Hey guys, I've made a couple more changes to the CharacterBox and PokémonBox.

1. If you do not know a field, leave it blank. Leaving it blank will cause that field to be omitted instead of saying "Unknown" =D

2. For colors, instead of hunting down the hex value, you can just enter water, or steel, or Unova. Note: types don't matter if you capitalize them or not, but you should capitalize the region names.

3. IMAGES should now just be entered as their names, not their files. So, previously you had to put an image in an infobox by saying [[File:Image.jpg|250px]]; now you just need to input Image.jpg. Image widths are input separately and are automatically set to 250px; if the pic is of bad quality or particularly tall, then you can set imagewidth to something smaller.

4. For a PokémonBox, if you leave "name" blank, it will put what you enter into species into name as well.

As a result of me messing around and getting these changes, some of the character boxes are probably missing their images or other stuff; if you see that, all you need to do is go in and reenter the info, and it'll be fine.

I hope these changes will make using infoboxes easier to do! If you're having any difficulties, or have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here or stop by my talk page =)

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