The fat Team Plasma Grunt at Liberty Garden attempts to kidnap Victini. He appears in the twentieth chapter of the BW Arc.


Upon hearing of Victini's presence at Liberty Garden, which is fast becoming a tourist spot, this grunt and two others are sent to take Victini under the "protection" of Team Plasma. He reaches Liberty Garden on a small motor boat. Gothitelle's Hypnosis keeps people away from Liberty Garden by hypnotizing them, and he has Gothitelle set up a psychic barrier around the island. (Preventing escape as well as entrance.)

He finds Victini in the basement of the lighthouse and releases it; however, Victini is unwilling to go with him. So the grunt spends the next three days trying to get Victini to no avail. Victini is exhausted by the time Black arrives. Black quickly finds the grunts and confronts them.

Gothitelle has just about defeated Black's Braviary and is just about to take out Victini when Braviary flings himself into the path of Gothitelle's attack, making the grunt cry out about Black's hypocrisy in allowing his Pokémon to sacrifice itself. But Victini uses its energy to empower Braviary, defeating Gothitelle and thus cancelling the hypnosis and psychic barrier. This forces the grunts to flee, swearing vengeance.


He is quite emotional, moved to tears by Victini's plight. He is also a hypocrite, claiming he doesn't want Victini to be hurt and yet he hurts Victini in his attempts at kidnapping it.



Known Moves:

  • Hypnosis

Gothorita (x2)


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