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Team Rocket is a criminal organization based primarily in Kanto. They are led by Giovanni. They had four gym leader admins: Koga, Lt. Surge, Blaine, and Sabrina; however, these admins later abandoned Team Rocket, and were replaced by Carr, Orm, and Sird. It was forced to disband again, but Carr rebuilt it as his own; however, Ariana, Archer, Proton, and Petrel overthrew him and took it over in Giovanni's stead.




Rocket has been rebuilt by Carr, but Ariana, Archer, Proton, and Petrel overthrow him in Giovanni's name.[1]


Known Pokémon

  • Rhydon (Koga's)[2]
  • Electabuzz (Lt. Surge's)
  • Arbok (Koga's)[3]
  • Mewtwo[4]
  • Eevee (previously)[5]
  • Muk[6]
  • Kadabra (Sabrina's)[7]
  • Magnemite[8]
  • Gengar[9]
    • Night Shade


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