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Shipping is the fan speculation that certain characters are engaged in a romantic relationship. Each shipping has an individual name.


AbsurdistShipping is the pairing of Diamond and Pearl. The two have been close friends since childhood and spend a lot of time together.


AgencyShipping is the pairing of Black and White. Their shipping is so named because of White's BW Agency, which brought the two together.


AmberShipping is the pairing of Gold and Yellow. Some fans think that Gold's boldness complements Yellow's timidity.


ButtShipping is the pairing of Gold and Blue  The shipping name originates from the fact that upon meeting Blue, Gold promptly patted her bottom.


Shipping is the pairing of Bianca and Black. The two are childhood friends and Black saved Bianca from wild Pokémon.


CaretShipping is the pairing of Black and Cheren. Black and Cheren are childhood friends who inspire each other as trainers.


ChosenShipping is the pairing of Green and Silver. The shipping name comes from the fact that both were chosen and kidnapped by the Masked Man to be his followers.


CommonerShipping is the pairing of Diamond and Platinum. Shippers see Diamond's devotion to Platinum as a sign of romantic feelings and think that Platinum returns the sentiment.


CorruptedShipping is the pairing of Lack-two and Whi-two. As part of his cover and his attempts to question Whi-two, Lack-two regularly hits on her, which makes her uncomfortable. He also saves her when their class visits the PokéStar studio. Their relationship is complicated by the secrets both of them keep, namely, that Lack-two is a member of the International Police hunting down ex-Team Plasma members, and Whi-two is an ex-Team Plasma member herself.


EntourageShipping is the threesome of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Platinum has shown no clear signs of preference between Diamond and Pearl, and the two boys have a strong friendship, so some fans believe they could have a three-way relationship.


Feelingshipping is the pairing of Blue Oak and Yellow. The relationship originates from the period when Blue taught Yellow how to battle and figured out her gender.


FranticShipping is the pairing of Ruby and Sapphire. The two have confessed their feelings for each other, but Ruby's (probably) feigned amnesia has prevented them from getting together.


FrontierShipping is the pairing of Crystal and Emerald. Emerald has admired Crystal for her kindness and efficiency since childhood.


GrantedShipping is the pairing of Lance and Yellow. They are both able to understand, heal, and empower Pokémon, and Yellow was critical to Lance's reformation and rediscovery of faith in humanity. When Lance was captured by Team Rocket, it was only because Petrel disguised himself as Yellow, whom Lance didn't want to harm, but this could possibly be because they share the same home and powers.


HaughtyShipping is the pairing of Pearl and Platinum. Pearl's decision to protect Platinum and her acceptance of the unwitting deception could be signs of romantic attachment.


FerrisWheelShipping is the pairing of N and White. N confides in White and forces her to question her ideology, making her a stronger person, but damaging her both mentally and physically.


JadeShipping is the pairing of Blue and Yellow. Blue was the one who trusted Yellow to find and rescue Red.


LuckyShipping is the pairing Blue and Red. This is due to the fact that Blue often makes flirtatious encounters with Red (leaving him nervous) more than any other character in the series, which leads to the conclusion they may like each other. It is often shown that Red seems to enjoy Blue's presence by assisting her even when he acts annoyed. It is often considered the rival ship for SpecialShipping and MangaPokéShipping.


MagmaJewelShipping is the pairing of Marge and Ruby. The two risked a lot to save each other during the final battle, when Ruby chose to partner with Marge rather than Sapphire because he didn't want Sapphire to risk her life. However, this also demonstrates an acceptance of Marge as an equal. At the end of her life, Marge spends her last energy to communicate a crucial secret about Norman to Ruby.


MangaPokéShipping is the pairing of Misty and Red. There are many hints that Misty is in love with Red, but he remains oblivious. It is often considered the rival ship for LuckyShipping and SpecialShipping.


MangaQuestShipping is the pairing of Gold and Crystal. There are number of hints from both of them, as the two have interacted a lot in the manga. At the Safari Zone, when Silver sees Crystal in her new clothing, Crystal immediately starts talking about what Gold would think if he saw her. There are however a number of opposers, including SpecialJewelShipping.


MangaSequelShipping is the pairing of Hugh and Whi-two. Hugh dislikes it when Lack-two hits on Whi-two (or any other girl). Whi-two's secret affiliation with Team Plasma complicates a relationship with Hugh because of his hate of Team Plasma. But both are remotely simillar in more ways than some would think.


MasterShipping is the pairing of Lance and Silver. The two have few friends but they seem know each other well and respect each other.


Oldrivalshipping is the pairing of Green Oak (male) and Blue (female)  The name of the pairing comes from the fact that they used to not trust each other.

It is very popular, even though Green rarely shows evidence that he likes Blue. Green often calls Blue names, like pesky girl or annoying woman. He has not called any other girls names before.

When the two first met, Blue remarked that Green was cute. Those are hints that Blue likes Green and vice versa.


Originalshipping is the homosexual pairing of Blue Oak and Red. The name comes from the fact that Red and Blue Oak were the first original trainers in the series.


PreciousMetalShipping is the pairing of Gold and Silver. It is so named because both characters are named after precious metals.


RaltsShipping is the pairing of Ruby and Wally. Wally holds Ruby in high esteem and the typically selfish Ruby willingly helped Wally capture a Pokémon.


SpecialShipping is the pairing Red and Yellow. The name derived from Pokemon Special. It is often considered the rival ship for LuckyShipping and MangaPokéShipping. It is considered canon on Yellow's side, with multiple hints.


SpecialJewelShipping is the pairing of Silver and Crystal. The name is derived from the fact that they are named after special jewels, 'Silver' and 'Crystal' respectively. It is often considered the rival ship to MangaQuestShipping.


Canon in the original Japanese manga, TeaShipping is the pairing of Bill and Daisy Oak. The name is derived from the scene in which Daisy is seen bringing Bill a cup of tea while he works, suggesting that she spends a lot of time around his house. The coupling was more vague in the western translation and has therefore become its own ship among western readers.


ViridianShipping is the pairing of Silver and Yellow. Both are from Viridian Forest (although only Yellow has its powers).

Je t'aimeShipping (or KalosShipping, it is not confirmed yet)

The shipping between X and Y, not much has been confirmed yet but by the way Y cares for X she cares for him, but X isnt proven yet.

The name Je t'aime means "I love you" in french, and due to the fact that the kalos regin is based off france, it suits it. But neither the ship names KalosShipping or Je t'aimeShipping is confirmed due to the arc being new and not finished.

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