Japanese Name:

シキミ Shikimi






Unova Elite Four, White


Elite Four

Shauntal is a member of the Unova Elite Four and a novelist.


Shauntal went to Sinnoh to search for inspiration. In Sinnoh, she met Volkner. She later wrote a little about their meeting.


Shauntal sneaks aboard the Battle Subway, seeking inspiration; in particular, she is seeking Tornadus and Thundurus, whom she has tracked through weather patterns.

She is sitting alone, reading aloud some of her novel when White finds her. Shauntal is extremely embarrassed that White heard her reading some of her work, but eagerly anxious to know if the tiny snippet White heard is any good. She then presses her entire notebook on White, apologizing that it is a rough draft.

There is a sudden storm outside and Shauntal grows excited, realizing that it is, in fact, the legendary Tornadus and Thundurus. Seeing them battle, she is inspired, but when White points out they are on a crop field, Shauntal decides that enough is enough. She unleashes her Jellicent and uses Shadow Ball and Energy Ball on the legendary Pokémon, angering them so that, in their rage, they harm the field crops a little. She tells White that because neither of them stand a chance against the two in battle, they have to summon the Pokémon's master.

With the harming of crop, Landorus appears. He takes the powerful Pokémon by their scruffs and hauls them up into the sky, into a ray of light from above. However, as they fly upward, Shauntal thinks she sees three pokéballs capture them, and then a shadow sneaks them away.

She gets back on board the Battle Subway with White.

She is next seen with Grimsley at the Pokemon League talking about how there are less people this year and about Alder losing to N and disappearing, Caitlin then joins stating that if Alder was there he wouldn't be any help. Marshal then joins wanting their help to defeat Team Plasma, Caitlin and Grimsley refuse and is only interested because it would give her a good story to write.


Shauntal is excitable, friendly, and easily embarrassed.






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