Volume 6
Volume 5 Volume 7
Chapters Chapter 66-Chapter 78
Arc(s) Yellow Arc
Japanese Publication(s) November 27, 1999
English Publication(s) CY: June 2002

Viz: September 5, 2002 (1st edition) April 6, 2010 (2nd edition)

Volume 6 is the third volume of the Yellow Arc. It contains chapters 66-78.

Chapter List

Significant Events

Bill, Blaine, Blue, Green, and Yellow team up with Team Rocket.

Blue and Koga fight Agatha.

Green and Sabrina fight Lorelei.

Bill and Lt. Surge fight Bruno.

Yellow's hat is washed off when a current of water hits her, revealing to Blaine her ponytail.

Blaine and Yellow are washed away in the current. Red is found.



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