We should choose what sort of color scheme we're going to use for our character tables. Mapsal313 has suggested that for Pokémon characters, the color should match the Pokémon's primary type; it would probably be a good idea to use the standard colors of types used in the Pokémon games, seen below with their hex value (remember: when using a hex value, put a # sign in front of it)…

Grass: 78C850
Water: 6890F0
Fire: F08030
Electric: F8D030
Normal: A8A878
Flying: A890F0
Fighting: C03028
Ground: E0C068
Rock: B8A038
Steel: B8B8D0
Poison: A040A0
Bug: A8B820
Psychic: F85888
Dark: 705848
Ghost: 705898
Ice: 98D8D8
Dragon: 7038F8

This still leaves certain questions for Pokémon box colorations, such as Cynthia's Pokémon, Alder's Pokémon, or various Frontier Brains' Pokémon; what do you guys want to do for trainers who don't specialize in a specific type?

For humans, the path is less clear.

  • They could all have one color, marking them as humans
  • They could have colors designating which region they are associated with
  • For gym leaders/elite four/champions, they could have a color showing their specialty type (though this is problematic for those who don't specialize)
  • For villains, maybe they could have a color pattern (like a black background and red font for Rocket members, or blue and orange or white for Plasma)
  • Protagonists could have colors matching their names (though how this works for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, I'm not sure…)
  • Or any other suggestions you have! Just keep in mind, we don't want an overload of color schemes to keep track of ;)

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