Hi guys!

So May 22 this month is the second anniversary of the Pokémon Adventures Manga Wiki! I think it would be cool to do something to celebrate and give ourselves a pat on the back for all our hard work! Anybody have any ideas?

Here are some examples I brainstormed up (and we don't all have to do the same thing!!):

• Drawing characters, scenes, anything from the manga, or maybe coloring in characters or scenes

• Make cool scenes using art from the manga (called "banners," see the front page my "600+ RGB" pic for an example)

• Any sort of writing, like fanfiction, just little drabbles, maybe 1-sentence stories, planning a little side-adventure for a character, writing analyses of the manga, posts about what you love about Pokémon Adventures, anything like that

• Plan and draw a fan-made comic about the Pokémon Adventures characters

• Make a (music) video of the manga like a tribute or something using art from the manga or fanart

• A wiki page with word searches, games, puzzles, Pokémon Adventures trivia or quizzes

You can do whatever you're going to really enjoy doing, so, just about anything! Those are just some initial ideas I'm throwing out there to get your guys' brains working, I'd love to hear what you've got to say!

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