Wallace's cheerleaders are a group of four girls, all of them cheerleaders, who accompany Wallace. All of their names rhyme: Rina, Tina, Gina, and Dina. They all sit in the back seat of his car, leaving the front beside beside Wallace either occupied by one of his Pokémon or empty. They refer to Wallace as "Master Wallace."

Telling Them Apart

Assuming that Wallace called on them in order (that is, the order that he said their names was the order that they were standing in)…

Rina has the dark, short hair,

Tina has the pale pigtails,

Gina has the longer dark hair, and

Dina has the long pale hair.


They have a brief, faceless debut in Chapter 222, but fully debut in Chapter 224.

After Wallace's win at the Fallarbor Town beauty contest, they come onstage with him to wave their pompoms about and cheer. They get into the car to go with Wallace to Professor Starstone's lab, but when Ruby stops them to challenge Wallace to an unofficial competition of beauty, they react with indignation. Rina calls Ruby names such as "brat" and considers him insolent for addressing Wallace so, while Dina reminds Wallace that he has an appointment with Professor Starstone to keep.

All of them cheer during Wallace and Ruby's battle, and when Ruby loses, all of them cheer except for Rina, who sticks her tongue out at Ruby.[1]

Rina happily remarks that the whole crowd has been glued to Wallace's performance and she asks if the boy's name is Ruby; Tina admits that Ruby is pretty good, and Gina says that he's no match for a master like Wallace. Distressed, Dina scolds them, telling them that Ruby can hear them perfectly well and that he must hold a lot of pride in his skill.

Rina remarks that you never know what someone like that will do once they lose. The girls quickly become terrified that Ruby will attack them or Wallace, even screaming out a warning when Ruby approaches Wallace. They are dumbstruck when Ruby clasps Wallace's hands and asks to become his disciple.

The girls get into the car with Wallace and drive off, but scream in surprise when Ruby keeps up with the car using his Running Shoes. They start to tell him off, ordering him to stop following them and telling him harshly that Wallace has already rejected him. When Ruby catches sight of the Soot Sack, Dina tells him to give it back, but Ruby takes it and fills it. Sweatdropping, Dina tells him that they normally bring it to the glass workshop on the edge of town, and she asks if he can really carry all that.

Watching him run off, Rina asks Wallace what they should do. Wallace says he has to go to the lab, and Gina reminds him that there's a gym leader meeting to attend, too. They accompany him into the lab.


When Wallace decides to allow Ruby to come with him, he orders the cheerleaders to stay and help Professor Starstone's assistants with the data analysis, shocking them. Sniffling, the girls ask if he is really going to take the boy with him and leave them there. (He does.)[2]


They take shelter on the Pokémon Association's bachoon during the battle at Sootopolis. Afterwards, they happily remain as Professor Starstone's assistants.[3]


They are all devout fangirls of Wallace, indignantly and obsessively defending him against allegations. Of them, Rina seems like the most passionate and Dina the most rational.



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