Species: Galvantula
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:

Unknown trainer, Black


Accumula Town


Chapter 5

Tula is Black's male Galvantula.


Because of Team Plasma, Tula was released by its previous trainers. In a desire to stay close to humans, Tula interrupts a commercial filming, electrocuting several cameramen and destroying equipment. Tula is found, stopped, and captured by Black.[1]

In Accumula Town, Black confesses that he had intended to release Tula into the wild but now knows that is a bad idea. Tula volunteers to permanently join Black's team during his battle against N.[2]

Black sends out Tula to use Flash to discover who their enemy is in the Dreamyard. Tula then joins forces with Black's other Pokémon and battles Watchog.[3]

Black pits Tula against Musha in a training battle. Tula leaves spider webs all across their training ground, which Black later uses to snare the thieves Scraggy and Scrafty.[4]

Known Moves

  • Electroweb[5]
  • Flash[6]
  • Electro Ball[7]
  • Spider Web[8]
  • Slash
  • String Shot
  • Discharge




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