• I live in North Carolina
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Drawing, writing stories, poems and songs, anime, fashion, getting lost in though!
  • I am a girl apparently
  • Akirei21


    August 9, 2017 by Akirei21

    This place has basically been left to die aside from the people that have come to help here and there (which I'm thankful for). I wanted to revive this place though, if I can get enough willing to help me out. There's a lot of work that needs to be done, but it can be fun if there's enough of us doing it. If you're interested in helping, please leave your thoughts below. ^^  

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  • Akirei21


    January 3, 2013 by Akirei21

    Since the BW Arc is suppose to be 10 years after the DP and Pt. Arcs, it's left me a little confused. Caitlin is 14 in Platinum which makes her 24 in the BW Arc and makes Platinum, who was 12, 22 now. This also makes Red, Blue and Green, 29; Gold, Silver and Crystal, 26 and Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald are now supposedly 24.

    This leads me to wonder how the RS remake arc, if they make it will be like. They aren't old enough to have kids ages 10+ so it can't be a next generation thing, but it could be before the BW Arc. 

    Post your comments below. 

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  • Akirei21

    Have you noticed there's patterns in the manga like the characters of the next region have starters that have an advantage over the last, for example Green has blastoise and Crystal has meganium. The think I'm not sure about though is black and white 2.

    Another pattern is the last pokemon of the region appears in the remake, for example deoxys was in FR/LG, arceus is in HG/SS, so my prediction is genosect will be in the ruby sapphire remake.

    Comment if you've noticed any other patterns.

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  • Akirei21

    If you could specialize in any type what would it be and what pokemon would you have?

    I would specialize in psychic type pokemon and my team would be : gardevoir ( my favorite pokemon), gallade, alakazam, sigipyh, metagross and musharna.

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