of BW Agency, an agency of Pokémon actors for hire.



As a child, White saw a musical with all humans in it. However, a Cubchoo accidentally got onto the stage and started to dance with the actors. White saw the adoration on its face and was inspired to let all Pokémon to express themselves and to experience such unadulterated joy.



White meets Black

White is an agent for Pokémon actors, and her star player, a Tepig named Gigi, is taking part in a commercial. However, upon arriving at the shooting site, White learns that the director assumes she is providing two Tepig, male and female. Furious at the bureaucratic mistake somewhere down the line, White is terrified that if the director finds out she hasn't met expectations, it will be the end of BW Agency.

Luckily, Black and his Tepig, Tep, interrupt the commercial shooting. White sees her opportunity: a male Tepig! Before she can present her case to him, the camera crew is attacked by something. White tries to mediate between the director and the stranger, Black, but Black insists on proving his own innocence, drawing the culprit, Galvantula, out of hiding.

In the course of the battle, Black destroys some very expensive cameras, but White intervenes on his behalf, hiring him and telling the director to charge BW Agency for the cost of damages.[1] She did this to look after her clients, so that they wouldn't suffer too much of a loss from this; after all, they could hardly charge a kid, Black, the whole cost.
Pokemon Midriff

White's clothes being torn by razor leaf

White convinces Black to let Tepig act with Gigi, and she requests that Tepig and Gigi do several more jobs together because they were so loved by audiences. She gives Black an Xtransceiver, a gift from the director. In Accumula Town, they camp outside a hotel that Gigi and Tep are staying in. During the night they are seemingly attacked, but it is only Team Plasma, unaware of their presence, starting to build a stage for tomorrow morning's speech.

The next morning, Black and White attend the speech and are horrified when people begin to release their Pokémon.[2] White chases after Black when he goes after Ghetsis, even putting off a call from the director in order to pursue Black. Once she catches up to him, he's already given up on finding Ghetsis, and she remembers the call.

Borrowing Tep, she returns the call, but the director has already given the part to another. White spends a pensive moment thinking about Black, realizing how little she knows about him, before growing flustered as she realizes how much she thought about him just now.[3]


White as N speaks

She goes to find him, and finds him in the midst of battle against an N he tells her he can't beat. He asks her to pick up the fight once he's beaten, but White tearfully reveals that she's never had a Pokémon battle before.

After N leaves, White notes that his philosophy sounds very similar to Team Plasma's; Black tells her that N holds a very peaceful dream of an ideal world, his childhood.[4]

They arrive in Striaton City and have a meal at the gym. White leaves Black to his battle, and later meets up with him in the western part of the city. Black brings Bianca and Cheren, whom White gives Xtransceivers to help keep in touch with Black.[5]

When Black goes missing, White finds him unconscious near the Dreamyard. She enlists the nearby Fennel and Amanita to help her carry him. After he wakes up, the four of them go back to the Dreamyard to rescue Black's Munna from Team Plasma. They succeed.[6]

In Nacrene City, White hopes to make a lot of business—but after Black ruins one of her business deals, she decides to teach him how to do business. To demonstrate, she impresses him by convincing a nearby musician to buy BW Agency's services in barely a minute of conversation.

The director arrives, scolding White teasingly for sneaking business in, and they prepare to do the show. However, the accordion of the show's host is stolen and Black is blamed because he was training nearby. White is surprised when Black claims that he will clear BW Agency's name, not his own, acknowledging himself as part of BW Agency and recognizing that his actions have consequences for the Agency.

As he does his Munna method, White excitedly explains it to the watchers. After he catches the culprits, White tells him that he's much better at battles than he is at business, but she'll teach him business anyway. Before Black leaves for his Nacrene gym battle, White asks if he researched the gym leader, like checking to make sure he did his homework properly.

After Black leaves, the director tells White that her Pokémon are very talented and he's sure that she will become more and more successful. He wants her to go to Nimbasa City, where he is planning a some huge events and wants her, specifically, to come up with a few ideas for it.[7]

White is unexpectedly drawn into an Xtransceiver four-way meeting with the director, the mayor of Nimbasa City, and Elesa. White is unusually flustered, taken off guard, and isn't helped when the mayor starts off by blindsiding her first with a compliment, flustering her further, and then demanding to know her amazing idea for Nimbasa City's public entertainment plan—something she had not been given a chance to brainstorm, as she'd only just found out about this.


White's face when mayor loves her idea

She is saved from answering immediately by the mayor's council, which oppose bringing in new events for Nimbasa due to the cost. White uncertainly interjects, suggesting a Pokémon Musical, pointing out that their previous projects didn't allow the audience to participate. White freaks out as there is silence, but then the mayor shouts that he loves her idea. He wants her to run it.

White greets Black

She is still walking on clouds when she meets Black after his gym battle, grabbing his hands and shaking him around wildly in her excitement as she explains to him.[8]

Why did you evolve tep

White manhandling Black for evolving Tep

To reach Nimbasa City, they have to traverse Route 4, where a sandstorm is occurring. White refuses to be deterred, volunteering to buy them sand gear. When she returns, she finds Black unconscious with a Team Plasma member and his Maractus tied up next to Black, a card on them telling her to do what she wants with the Team Plasma member. White hauls all three all the way through Route 4 with Black's Braviary, arriving at Nimbasa City, where she contacts the police to pick up the Team Plasma member.[9]


White helps with everything

She takes Black to the Pokémon Musical building, where she is clearly in charge: everyone is bringing all of their questions and news to her, as well as seeking permission or confirmation from her, crowding around. White goes through them, systematically solving, praising, and making suggestions. It is also revealed (by Elesa, not White) that White and Elesa have met, are working together on the Musical's production, and have had an in-depth conversation discussing matters that aren't business related, in which White told Elesa all about Black.

White searches for a solution

When the Pokémon Musical debuts, it debuts with Elesa putting on a demonstration to show the crowd how to participate.

White is ecstatic because everything has gone perfectly—until she discovers that the delivery of props, intended to be given to the audience, has been delayed because Driftveil City's drawbridge has been up all morning. They won't be able to give anyone any props, though they have prop cases to give the crowd. Since the audience doesn't know that they were going to get props, the mayor suggests that White just not tell them about it. But White insists, knowing that the Pokémon Musical's future depends on making everyone want to dress up their Pokémon, a desire that is strongest right after seeing Elesa perform.

With 30 minutes left, it's impossible to get all 200 props over by using surf and fly. White takes an emergency course, calling up an aerial delivery by Skyla's plane, paid for by BW Agency because the Nimbasa mayor is stingy.

While White waits for Skyla to arrive, she goes up onto the stage, calmly explaining to the audience that they are all going to receive free prop cases and props. She organizes the crowd into a line to get prop cases and herds them outside, stalling until Skyla gets there.

Skyla arrivals flashily, dropping the props box via parachute and trailing sparklers behind her plane advertising the Pokémon Musical. White watches the excited, happy people and is moved to tears by relief as she hears all of them talking about participating in the Musical as they dress up their Pokémon.


Exhausted by the emotional and physical stress of making the Musical perfect, White leaves in a daze, where a dim shape guides her to a seat—a seat on a Ferris wheel. By the time she stirs from her stupor, the Ferris wheel is already in motion, and she is already in air, trapped with N.

White shrinks into a corner and N sits across from her, fiddling with his menger's sponge in silence. White realizes she's too high in the air to jump, but there are people on the ground, maybe she could call for help—but no, these are Team Plasma members, including the Maractus owner she'd dragged through the desert.

Suddenly the necklace N wears around his neck makes a sound, and voice comes from it; it is actually some sort of communication device. White demands to know if N really is their teammate; N replies that he is their king, taking White off-guard. While she is at a loss for words, N talks about his love for Ferris wheels: their peaceful motion, the structure of their formulas. He asks if she understands, and she responds no, batting aside his comment and going right for the heart of the problem: she doesn't understand Pokémon liberation and she doesn't understand what he's doing to her, presumably referring to her reactions to the Team Plasma speeches she's heard.

N says that perhaps he is the one who doesn't understand, and says that is why he's been watching her: to try to understand. He ignores White's surprised exclamation, questioning her about her motives for the Pokémon Musical. N grabs Gigi, intent on speaking with her, and when White tries to take Gigi back, N's Servine whacks her with its tail. N asks White why she is in showbiz, and she confesses to him a childhood tale of finding her calling when she saw how happy a cubchoo dancing on stage was. She wanted to make all Pokémon have that expression, both the expression on their faces and the ability to express themselves (without words). She wanted to show that expression to people. That, she tells N, is her dream.

N says nothing; he doesn't need to. White already knows what he's thinking: Showbiz is by humans, for humans, and it's unfair to force Pokémon into that. White gets a little worked up, claiming that there are Pokémon who enjoy the spotlight. White is taken by surprise when N says that she is right, there are Pokémon like that. He goes on to say that just as there are people who enjoy different activities, there are also Pokémon that like singing or dancing, but by focusing on only one aspect of their personalities, humans impede their potential.


White is alarmed when N asks Gigi if Gigi would like to battle, like she has never been allowed to battle in BW Agency—to battle like Black's Tepig, whom she has watched grow stronger and stronger until he evolved. Before another word can be said, Servine hits Gigi, smashing her into the ceiling. White shouts at N, crying that forcing Pokémon to battle must be against his belief in liberation. White's heart beats loudly as N becomes coldly furious, telling her that if she thinks Pokémon don't want to battle, then she is deliberately ignoring their voices. She can only stare at him, caught in frozen horror and denial, as he tells her that while something like a Pokémon Musical isn't terrible, ignoring the voice of a Pokémon is a sin.

At that moment, Gigi, who had before been huddling in tearful fear, lashes out against Servine with a powerful Ember. Gigi lands on her feet, looking thrilled—but White looks like she was the one hit, a moment of emotion crushing her.


N praises Gigi for her attack, saying she could defeat even the Champion; and excited, Gigi looks to White for approval or shared enthusiasm. She finds White in the middle of a breakdown, sweat running in streams down her face, inwardly screaming for Gigi to stop, no, and N's voice echoing inexorably. Most of all, N's word "sin" fills her head, and in her moment of complete panic, White understands that she has to escape now, no matter what. She flings open the door to the Ferris wheel gondola, shouting for Gigi to jump with her—it's not too far to the ground, she'll catch Gigi. White extends her hand to Gigi as she falls, gesturing, looking Gigi directly in the eye. Gigi moves away, to N, and time slows as White falls backward out of the door. She hangs in the air for a moment, as if in denial, and then falls.


She hits the ground intact. N's Servine lands beside her, looking up at the Ferris wheel. White's eyes are wide and tears dribble from them as she whispers Gigi's name to herself, hearing again N say Gigi has the power to surpass and defeat the Champion.


White mumbling while unconscious

White is found by Marshal, who carries her on his shoulders until he runs into Black, who takes her to a hospital. Even in her sleep, White is moaning in fragmented words about Gigi and surpassing or defeating the Champion. She wakes with Black at her side, and N's servine lurking behind him. White screams at the sight of servine. The doctor confirms that White's physical injuries are minor, and Black takes her outside. She confesses what happened, depressed and unbuoyed by Black's righteous anger on her behalf.

White and Black are approached by a kindly cook who reveals herself to be a fan of White's, simply adoring White's Musical, and asks for White's autograph. She then gives them information about Marshal, who came to meet Alder at the Battle Subway. She gives them a ride there in her trailer.


White watches Alder play with Pokémon

At the Battle Subway, upon seeing how genuinely good and gentle Alder is with Pokémon, even wild ones, White wonders if that is what it is to "understand." She tells Black that she has not given up on her dream of being in Pokémon entertainment, but she has been thinking about What N said to her. She wonders how Gigi is doing right now, if Gigi is happy from battling, and tells Black it is for the best that Gigi left with N; it is for the best that Gigi can choose whether she wants to do battle or entertainment. However, she says, she is certain that Gigi will someday return to entertainment. And then, with an apprehensive but determined look on her face, White declares that she will give the Battle Subway a try.

Before going on the Subway, White has to catch a Pokémon. Chris gives her some pokéballs and encouragement, as well as free bread fresh from the oven. White receives many Xtransceiver calls, cancelling and arranging things because she cannot continue her job while she explores battle.

White is failing spectacularly at capturing a Deerling; angering it with her attempts, the Deerling attacks White but is stopped by Servine, who is still lurking around. Black, the belated cavalry, offers to show White how to catch a Pokémon. As an example, he demonstrates by catching a Pokémon simultaneously as White captures Deerling.
Now with her own Pokémon, Deerling (Jessica), and having accepted Servine onto her team, White reenters the Battle Subway, where they find Marshal and Alder. Alder asks why White wants to challenge the Battle Subway, and White answers that she wants a Pokémon dear to her (Gigi) to know that she has more than one choice. Gigi can choose between entertainment and battle, but White can't ask anything from her if she herself doesn't know both paths.

As White gets onto the Subway, Black chases it, shouting. He says that—because he hasn't paid off his debt—even if they are separated, he is still her employee. He throws her the pokéball containing his Braviary, as Braviary wants to go with White on the Subway and one cannot challenge the Subway with less than three Pokémon.


White acknowledges that Black is still her employee

White does terribly on the Subway, losing almost all of her battles. After another loss, she finds Shauntal, who has snuck onto the Subway. She then sees Thundurus and Tornadus battling, and interferes to try and put an end to it; Jessica's Leech Seed does nothing, but Shauntal redirects the legendaries' attacks to the nearby crops, summoning Landorus. White is relieved the battle is over and returns to the Subway challenge.


White is incredibly responsible, especially for someone of her age. She is constantly calculating and re-calculating BW Agency's finances and seeking ways to keep them out of debt. She is personally called by directors to arrange for BW Agency's services, evidence of both the favorable impression she made on them and the important role she plays in BW Agency. She is shown to be an astute businesswoman, both diplomatic and persuasive; in Nacrene City, she convinces a musician to buy BW Agency's services in just a few moments of conversation, as she did in a Nacrene City cafe—or would have, if Black hadn't interfered obliviously.

White is confident and mature, not fazed or uncertain about her ability to fulfill her responsibilities. She doesn't hesitate to hire Black or advertise BW Agency in front of a crowd, showing initiative and capability. Her initiative is even more clear in the capable leadership she displays while designing and running a Pokémon Musical.

White is also compassionate and clever: Prior to his employment, Black destroyed her client's very expensive camera equipment, and White hired Black on the spot so that the client could charge BW Agency the full cost, rather than the partial one they would have to demand because of Black's age. That she immediately saw her client's dilemma and a solution demonstrates her intelligence, especially because it also solves her own need of a male Tepig, while her motives themselves are extremely compassionate, costing her agency a fortune to support these unlucky people.

However, White is quick to worry, especially when it comes to BW Agency's reputation or finances. She seems very anxious, as if one failure would completely collapse BW Agency. She has also never participated in even a single Pokémon battle, and it seems like she fears them: Running from galvantula, freezing when timburr rained rocks down on her.


White's reaction to Gigi's delight from battle

Even when trapped with N in the ferris wheel, she doesn't lose her composure until N forces Gigi to battle Servine. One of her main arguments against N then had been that Pokémon battles hurt Pokémon who didn't want to fight, so White is very disturbed by Gigi's satisfied reaction to her battle, but if White's fear was from realizing she doesn't know Gigi as well as she thinks, or because of Gigi's joy in fighting, or because of something else, is debatable.

White decides to challenge the Battle Subway. She captures a Deerling, Jessica, with Black's help. As she leaves on the subway, Black gives her Brav because she needs three Pokémon to challenge the subway with. White does poorly in her battles, discouraging her, but she continues on. She meets Shauntal, who is on the train in search of inspiration. White witnesses Tornadus and Thundurus battle and tries to stop them with Jessica, but fails. Shauntal interferes and summons Landorus, who ends the battle. White then returns to her challenge.

She eventually makes a winning streak and battles Ingo, whom she ties with. She also captures a Solosis, Yunibou, an Alomomola, Nancy, and a Stunfisk, Dorothy, at some point.

When White arrives in Anville Town, she finds Bianca playing a flute. Bianca confides in White her troubles with her father. White encourages her and brings her to Castelia Café. Bianca ends up giving White her pokédex.


Fan r1 c1White'sPokémon

White's team prior to Amanda's Evolution

Amanda (Servine → Serperior)

Previously N's, Amanda follows White out of the Ferris wheel, staying with her even in the hospital. It later evolved.

Darling (Deerling)

The first Pokémon that White ever caught for herself. White caught Deerling near Nimbasa City. 

.Dorothy (Stunfisk)

  • Female

Nancy (Alomomola)

  • Female

Sally (Solosis)

  • Female

Barbara (Vullaby)

  • Female



White realizes that she doesn't really know anything about Black other than his dream, that he uses his munna to clear his mind, and that he uses a Pokédex. She thinks she's told him more about herself than he's told her about him. She also gets embarrassed once because she said his name so many times.[10]


White very much sees N as the enemy. However, N feels that White understands his ideology about Pokemon better than Black does, especially when she chooses not to ask him to return Gigi and instead let her choose for herself.




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