Team Plasma is a criminal syndicate in Unova aiming to free all Pokémon from the control of humanity, by force if necessary. They seem to genuinely believe that humanity is oppressing Pokémon and that the right thing to do is to liberate them. They have a secret base in Castelia City.

Unlike previous organizations' grunts, their grunts seem to be kinder, as seen in Accumula Town where they profusely apologized for accidentally hurting White and Black and apologetically told White and Black that they had to leave. They also, however, can have dark sides.


Team Plasma has a king, the Seven Sages, and a large force of grunts. The grunts seem to treat their king with a kind of reverence, referring to him very respectfully and were very concerned for his safety when he was in the Ferris wheel with White.


Team Plasma first appears in Accumula Town, where a Timburr working with them accidentally throws rocks at White and Black while building a stage. Ghetsis gives a speech from it the next day, convincing many people to release their Pokémon on the spot.[1]

Team Plasma grunts go to the Dreamyard for a reason unspecified other than to see how Black's Munna reacts to the lingering dreams there. They also appear to think of the Dreamyard as hallowed ground, as they sneered at Black for daring to try to set foot upon it. They hold Munna back from returning to Black, using their Watchog to prevent Black from entering the Dreamyard, but Munna breaks free of them and helps Black. The Team Plasma grunts leave, intending to tell Ghetsis about the Dream Eater Pokémon, Munna.[2]

A grunt uses his Amoongus to put Bianca to sleep and steal her Litwick. Black, Burgh, and Iris proceed to kick Team Plasma out of Castelia City.

Team Plasma uses a Gothitelle's Hypnosis to keep people away from Liberty Garden on the suspicion that Victini is there. They intend to take Victini "under [their] protection" Gothitelle also sets up a psychic barrier around the island. They find Victini in the Lighthouse's basement but Victini flees from them, eluding their grasp for three exhausting days before Black arrives.

Known Members


  • Timburr (x3)[3]
  • Watchog[4]
  • Cofagrigus (Gorm's)[5]
  • Amoongus[6]
  • Gothorita (x2)[7]
  • Gothitelle[8]
    • Hypnosis


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