Arceus The God of Pokemon

aka Rahul

  • I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Arceus The God of Pokemon

    I'm not an admin. Heck, I'm not even an active user on Pokemon wiki now. But I used to be. 3 years ago. Back in the day, Pokemon wiki was a place full of life and activity. Right now, its a shadow of its former glory. No one knows why. The old fellas packed up and left, Pokemon got divided into subunits, each having a wiki of its own. The one that started it all is now dry and fading. 

    This is not a request to just "merge". Merging two wikis, pfff... thats easy.  Any wiki staff member can do that.

    No. This is a request for coming together. Setting aside differences. I understand that you guys want to have your own way and culture. Pokemon adventures is a world on its own, but why not making it a part of a bigger world? A world where you get …

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