Species: Bulbasaur→Ivysaur→Venusaur
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:







Chapter 2, Viridian City


72 (GSC)


Chapter 2

Saur is Red's male Venusaur and one of the main Pokemon characters of the RGB arc.



As a Bulbasaur, Saur was formerly owned by Professor Oak. However, Red accidentally lets Saur out of his pokéball (along with all of Oak's other Pokémon), causing Red to recapture all of the runaway Pokémon.

Shortly after finding Saur, Red was attacked by a hostile Machoke in Viridian City's closed gym. Saur and Red team up to take it down by Red allowing Saur to use SolarBeam on it. Red was permitted to keep Saur as a reward for finding the lost Pokémon and for showing his battling skills.

Red uses Saur to help him capture a Pikachu and get through the preliminary rounds at Pewter City gym.

Red uses Saur to attack a Fearow who was kidnapping Bill.[1]

Saur and Red's other Pokémon accompany him on a race on Routes 11 and 12.[2]

Saur later dashes through the rain with Red in Lavender Town. Upon finding a Psyduck in Lavender Tower, Red sends Saur out; Saur's Razor Leaf and Sleep Powder fail, but his Vine Whip succeeds, wrapping around the Psyduck—which starts to decompose: a zombie.[3]

Saur evolves into Ivysaur in Chapter 15 after defeating a Primeape.


He is seen with Pika worrying about Red during the Safari Zone fiasco.[4]

Red sends Saur out when he is attacked by a fake Professor Oak in Pallet Town. Saur is hurt by its Psybeam and uses Leech Seed to reveal Oak as a Kadabra.[5]

During the battle against Zapmolcuno, Saur creates a web of vines, so that when Red, Blue, and Green fall out the window they fall onto the web. From there, Saur evolves into Venusaur.[6]


Saur teams up with Blue's Charizard and Green's Blastoise, combining their attacks to separate Zapmolcuno back into Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.[7]

Saur and Red's other Pokémon accompany Red to Cerulean Cave, where a Psywave twister forces Red to return Saur to a pokéball. He is later sent out to force Mewtwo to create the twister again.[8]

Red sends Saur out to save Yellow from a wild, rampaging Dratini. Red later uses Saur's vines to get into Viridian gym. While Red stares at a damaged statue of Giovanni, Saur notices Giovanni himself enter and Saur directs Red's attention to him.[9]

He is going to be sent out against Giovanni, but his pokéball's opening mechanism is damaged by Giovanni's Dugtrio.

Red begins his Indigo Plateau Championship match against Blue with Saur, and after poisoning Blue's Charizard, Saur is returned. He is later sent out at the end, when he snags Charizard in his vines and uses a vine as a lightningrod to hit Charizard with lightning from the storm, thus making Red the Champion.[10]

Known Moves


  • Chapter 14: 30 (85HP)[19]
  • Chapter 28: 38[20]
  • Chapter 40: 60[21]
  • Chapter 180: 72[22]


Given that Saur has a gentle nature, he is a kind character. His fierce loyalty to Red is comparable to that of Poli's, and his bravery is also worth noting, as he managed to face off against Blue's Charizard despite Charizard having a double advantage over Saur. When he was a Bulbasaur, however, he was a bit on the aggressive side when he was in a pickle, as he actually had the guts to attack Red and Prof. Oak as they tried to capture him. Saur is also extremely cooperative, which is shown when he, Blue's Charizard and Blasty team up to fight Zapmolcuno. When Red was in danger, Saur showed deep concern, thinking about no one else at that moment in time. Finally, if compared to the original trio of Saur, Pika, and Poli, Saur is regarded as the straight man of the group, as he keeps a level head and is much more down to earth than his buddies and some even regard him as the de facto leader of the three.

*All of this can be known through its body language and several implications throughout the series.


  • Saur is the first Grass type starter to be owned by a main protagonist.
  • He is also the first and so-far only starter that has two typings present in each of his evolutions, as is the case with all members of the Venusaur evolution line.
  • Saur is also the first starter to have a nickname, seeing as Blasty wasn't revealed until much later, and Blue's Charizard has no nickname.



Saur and Charizard shocked


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