Japanese Name:

ツガ Tsuga






Captain Stern


Chapter 200

Tuga is the construction supervisor of the Kaien I. He is friends with Captain Stern and presumably lives in Slateport City.


Tuga debuts in Chapter 200.

Tuga and Captain Stern are drawn into a round of making PokéBlocks with Ruby and the President of the PokéFan Club. They are kidnapped by Team Magma, who want Captain Stern to tell them where the missing component of the Kaien I is.[1]

Captain Stern, encouraged by Tuga, refuses to divulge the information until Mack has his Slugma burn Tuga, injuring his foot. Crying in pain, Tuga is both touched and despaired when Captain Stern reveals the information to keep Tuga from coming to further harm.[2]

Over 30 days later, Tuga is still hospitalized from the damage that Mack did him.[3]

He evacuates from Slateport City in the bachoon.[4]


He is brave.


None Known


Captain Stern

They are close friends and business associates. Tuga was injured because Captain Stern wouldn't tell Team Magma important information, and Captain Stern tells it to Team Magma so that they would not hurt Tuga further. Tuga refers to Captain Stern as "Captain."


  • Tuga is known as Dock in some translations
  • Tuga appears in the game versions Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald; the player must speak with him in order to make the Team MagmaR or AquaSE grunts stop blocking the entrance to the Oceanic Museum in Slateport


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