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Wally's Pokémon are of no particular type, but all are from Hoenn. Wally has said that though he himself is weak, he trusts his Pokémon to be strong.[1]



Cacturne debuts in Chapter 240.

Cacturne is first seen with Wally and his other Pokémon after Wally rescues the Mirage Island man. As they set off on a raft into the ocean, Wally sees Treecko's pokéball adrift in a bag. Wally has Cacturne use Needle Arm, relying on Cacturne's amazing aim to pin the bag against a rock without killing Treecko (or harming the pokédex).[2] In Sky Pillar, Cacturne defends Wally against wild Pokémon.[3]

Known Moves



Flygon debuts in Chapter 240.

Flygon used to belong to Norman, but was given to Wally after Wally successfully reaches the 50th floor of Sky Pillar.[5] Flygon then trains with Wally against Norman.

Known Moves



Kecleon debuts in Chapter 187.

Wally finds Kecleon near Petalburg City. Kecleon is the first Pokémon Wally captures, and is technically Wally's first Pokémon ever (as Ruru really belongs to Ruby). Wally is so grateful and happy that he cries.[7]

Kecleon saves the Mirage Island man using his tongue.[8] In Sky Pillar, Kecleon defends Wally against wild Pokémon.[9] Kecleon then trains there against Norman.

Known Moves



Roselia debuts in Chapter 240.

Wally has Roselia use Aromatherapy to heal Treecko when he finds him, and then uses Grasswhistle to let Treecko rest.[11] In Sky Pillar, Roselia defends Wally against wild Pokémon.[12]

Known Moves

Ruru (Ralts→Kirlia)


Ruru debuts in Chapter 181.

Ruby lends Wally Ruru to help him capture a Pokémon. However, Ruby is swept away by a tsunami and Ruru is left with Wally. The glow of Ruru's horns tells Wally that Ruru can sense that Ruby is still alive.[15]

Ruru later alerts Wally that someone is in the area because his horns begin glowing.[16] In Sky Pillar, Ruru defends Wally against wild Pokémon.[17] Ruru trains there and evolves.[18]



Wally finds Treecko adrift in the sea and rescues him.[19] During his test in Sky Pillar, Treecko saves Wally when the floor crumbles beneath him. Treecko sees and points out the Mach Bike nearby. On the 49th floor, Treecko convinces Wally to trust him to destroy the wild Dusclops's black hole with an air wave created by Leaf Blade. As he attacks, Treecko evolves into Grovyle, defeating Dusclops.[20]

Known Moves


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