Toro (Viz: Chic)
Species: Torchic→ Combusken→ Blaziken
Gender: Female
Current Trainer:


Past Trainer(s):

[Professor Birch]]






Given by Professor Birch


Chapter 182

Toro is Sapphire's female Blaziken.




Toro debuts in Chapter 182, where she helps Sapphire fight first Ruby and his Mudkip, and then a wild Seviper. Toro helps warm up Mr. Stone's Castform when she is cold from being caught in the fountain, and later, in Petalburg Woods with Castform's help, successfully distracts Team Aqua enough to let Sapphire escape with Mr. Stone, Maryann, and Tyler.

As Sapphire and Ruby bicker in Dewford Town, Toro and Zuzu face each other down.[1]

Toro evolves in Granite Cave before Sapphire fights Brawly.[2]


Sapphire sends Toro out against Brawly's Machop, and Toro nearly knocks Machop out before Brawly returns it. Sapphire returns Toro as well, but later sends her out again against Brawly's Makuhita. Toro uses Flamethrower on Makuhita, but Makuhita's Thick Fat prevents this from doing much damage. Toro's other attacks are all dodged and Toro's momentum used against her, Makuhita shoving her into a wall, one of her arms getting stuck in the wall. Makuhita chooses this moment to evolve, and now a Hariyama, charges her down; Toro is still stuck in the wall, but her feet are free. Hariyama turns to dodge her kick and smack her with his hand, but Toro's other foot sneaks in a powerful kick, knocking Hariyama out.[3]

Later, riding Walo on Route 108, Toro practices kicking with Sapphire.[4]Later that night, Toro and Rono are both easily defeated by Courtney's Ninetales.

When Sapphire follows Team Aqua into the dark crevasse beneath Mt. Chimney, she uses Toro to gain light for seeing. After realizing Aqua escaped, she meets up with Flannery and has a Toro VS Magcargo gym battle, which ends in a draw, though Flannery gives Sapphire her badge.[5]

On the way to Fortree City, Sapphire does a training regimen so that when she arrives, Toro is on the brink of evolution. She sends Toro out against Winona's Altaria and Toro evolves during the battle.[6]


Toro deals a devastating Blaze Kick to Altaria, seemingly burning it and knocking it out, but Altaria swoops down and takes Toro out with a Sky Attack.[7]

After Sapphire learns of Ruby's lies, she takes out her frustration by training with Toro against wild Pokémon.[8]

Sapphire sends Toro out to battle Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts in the Seafloor Cavern.[9] She then sends her out against Archie and Maxie, teaming up with Zuzu.[10]

On Mirage Island, Toro works on teamwork with Zuzu and learns Sky Uppercut.[11]

Known Moves


The author describes Toro: "A composed character, who uses fire attacks."[22]

The author later describes Toro: "A composed Pokémon. It is good at fire and fighting attacks."[23]




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