The Seven Sages are senior members of Team Plasma. To see the sages' leader, see Ghetsis.


Ghetsis charges Bronius with spreading Team Plasma's ideals among the populace.[1] Over the next two years he presumably does so, and ends up leading an operation in Castelia City to liberate Pokémon from trainers. His actions are stopped by Blac after a grunt steals Bianca's Litwick. Before fleeing, he reveals that Team Plasma will bring back Unova's hero of the black lightning.[2]


See Ghetsis


Ghetsis charges Giallo to locate and capture Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.[3]

Giallo captures Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus near Anville Town.

He is a small, dingy sort of man with a thick, drooping mustache and short, curled hair.


Ghetsis charges Gorm to locate the legendary dragon Pokémon.[4]

Gorm debuts in the fifteenth chapter of the BW Arc. Ghetsis aside, Gorm is the first Sage to debut.

Gorm orchestrates the theft of the dragon skeleton at Nacrene Museum, using his Cofagrigus to possess and move it. Noticing Black's intelligence, he decides to destroy Black, but is thwarted. He gives an inspirational speech to his grunts and then departs in a flash and smoke.[5]


  • Cofagrigus


Ghetsis charges Rood with finding Victini.[6]


Ghetsis charges Ryoku with protecting the powerful sun Pokémon in the desert.[7]

Ryoku is first seen on Route 4 outside of Relic Castle. He seems to be summoning Volcarona, possibly by awakening the Zen Darmanitans outside the Castle.


Zinzolin protests when Ghetsis gives the mission to find the legendary dragon Pokémon to Gorm, claiming that since Zinzolin has already found information on them, he should handle it. Ghetsis refutes his claim entirely.[8]


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