Team Flare is an organization with unclear motives in Kalos.


Team Flare intends to use Xerneas or Yveltal to power their ultimate weapon. They also want to steal X's Mega Ring.


Two groups of Team Flare—Team A and Team B—go to Vaniville Town with separate objectives.

Team A, led by Xerosic, Celosia, and Byrony, is there to try to capture one of the legendary Pokémon to power Team Flare's ultimate weapon. However, the appearance of both Xerneas and Yveltal deters them; they cannot capture both at once and don't try to. They watch as the legendary Pokémon destroy Vaniville Town.

Team B, led by Aliana and Mable, goes to X's house in Vanville to obtain his Mega Ring. Aliana's Pyroar sets X's house on fire, and the group corners X against a garden wall. However, X's Kangaskhan mega evolves and defeats them, forcing a retreat.

That night on Route 1, Aliana and Mable lead another ambush on X, this time kidnapping X's baby Kangaskhan.

Known Members


Lysandre is the leader of Team Flare.


Xerosic is second-in-command of Team Flare.


Celosia is an admin of Team Flare. She, Byrony, and Xerosic are present when Xerneas and Yveltal destroy Vaniville Town. She then goes to attempt to steal the Mega Ring from X but is foiled by X's Kangaskhan.


Byrony is an admin of Team Flare. She, Celosia, and Xerosic watch Xerneas and Yveltal destroy Vaniville Town and then try to steal the Mega Ring from X. They fail and retreat.


Aliana is an admin of Team Flare. She and Mable lead the ambush of X on Route 1 but is defeated.


Mable is an admin of Team Flare. She and Aliana ambush X on Route 1 but are driven off.

Route 1 innkeeper

The innkeeper at Route 1 is affiliated with Team Flare. She helps them ambush X while he and his friends are at her inn.


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