I'm not an admin. Heck, I'm not even an active user on Pokemon wiki now. But I used to be. 3 years ago. Back in the day, Pokemon wiki was a place full of life and activity. Right now, its a shadow of its former glory. No one knows why. The old fellas packed up and left, Pokemon got divided into subunits, each having a wiki of its own. The one that started it all is now dry and fading. 

This is not a request to just "merge". Merging two wikis, pfff... thats easy.  Any wiki staff member can do that.

No. This is a request for coming together. Setting aside differences. I understand that you guys want to have your own way and culture. Pokemon adventures is a world on its own, but why not making it a part of a bigger world? A world where you get to keep your identity? Pokemon wiki is dying. And thats a fact. I've been active on it 3 years ago and I know how it used to be back then and how it is now. Believe me. I've seen a lot of revolutions back in the day. 

Joining pokemon wiki would be extremely beneficial for you guys as well. You would get more editors on your articles. And merging with our wiki DOES NOT mean we own your wiki. You'll have an equal say in the running of the wiki. And people who search about Pokemon either go to Bulbapedia or if they're on Wikia, come to Pokemon Wiki. People don't go searching for "Pokemon Adventures wiki". Merging with us brings more recognition to your articles. You guys still have claim over your articles and you guys get to edit our articles as well.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon wiki has realized that. Its not about just merging, its about coming together, setting aside our differences. I know a wiki which has potential when I see one. We have an entire project called project manga thats dead, lifeless and without any interest people. We need you guys and you guys could use our help a bit in managing the wiki. Its a call so that Pokemon wiki can return to its former glory, adventures and mystery dungeons and all other wikis that come under the pokemon franchise included. Heck, we're both interested in the same anime. Its not my wiki or your wiki, its the pokemon wiki as a whole representing the entire pokemon franchise. A single place where people can get it all. 

I'm not asking you to take a hasty decision because hasty decisions are the worst decisions. Believe me, I know. I'm just asking you to think on it. You won't lose any of your edits or your user rights. You just get to be part of a bigger community. And we need your help. And you could use a bit of help in improving your articles. Just, think on it. 

0x80pxI am Arceus... The God of Pokemon!! 0x80px 16:00, September 12, 2014 (UTC)

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