Eitarou on the bulbagarden forums has written a very interesting article about the Shadow Triad:






So what do you guys think? Do we have traitorous gym leaders again?

For me, it's a huge yes. I'm very biased, because at the end of Black the videogame I decided that the Striaton gym leaders were the Shadow Triad, and nothing's ever going to change my mind about that. For me the biggest evidence is their Pokémon—Lilligant (grass), Basculin (water), and Larvesta (part fire)—which matches the Striaton gym leaders' types (though admittedly, the Shadow Triad also controls Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, none of which are any of the Striaton types). Plus, the Striaton triplets usually stand in the same order—the same order which the Triad stands in. But to me, the really clever and incontrovertible evidence is the point about their identical postures. That's something not as easily hidden as their faces.

The chapter covers even echo each other:


So, opinions? Speculation?

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