The Team Plasma grunts at Accumula Town build the stage for Ghetsis's speech.


The grunts appear in Chapter 6.

They get a construction permit for building a stage outside of a hotel in Accumula Town. They go to build it during the dead of night with their Timburr, but, unknown to them, Black and White are camped out there. After realizing their mistake, the grunts apologize profusely and humbly, and ask Black and White to leave after revealing their permit. They apologize for the trouble.

After Black and White leave, they build the stage.[1]


They seem kind and humble.


The grunts claim to not be the trainers of the Timburr, as it is against their beliefs.

Timburr (x3)

Their Timburr are rather aloof and aggressive.


  1. Pokémon Adventures: BW Chapter 6

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