Japanese Name:

ミクリ Mikuri






Rain Badge


Winona, Ruby, Sapphire, Brawly, Roxanne, Flannery, Tate, Liza, Norman, Juan


Gym Leader (formerly), Champion


Chapter 223

Wallace is a master of contests, Champion of Hoenn, and the gym leader of the Rain Badge in Sootopolis City. He is the guardian of the Cave of Origin.


Wallace used to be in a romantic relationship with Winona, but she broke up with him because she wasn't comfortable being with someone so much stronger than her.


RS Arc

Wallace's shadowed face debuts on a videophone in Chapter 222, but he formally debuts in Chapter 223.

Wallace attends the gym leaders meeting by videophone, unable to make it in person. He listens attentively and is pressured into supporting the Team Aqua gym leaders. After the meeting, he decides to partake in a contest.[1] (He is in Fallarbor Town to visit with Professor Starstone concerning the effects of Mt. Chimney's death on Sootopolis and the Cave of Origin.)

Wallace and Elizabeth (his Luvdisc) win the Fallarbor Town super-rank beauty contest with aplomb, unintentionally awing Ruby.[2] Wallace is about to drive away with his cheerleaders when Ruby challenges him to an out-of-contest beauty competition. Wallace accepts, finding it interesting, and delays his visit to Professor Starstone's laboratory in favor of it. He defeats Ruby with beauty and ease using only Elizabeth.[3]

Afterwards, Ruby, moved to tears from awe of Wallace's skill, begs Wallace to take Ruby on as his disciple. Wallace merely turns and walks away. When Ruby chases after him, Wallace tells him, winking, that Wallace does not intend to take any disciples and that Ruby will have to work to improve himself. Ruby shocks Wallace by chasing after the car and gathering volcanic ash for him, but Wallace decides to proceed anyway.

Wallace goes to Professor Starstone's Lab, where he shows the first sign of annoyance as Ruby staggers after him, calling for Wallace to wait for him. Wallace grows suddenly interested when he hears Tyler mention that Ruby is the son of a gym leader, and Wallace has Elizabeth unlock the cage of an Anorith and Lileep, allowing them to escape. He secretly watches as Ruby (under the cover of smoke) masters them with only a look.

Wallace reaches out and touches Ruby's shoulder, telling him that he's changed his mind: Ruby can come with him, though Wallace doesn't really know what he would teach him. Wallace instructs his cheerleading squad to remain and help the lab with data analysis while he and Ruby go to Fortree City.

As he drives them through the sky to Fortree, Ruby notices something below them.[4]

Volume 19

They arrive at Fortree and Wallace takes Ruby out for a lesson, but is far more interested in the degree of humidity, wondering if it's an effect of Mt. Chimney's death. He leaves Ruby to go test the humidity at a higher altitude.[5] He brings his findings to Winona and then expresses his concern that she will not convince Hoenn's gym leaders to unite. He tells her that she does not have to do it alone, laying a hand on her shoulder. However, Winona takes offense, believing him to be questioning her authority. She tells him off and reminds him that they no longer share that relationship.

As Wallace leaves her house, he catches sight of Ruby leaving Fortree on his Swampert. Following overhead in his car, Wallace loses track of Ruby in the jungle. He decides to go to Slateport City, figuring that Ruby would go to the next contest. When he arrives, he finds that Slateport has been hit by a tsunami and is flooded.[6]

Wallace immediately sets about saving people, but also decides to look for Ruby. He finds that Ruby has indeed won every hyper rank contest except beauty, so Wallace enters himself as a "mystery contestant," hidden by a veil of water. (Which is inconspicuous because the contest hall is flooded.)

He easily outdoes Ruby in the contest (though it is later revealed he arranged this with the judges to test Ruby,[7]) and upon seeing Ruby yell abuse at his Feebas, Wallace reveals himself. He stares at Ruby in grim silence as Ruby frantically accuses him of going all this way just to deny Ruby his win.


Wallace dunks Ruby in water. He tells Ruby that he doesn't know what happened to him, but mistreating his Pokémon like that is inexcusable; Ruby is blaming his Pokémon for his own shortcomings as a trainer.[8] He continues to berate Ruby until the swimmer points out that Ruby has cried himself into unconsciousness. He accepts Ruby's ribbon and keeps it for safekeeping. He takes Ruby to the first aid center.[9]

After dropping Ruby off, Wallace leaves to continue with the rescue efforts. He finds Captain Stern with Maryann and Tyler, and frowns when Stern inquires after Steven Stone's whereabouts. These four return to the first aid center, where Wallace gets in contact with Winona via videophone. She brings him up to date on the situation, horrifying him, and Wallace immediately volunteers to join the fight against one of the legendary Pokémon.[10]

Sometime after his call with Winona, he receives a note carried by Ruby's Delcatty, informing him of Ruby's decision to help. Ruby tells him about the special ability of Sapphire's Relicanth and convinces him to believe it. Wallace and Ruby go to Route 126 where Winona and Sapphire are, and when Winona objects to Ruby and Sapphire being the ones to go to the Seafloor Cavern, Wallace is quick to interject and say that Ruby is his student and has his full trust. They watch as the two disappear beneath the surface.[11]

Volume 20

The weather worsens and Wallace and Winona attempt to get in touch with the Hoenn Director of the Pokémon Association, but fail. Suddenly they see a huge shape in the sky, which they realize is the Pokémon Association headquarters as an airship. The director orders Wallace to join the fight against Groudon, but before he and Winona split ways, Wallace holds a hand out to her. She takes it, and they grip hands briefly before going their separate ways.[12]

Wallace arrives at the battle, attacking Groudon with Richard's Iceball, just before the Team Magma admins arrive and challenge them.[13] He is kidnapped by Mitch and brought to the Lilycove Department Store for their battle.[14]

Volume 21

Wallace easily dominates his battle with Mitch, advising him to just give up, but the madness instilled by holding the Blue Jewel is destroying Mitch's mind, making him rampage. Wallace manages to reach the roof, but Mitch grabs him and hurls him into a vending machine. Steven Stone then arrives, making Wallace complain about his tardiness, and Steven hits Mitch with his Metagross's Meteor Mash, apologizing and telling Wallace that he requires his assistance, and they should not tarry.[15]

Steven attempts to give Wallace the Champion's cloak, but Wallace refuses it, reminding Steven that he had refused the title in the first place because he wanted to succeed Juan as gym leader; Steven adds that Wallace had also wanted to be closer to Winona, who had recently become the gym leader of Fortree.

Steven shows Wallace that Groudon has reached Sootopolis City and tells him that he and his father have been preparing for this eventuality for some time. After Steven asks Wallace to trust him, Wallace reluctantly takes the Champion's cloak and heads to Sootopolis in his flying car. When he arrives, he tells Maryann he agrees with her theory of Absol being a neutral representation of nature, and thus not actually on their side. Spotting Ruby unconscious nearby, Wallace goes to him. When Ruby tells him to get away while he still can, he scolds Ruby harshly and tells him that he has the future on his shoulders, and asks him if he can bear to lose his loved ones.

This prompts Ruby to confide in Wallace about the mystery girl from his past, and gives him the hope and strength to carry on. Wallace, Ruby, Winona, and Sapphire work together to use Sapphire's fragment of the Meteorite to force the Jewels out of Archie and Maxie, unintentionally creating an intense explosion.

After the explosion, Steven and the Elite Four arrive with Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. Steven and Wallace partner up to control Registeel, working with the others to hold up a shield to contain the damage from Kyogre and Groudon's battle. Trapping the energy this way causes Sootopolis to rise.

Volume 22

When he sees Ruby trap Sapphire in Wallace's aircar, Wallace feels frustrated and betrayed, but Steven sharply reminds him to keep faith in his apprentice.

After Kyogre and Groudon are defeated, Wallace sees Steven die. He picks Steven's body up and reports his death to the Hoenn Director of the Pokémon Association. Remembering that Sapphire is still trapped in his aircar, he goes to help her, but Sapphire manages to get out with the help of Plusle, Minun, and the generator. When Sapphire abruptly bursts into tears, Wallace tells her that it isn't the time for crying, causing her to get a grip on herself.

He and Sapphire go up to the battlefield, where they find Ruby about to be finished off by Archie and Maxie. Wallace, cold and enraged, puts down Steven's body and dons the Champion's cloak, declaring that if Archie and Maxie recognize this cloak, there is no need to tell them his name, and if they do not recognize it, they don't deserve to know his name. He moves to attack them, but they reveal that they have captured Winona. When they threaten her safety, Wallace surrenders, and Archie does not hesitate in having his Tentacruel deal him a mortal blow. Dying, Wallace collapses to the ground.

As he lies there, he hears Ruby give a speech about true beauty being on the inside, not the outside, and Wallace gives Ruby the hyper-rank beauty contest ribbon Wallace withheld from him at Slateport City. Wallace is very proud of Ruby.

Wallace is seen on the bachoon after the final battle, heavily bandaged—especially one side of his face—but alive.

Emerald Arc

Wallace is seen briefly with Ruby at Wallene and Riley's wedding.



Ruby observes that all of Wallace's Pokémon are unusually beautiful from his care.

Elizabeth (Luvdisc)

Known Moves:

  • Water Pulse

Charles (Seaking)

Richard (Sealeo)

Known Moves:

Phillip (Whiscash)



Wallace is Ruby's mentor.

Steven Stone

Wallace and Steven are friends, close enough that Steven can correctly guess Wallace's motives and reasoning.


Wallace was previously in a romantic relationship with Winona, but their current feelings towards each other remain uncertain.



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