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Giovanni (father)


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Green, Yellow, Gold, Crystal


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Chapter 92

Silver is the sixth main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. He is a main protagonist of the GSC, FRLG, and HGSS Arcs. He is the son of Giovanni.


As a young boy, Silver was stolen from his father and forced to join and serve the Masked Man. He took his Sneasel with him. Under the Masked Man, he met Green, who named him "Silver"—coincidentally his true name. The two of them became partners and escaped from the Masked Man.

Silver met Lance somewhere.


Silver is a slightly tan young man of average height with long red hair and bright gray (Practically silver) eyes. His apparel between his appearances in the GSC, FRLG, and Emerald arcs, a black jacket with redon thecuffs, pocket openings, and bottom edge, long dark blue pants, and black and red boots, did not change at all. His design is based on trainer Silver from the Pokemon game series.



In order to defeat the Masked Man and Team Rocket, Silver teams up with Lance, who orders him to steal a pokédex from Professor Oak and a Totodile from Professor Elm. While stealing Totodile, Silver meets Gold and becomes his rival. They battle, and Silver takes off his glove after Gold burns his hand. (It is from the name on this glove that Gold learns Silver's name.) Team Rocket members attack, knocking Gold out, but Silver defeats them.

A silver

Silver in the GSC Arc

Silver is next seen in Violet City talking to Lance in the Sprout Tower. Along the way Silver runs into Gold and and almost loses Totodile until it is revealed that he has bonded with Silver and doesn't want to leave him. Gold and Silver are forced to team up when an iron wrecking ball flies at them; Gold's Cyndaquil heats it up, and Totodile cools it off quickly. Silver disappears afterwards, and Totodile evolves into Croconaw.

Silver then take a black apricorn to Kurt for him to make a Heavy Ball for him. He plans to use it to capture an Ursaring; however, Gold runs into him in the middle of the capture. He then tells Gold how to properly use Kurt's balls. He states the every pokemon has a certain area you must hit, for example Teddirusa's is the cresent moon and Ursaring's belly. Gold repays using his Friend Ball and billard cue to knock back Silver's Heavy Ball that Gold made him drop. Then the two are both able to capture their targets and Silver disappears again. He then uses the Ursaring to defeat the Team Rocket grunts in the Slowpoke Well.

Silver later looks over the damaged Ecruteak City on his Murkrow. Jasmine's Amphy's flare catches Silver's attention, so he heads to the Tin Tower to find Jasmine and decides to help her. He then runs into Gold, who thinks he harmed her, but before Gold can start a battle, Silver hands her over to him and leaves. However, a mudslide leaves them trapped. Silver manages to evolve Gold's Poliwhirl into a Politoed and they escape the tower. They discover Team Rocket was the cause of the earthquake and they defeat them. Gold requests a battle and Silver accepts. Silver manages to defeat most of Gold's pokemon, but the Tyranitar that he has no control over is defeated by Gold's Togepi, who also goes down in the process, ending in a tie.

The two later realize that they share the same goal of defeating the Masked Man. Later the two battle the villain at the Lake of Rage, where the Masked Man reveals Silver's past, earning Gold's sympathy and respect. The two are defeated, with their fates left unknown for a while.

The two later wake up in Whirl Islands, after being unconscious for a long while and looked over by Entei. They are found by Lt. Surge, who returns their lost items and asks for information about the Masked Man. They are interupted by Lugia, and they later meet Crystal and team up to battle Lugia and capture it, but fail.

Silver then goes to visit Lance and finds out that the Masked Man wants to control time. Silver heads to the Pokémon League opening ceremony and gives them the badges he stole from the empty gyms. He gets into a misunderstanding with Blue, and they begin to battle until they spot Entei, but Daisy pulls Blue away to take him to his battle against Chuck. searching for Entei after it escapes, Silver meets Green, who teleports him to another location, saying it's time for her to take over.

In Ilex Forest the final confrontation takes place as Silver battles and wins against Will, another disciple of the Masked Man. Together with Gold and Crystal they go in to the time portal after Pryce. They three survive, but Pryce does not manage to make it out.


A silver 2

Silver in the FRLG Arc

Yellow reads the memories of Silver's Sneasel, his first Pokémon. Silver finds out that Giovanni is his father and initially horrified, but upon seeing Giovanni's devotion to him, accepts Giovanni as his father. He is one of the pokédex holders turned to stone by Sird and Deoxys.

Emerald Arc

Silver is freed from stone by Jirachi's wish. He teams up with the other pokédex holders to defeat Guile Hideout's pseudo-Kyogre.



Silver in HGSS

Hearing and seeing evidence of Team Rocket's imminent rise, Silver searches for Lance at the Whirl Islands, sure that Lance would know something. Lance is not there, but Clair is; Silver returns the Rising Badge he stole from her. They are attacked by a swarm of Koffing, which, despite being sorely outnumbered, Silver manages to defeat without Clair's help. His Sneasel, using Thief, discovers that one Koffing is holding a strange Plate. Clair tells him that she received a call from Lance that was cut off abruptly, but she caught the words "Safari Zone," "Plates," and "Arceus."

Silver's Sneasel and Murkrow evolve using the items Green gave them, and Silver promptly sets out for the newly-built Safari Zone.[1] He finds it bustling with people, including a man, Eusine, who tries to sell him paintings of Suicune. Silver accidentally enters a Safari challenge and doesn't bother to listen to the rules. Eusine catches him using Weavile to weaken a wild Arbok and explains the rules to Silver. Deciding that Eusine is suspicious (after all, he is obsessed with a legendary Pokémon), Silver shows him his plate, hoping to elicit some telling reaction.

Eusine at first doesn't react, but then starts crying wildly as Koffing gas billows around them

Silver plugs the gas holes with Weavile's Icy Wind, but the bridge under them collapses. He barely catches Eusine's wrist and a rope, saving their lives. Petrel appears and reveals that he wants Silver's plate, which would be Petrel's third plate. Silver asks how many plates there are, but Petrel won't answer.

Weavile ambushes Petrel, putting a claw to his neck, and Silver lets go of the rope. Gyarados catches him and Eusine, rising up, and Silver demands that Petrel hand over his two plates, the Toxic and Earth plates.[2]

Petrel cooperates, handing over the Plates and saying that there are sixteen Plates, but taunts Silver by showing off his disguising skills to take on different people's faces and telling him that from now on, Silver must wonder whether his friends are in fact Petrel in disguise; when Silver sees Petrel disguise himself as Lance, he realizes that Petrel must have seen Lance in person. Petrel gleefully confirms this and claims to have defeated the man easily. Silver gives pursuit on Honchkrow as Petrel escapes on Golbat, but Petrel gets away.

Silver and Eusine search the Safari Zone for more Plates. As they do, Silver confides in Eusine that his father was Rocket's boss, so Silver must face them himself rather than leaving them to the authorities. Though he and Eusine find no Plates, they find Crystal instead.[3] After bringing her up to speed, she gives him a new pokégear. The two of them team up and follow Eusine's suggestion to go to Ecruteak City to ask Morty's help in locating Lance.

While on Route 38, they are attacked by Ariana. Crystal draws Ariana's attention away from Silver, intending to cover his back so that he can take the Plates to Ecruteak. However, Silver doesn't want to leave her in danger, and as he tries to help her, he suddenly realizes that the sixteen Plates correspond to sixteen of the elemental types of Pokémon.[4]

Volume 42

To test the power of the Plates, Silver gives the Earth Plate to his Rhyperior and observes that it makes Rhyperior much stronger. With this information discovered, Silver leaves Crystal to finish fighting Ariana as he takes his three Plates to Morty.

At first, he is refused entrance into Morty's gym, but when Chuck recognizes Silver's Rhyperior as formerly Blue Oak's, he decides to trust Silver and lets him through.[5] Inside, Silver barely has time to find and speak with Morty and Gold before Arceus appears and levels the gym, knocking Silver out.[6]

When Silver awakens, Morty tells him the locations of the remaining thirteen Plates. Silver decides to find all of them before joining up with Gold against Arceus. Silver's Weavile contacts all of Johto's Sneasel and Weavile to help him search.[7]


Silver is the darkest protagonist in Pokémon Adventures. His personallity is very aloof and quiet. He is very Introverted.

Having had a traumatic childhood from being kidnapped by the mask man, he remembers nothing of his origin and developed an independent personallity. He is generally cold and heartless to others, the exception being Green who is like an older sister. He also isn't very honest, he has stolen all 8 badges of Johto, and a Totodile from Professor Elm. 

Silver seems to have reconsidered his acts of thievery, since he returned the stolen badges to the Gym Leaders during the HGSS Arc.





Dpokemon special v042 c454 131.neuquant

Silver's Pokemon




Weavile was Silver's first Pokémon, going back as far as before Silver was kidnapped by the Masked Man.

Known Moves:

  • Thief







  • Silver is the first male rival character to use a water-type starter Pokémon.
  • Silver's bloodtype is AB, this would make impossible that Silver is Giovanni's son, because his bloodtype O. No matter what the bloodtype of a partner a person with the blood type O could never have a child with the bloodtype AB. This could indicate that Silver may have been adopted.
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