Japanese Name:

フウロ Huuro






Jet Badge


Unova gym leaders


Gym Leader


Chapter 483

Skyla is the gym leader of the Jet Badge in Mistralton City. She trains flying-type Pokémon and is a pilot.


Skyla makes her first appearance delivering a package full of prop cases for the Pokémon Musical after the Driftveil Drawbridge has been raised, preventing anything going across it. She is shown to be flying a cargo plane and writes a message in the air to tell the people of Nimbasa to enjoy the Musical.

She later goes to a gym leaders' meeting at Celestial Tower to discuss the actions of Team Plasma. While there, she spots an injured Pidove outside, and takes Black with her to the rooftop to heal it. She decides to test him by having him ring the bell of Celestial Tower; when she decides that the bell tone is not completely pure, she throws him off the roof and has Swanna deliver him to her gym, where they battle. She tells him that if he loses, she will return him to square one, Nuvema Town.

Her Swoobat lands a strong Air Cutter on his Pignite, but is taken out by his Heat Crash.

Later, she meets the other gym leaders at the Nacrene Museum to lay a trap for the Shadow Triad; however, they are defeated by the Triad's Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus and are taken captive.

They later manage to communicate telepathically through Caitlin's Gothitelle to Black telling him not to give up the fight.


Skyla gives White a smile and thumbs up after her delivery, implying that she is a friendly person. However, she also pushes Black off Celestial Tower because the bell's tone sounded impure, and also to make him battle her, implying that she is impulsive or rash. Burgh calls Skyla an "extreme, zero or one hundred" girl, and Elesa says that Skyla is naive, which Elesa claims is the root cause of her impulsiveness and extremity.


Skyla claims to have maxed out the speed of all her Pokémon.


Swanna carries Black to Skyla's gym.


Swoobat accompanies Skyla in her delivery of props for the Pokémon Musical in Nimbasa City.

Known Moves:

  • Air Cutter


Skyla flies from Celestial Tower to her gym on Unfezant.



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