Hey! Since this is all one big Wiki, I think we should standardize the way we do things. Such as, what words should be capitalized. It's very confusing because so many different people do it so many different ways, so if we can all do it one way, things would be simpler. Scarletwind and me have been trying to…

  • Capitalize the word "Pokémon" and put an accent in it
    • You can make an accent by holding the "option" button, pressing "E", and then pressing "E" again
  • Capitalize Pokémon species, such as Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Kyogre, etc
  • NOT capitalize pokédex and pokéball, as well as making pokéball one word with an accent in it
  • Make Character pages have History, Personality, Pokémon, Relationships, Trivia, and References sections
    • The question is, in what order should we have the sections? And which types of characters should have a Gallery section? And should some characters, like Professors, not have a Pokémon section?
  • Put the name of our manga, Pokémon Adventures, in italics
  • Use the English translation of names, Pokémon's nicknames, etc, such as Green being the girl and Blue the boy

And some other menial stuff that doesn't come to mind at the moment, heheh…

Also, should we have separate categories for male/female human characters and male/female Pokémon characters? Or have a sub-category or something, so that you can go Pokémon Characters—>Female Characters within it or anything like that?

I'm actually still very new to wikis, especially how they're coded or how they work, so I may have said something pretty stupid. I'm eager to learn how to do it, though, so feel free to correct me.

Special thanks to ScorpionTail for his/her recent influx of contributions! =D

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