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Volkner is the gym leader of the Beacon Badge in Sunyshore City.


Volkner mentors Platinum, Maylene, and Candice after their lose to Jupiter. When Volkner gets there he mistakes Platinum as a Gym Leader also, showing how distant he is from his colleagues. After attacking them he leaves thinking that they're not strong enough to interest him. Platinum's sincere dedication to impress and inform him of Jupiter's prowess interest him enough for him to send out his Electivire to battle Platinum. If she wins he promises to give her a beacon badge.Eventually, Platinum succeeds and he yields it to her. He also gives Maylene a Pachirisu to give to Platinum.

while the other Gym Leaders are at Spear Pillar , Volkner ignores their calls for help and prepares to go home. Before he can leave, Volkner encounters a strange distortion in space right in front of the Sendoff Spring . Feeling excited from his discovery, Volkner calls his friend Flint to help him investigate.

In the Platinum arc they are seen researching the phenomenon when Flint gets a call from Buck.

They're seen again in front of the Battle Frontier . Flint angry about what happened to his little brother Buck, head off to the Sendoff Spring and end up in the distortion world. When Platinum, Palmer and the others spot them they are seen having fun fighting Giratina.
Pt giratina volkner flint

Volkner and Flint battling Giratina


Volkner is lazy and often bored from not having any strong challengers. He enjoys strong opponents like when he fought Giratina with Flint





Volkner gives Pachirisu to Platinum.




Volkner and Flint are good friends.



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