Team Magma is a criminal organization led by Maxie. Their purpose is to expand the world's land mass. They are Team Aqua's sworn enemies.


Volume 16

Maxie sends Marge and Mitch to look for the scanner in the Abandoned Ship. There they battle Ruby and Sapphire and are ultimately successful in stealing the scanner.[1]

The Three Fires go to Slateport City, intending to kidnap Captain Stern. They end up kidnapping Ruby, the President of the PokéFan Club, and Tuga as well. As Marge and Mitch search for a missing component of the Kaien I, Mack interrogates Captain Stern, threatening physical harm to his friend Tuga if he would not cooperate. Captain Stern gives in and tells them that the missing piece is from the Devon Corporation, and was supposed to have been delivered by their President.[2]

Volume 17

Mack then discovers Ruby eavesdropping and chases him into the Kaien I, where they battle. Ruby escapes in the escape pod and Mack steers the Kaien I out of Slateport, remarking that when they are finished with it, the Kaien I will take them all the way to the Cave of Origin.[3]

Volume 18

Later, Mitch goes to Mt. Chimney and teams up with Flannery to try to revive the volcano. Though they fail, Mitch leaves Flannery with the impression that Team Magma are the good guys.[4]

The Three Fires and Maxie meet on Route 111 in the desert ruins, where Mitch reports Mt. Chimney's death. Mack reports that his modification of the scanner is not complete. Impatient, Marge leaves.[5]

Marge goes to Rusturf Tunnel, where she and her grunts cause a cave-in for the sake of it. She encounters Ruby and recognizes him.[6] She invites him to join Team Magma, but he declines and Marge decides to concentrate on getting revenge. Mack reveals to her that he has finished modifying the scanner, and he locates the Jewels at Mt. Pyre.

Volume 19

Mack arrives at Mt. Pyre and tricks Tate and Liza with his illusions. He reaches the summit and obtains the Red and Blue Jewels.[7]

Three Fires

Marge (Code name:Courtney)

Her voice debuts in Chapter 198 and her entirety in Chapter 199.

Mitch (Code name:Tabitha)

Mack (Code name:Blaise)

Known Pokémon

  • Ninetales (Marge's)[8]
  • Torkoal (Mitch's)[9]
  • Swellows (Three Fires')
  • Camerupt (Maxie's)
  • Slugma (Mack's)
  • Sandslash[10]
  • Magcargo[11]
  • Magnemite[12]



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