Japanese Name:

サナ Sana






Vaniville Town


X, Y, Tierno, Trevor


XY Arc

Shauna is a friend of X and Y.


Shauna watches as Y makes another attempt to lure X out of his house. However, this daily activity is interrupted by when Xerneas and Yveltal arrive, in the middle of a battle. Y grabs Shauna, putting her on Y's Rhyhorn for safety, but Shauna's Furfrou is blown away. Shauna, heartbroken at the loss, vows to find her Furfrou. She and the others set off for Aquacorde Town.[1]

She and the others go to an inn in Aquacorde, but it turns out to be a Team Flare trap. X's Chespin blows a hole in the wall so that Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor can jump down onto Y's Froakie's cushion of bubbles. They camp for the night and agree to a rule to not trust any strange adults anymore.[2]

Next they arrive in Santalune City, where promptly Viola finds them and everyone decides to trust her. Upset that they were going back on their agreement already, Shauna runs off. On the streets of Santalune, she sees a Furfrou, which she mistakes for her own. It turns out to belong to a Furfrou groomer, who hands her a Honedge to try grooming a Furfrou herself. The groomer reveals herself to be Celosia, and her Honedge and Aegislash possess Shauna.[3]

Under their control, Shauna walks the streets of Santalune until Y finds her. Y, relieved, takes her to the gym, commenting on Shauna's sword and the frantic behavior of her Skitty in her pokéball. Shauna merely says that she needs to protect herself.

Once they arrive at the gym, Shauna tries to steal X's Kangaskhanite but gets caught red-handed by Y and Viola. In response, Shauna grabs Y and attacks her with the Honedge, but Viola jumps in and protects Y. Viola collapses from the force of Shauna's blow.

Celosia appears and explains that Shauna is possessed. The others come in and realize what happened. Shauna, with tears running down her face as she looks at Viola, goes on a rampage, swinging the Honedge wildly at her friends. She slips, falls backwards, and faints from the strain of possession.[4]


Shauna is cheery and sensitive. Her dream is to become a Furfrou groomer.



Furfrou is lost when Xerneas and Yveltal destroy Vanville Town. Shauna vows to find Furfrou.


Skitty realizes when Shauna has been possessed and tries to get out of her pokéball.


X, Y, Tierno, and Trevor

Shauna is childhood friends with them.


  • Unlike in the games, Shauna does not get a starter Pokémon and has shown no interest in Pokémon battles


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