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Steven Stone
Japanese Name:

ツワブキ・ダイゴ Daigo Tsuwabuki






Mr. Stone (Father)


Hoenn League, Ruby, Sapphire


Champion (former)


Chapter 191

Steven Stone is a Champion of Hoenn. His father, Mr. Stone, runs the Devon Corporation.


Steven's silhouette debuts in Chapter 189, when Mr. Stone asks Sapphire to deliver a letter to Steven.


Steven appears again at the end of Chapter 191, when he is ending a Pokégear call with Captain Stern, finding out that the Kaien I is almost finished. He reveals that he is about to investigate Granite Cave.

While there, Steven rescues Ruby from a swarm of Mawile, and his Moon Stone accidentally causes Ruby's Skitty to evolve into Delcatty. He asks Ruby to help him defeat the Mawile, but Ruby is distracted by taking photos of his newly evolved Pokémon. Steven takes him by the arm and drags him to escape, explaining Delcatty's evolution to Ruby. He also tells Ruby that he is a "stone getter," which is why he had the Moon Stone.

Ruby, in thanks for evolving Delcatty, says he'll do whatever Steven tells him to; Steven asks him to help lure the Mawile to a particular place, where Steven's many Beldum and Metang lie in ambush.


Steven defeats the Mawile

Steven's Pokémon powerfully defeat the Mawile, their steel bodies too tough to be crunched in the Mawile's jaws. Steven explains that his Pokémon can float because their bodies circulate magnetism rather than blood, allowing them to repel the earth's magnetism and hover. Steven uses the rings around his arms as clamps to help him get stones, as shown when he uses one to snag a Sun Stone as he and Ruby escape the Mawile on Metagross.

Steven explains more about stone getters to Ruby, claiming that stone getters have been searching for stones containing energy since the beginning of time. He also says that some people polish these "stones" into "gems."


Steven needs a partner

Noticing that Ruby is bored, Steven switches topics. He tells Ruby that aside from looking for stones, Steven is also looking for a partner against the forces invading Hoenn. He asks Ruby his name and age, and is consequently disappointed when he hears Ruby is only eleven years old, remarking that if he were sixteen, then he could work with Steven. Upon hearing Ruby's protest that he doesn't know anything about battling, Steven gives him a sideways glance, saying, "…I noticed," his tone and expression making Ruby worried that Steven had figured out his secret.

He then takes off on Metagross.[1]

Captain Stern asks Wallace where Steven is, but Wallace has no answer.[2]

The blind boy reveals that, at some point, Steven taught him how to read ancient braille.[3]

Steven leads the Elite Four out of Ever Grande City and they enter the conflict.[4] Steven rescues Wallace from Mitch, who has been driven insane by touching the Blue Jewel. Wallace comments on Steven's tardiness, both in rescuing him and in entering the conflict; Steven apologizes and announces that he requires Wallace's assistance, and that they should not tarry.[5]

The Elite Four arrive, just behind them, and he sends them to the posts he assigned them. He then tries to give Wallace the Champion's cloak—which is rightfully Wallace's, but he refused it because he wanted to succeed Juan as gym leader of Sootopolis (and because, as Steven correctly deduces, he wanted to be closer to Winona). Wallace refuses it, but their argument is interrupted by Mitch waking up and attacking again.

As Steven holds off Mitch, he realizes that Groudon has advanced to Sootopolis. He also admits that he and his father have known about the threat of a Kyogre vs Groudon battle for some time, but because they couldn't be sure that there were not any spies in Devon, they had to be secretive about preparing for the crisis. As he holds off Mitch, Steven slides a pained, sideways look at Wallace, knowing that he must pass the Champion's cloak on to him because, when this crisis is resolved, Steven will be dead.[6]

Steven receives a call from Phoebe, who has found the blind boy with the slab. Steven tells Wallace that he will join him in Sootopolis and he asks Wallace to trust him, passing over the cloak. Wallace accepts it without complaint this time and takes off for Sootopolis.

Taking the phone call, Steven remarks that it has been quite some time since they saw each other and asks the boy to read the slab aloud into the phone. The boy reads part of it and then flounders, unable to continue because there is a part missing from the slab. Steven is horrified, admitting to himself that he'd hoped the boy's ultra-sensitive fingers would be able to decipher even the missing part, and now he wonders if they are doomed.[7]

Steven senses the explosion at Sootopolis, momentarily distracted from the conversation. He returns to it, hearing what the boy could decipher from the missing portion and repeating it to himself: "The first is Wa… the last is Re…"

Unable to glean anything from that, Steven decides to switch tacks: instead of going through with the plan to awaken Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, he tells the Elite Four to make their way to Sootopolis to help fight there. He himself takes off on Metagross, making a beeline for the island, and he is amazed and the sheer amount and intensity of energy it is emitting. Spotting a girl free falling nearby, Steven lunges and grabs her hand, vowing that he, Steven Stone, will not allow another to be sacrificed needlessly.

Upon hearing his name, the girl is shocked and tells him that she has searched Hoenn for him. She gives him a letter from his father—a letter containing the full translation of the missing portion of the slab: "The first is Wailord, the last is Relicanth."[8]

Sapphire lends Steven her Wailord and Relicanth, allowing him to perform the awakening ritual, but she is blown away before he can return her Pokémon.[9] Steven and Wallace take control of Registeel and work together with the Elite Four and the other Regis to contain the energy from Kyogre and Groudon's battle.[10] When the battle ends, Steven almost immediately dies from the strain of awakening and controlling the Regis.[11] His death inspires Wallace to don the Champion's cloak and challenge Archie and Maxie.[12]
Celebi brings Ruby and Sapphire through an alternate timeline, one where Steven and everyone else managed to survive. He remains alive.[13]



Steven's Pokémon are all Steel-Type.


Metagross debuts in Chapter 191, standing behind Steven as he makes a call to Captain Stern.

It later fights a swarm of Mawile to protect Steven and Ruby.

Known Moves:

  • Meteor Mash

Beldum (Multiple)

Steven's Beldum lay in ambush for the Mawile chasing Steven and Ruby.[14]

Metang (Multiple)

Steven's Metang lay in ambush for the Mawile chasing Steven and Ruby.[15]




Mr. Stone



  • The rings around Steven's arms function as devices to help him grab stones; they deattach from him and he can throw them, so that they clamp around stones.
  • Steven has yellow eyes in the manga, but blue ones in the anime and gray ones in the games
  • Steven's watch also functions like a cell phone


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