Wallace's Pokémon are all water types. Ruby observes that they are in fantastic condition. Most of his Pokémon have long eyelashes.

Pokemon Information Moves Debut
Elizabeth (Luvdisc)

Wallace wins a super rank beauty contest with Elizabeth in Fallarbor Town.

When Wallace arrives at a flooded Slateport City, he sends Elizabeth out to save people. She saves a Seedot.[1]

Elizabeth is seen briefly beside Wallace when he arrives to fight Groudon.[2]

Elizabeth uses Water Sport during Wallace's battle with Mitch, halving the damage taken from fire-type attacks.[3]

  • Water Pulse
  • Water Sport[4]
All of them debut in Chapter 223.
Charles (Seaking)

Upon arriving at a flooded Slateport City, Wallace sends Charles out to save the drowning. He saves a woman, whom he brings back to Wallace's car.[5]

Richard (Sealeo)

Wallace sends out Richard to attack Groudon with Iceball, defending Roxanne and Brawly. Wallace remarks that when you are facing a foe like Groudon, you should not think about style (referring to the ungraceful movements of Richard).[6]

Phillip (Whiscash)

Wallace sends Phillip out to save the drowning at a flooded Slateport City. Phillip saves a drowning man, bringing him back to Wallace's car.[8] Wallace battles Mitch's Torkoal with Phillip, rendering Torkoal unable to battle with Tickle.[9]


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