Volume 21: I Want to Let Him Know is the seventh volume in the RS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It contains ten chapters, from Chapter 250 to Chapter 259.


"The inevitable battle is occuring in Sootopolis, and two formidable legendary Pokémon are about to clash head-on!! And the only solution to the worst disaster that ever hit the Hoenn Region... may lie in the decoding of an ancient slab?! The Elite Four, the Champions, and the third ancient Pokémon from Sky Pillar join the final battle…and Sapphire and Ruby reveal their true feelings for each other! Everything is building up to a dramatic climax! How can you possibly miss out on this?"[1]

Chapter List

Significant events

  • Kyogre and Groudon arrive in Sootopolis and begin their second battle[2]
  • The Team Aqua and Team Magma admins withdraw from their battles with the gym leaders[3]
  • The Elite Four go to their assigned posts: the Desert Ruins (Sidney), Slateport City (Phoebe), the Ancient Tomb (Glacia), and the Island Cave (Drake)[4]
  • Steven Stone, after admitting his impending death to the readers, passes the Champion's cloak on to Wallace[5]
  • Ruby and Sapphire reveal their past to their respective mentors, unaware that they are speaking about each other[6]
  • Ruby, Sapphire, Wallace, and Winona use a fragment of the Meteorite to force the Jewels out of Archie and Maxie; this causes an intense explosion of energy, blasting people away[7]
    • Unknown at the time, Sapphire and Ruby absorb the Blue and Red Jewels[8]
  • Steven and Sapphire awaken the Regis, and the Elite Four bring them under control[9]
    • Steven and Wallace control Registeel, Sidney and Drake control Regirock, and Phoebe and Glacia control Regice[10]
    • They use the Regis as a temporary measure to contain the Kyogre vs Groudon battle[11]
  • Juan saves Ruby and Sapphire and brings them to Mirage Island[12]
  • Ruby and Sapphire undergo team training and learn how to control the Jewels[13]
  • Norman and Wally awaken Rayquaza[14]
  • Sapphire confesses her feelings for Ruby and asks him to stay in Hoenn after the final battle[15]
    • In the process, Ruby realizes that she is the girl whom he saved from a Salamence when they were little
  • Ruby traps Sapphire in the aircar and admits that he has feelings for her, as well as showing her his scar to reveal himself as the boy who her against Salamence[16]
  • Ruby and Marge team up and advance on Kyogre and Groudon, Ruby with a jewel in each hand.[17]
  • Norman, on Rayquaza, is on his way to Sootopolis City to save Ruby[18]




Locations Visited


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