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Sapphire Birch
Japanese Name:

オダマキ・サファイア Odamaki Sapphire




10-11 (RS), 11 (Emerald) , 15 (ORAS)


September 20

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Professor Birch


Littleroot Town




Chapter 182

Sapphire is the daughter of Professor Birch. She has the eight badges of Hoenn. Professor Oak awarded her the title of "Conqueror". She is The only variant of May who is not a coordinator.


Sapphire is a slim girl of average height. She has light brown hair, which falls on each side of her face in two long locks, with a side fringe parted to the right of her forehead. She also has a small spiky ponytail, often hidden beneath her bandanna. Her eyes are fairly large and are bright sapphire blue in color. Her most notable feature are her top canine teeth, which are large and fang-like in shape.

Sapphire has had many outfit changes throughout her appearances in the manga. Her first out fit in the RS arc was a simple two piece made of leaves. This was quickly replaced with an outfit made for her by Ruby, a red collared shirt with black around the neck, a red bandanna with a white pokeball logo, black shorts with a skirt-like white pullover, black socks, a pair of red and yellow pumps, white and black gloves, and a yellow waist bag. Her second outfit was another leaf two piece. Sapphire's third outfit was also made for her by Ruby, and consisted of a sleeveless, collared orange shirt with white half pokeball logos and lower trim and a black collar that reached down to her mid-thigh, a green bandanna with a white in complete circle pattern, orange, white, and green tennis shoes, orange gloves with black fingertips and a black wristband with a light green band, black shorts, and black shorts.

Her outfit in the Emerald arc was a color swap of her final out fit in the RS arc, with the green coloration of her shirt, gloves, bandanna, and shoes was changed to the same shade of blue as her eyes (The same was done with Ruby's out fit, where his final out fit was changed to black and ruby red).

Sapphire's appearance is based off the design for Trainer May from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.


Sapphire debuts in Chapter 182.

RS Arc (Chapters 181-267)

Volume 15​​

Sapphire is doing field research for her father when she sees Ruby fall off a cliff with two Mightyena chasing him. She saves him, sustaining wounds from the Mightyenas' claws. Because of the full-body cover of leaves she was wearing, Ruby mistakes her for a Pokémon before he passed out. He mistakes her for a Pokémon again when he wakes up, attacking her with Nana, to her indignation. Sapphire rips off her full body camouflage, presumably in rage, and revealing scandalous "clothing" of leaves beneath. She has her Torchic, Toro, attack Ruby, demanding to know why he attacked her when she is the one who saved him.

Their battle is interrupted by a Seviper, whom Sapphire attacks. When Ruby refuses to help, she has Toro knock Seviper out with Ember and then tells Ruby off for wanting to participate in contests, claiming that beautifying Pokémon is stupid and what's natural should remain so. She then argues with Ruby, disdaining his synthetic clothes and "dyed" hair. After glaring at each other, she proposes a bet: in the next 80 days, she'll try to earn all eight badges while he tries to win all the contest ribbons. They'll meet up after the 80 day period and compare.

Sapphire then passes out from the wounds she incurred from the Mightyena. When she wakes up, she finds new clothes that fit her and a letter from Ruby, thanking her for saving his life and telling her to actually wear the clothes. Sapphire is very embarrassed when she realizes that Ruby must have taken her measurements while she was unconscious.

Sapphire returns to her father and Ruby's mother, explaining what happened and giving him back Treecko and his Pokegear. Sapphire readies herself to leave Littleroot to challenge the Pokémon League, wearing the clothes Ruby made her. She leaves Littleroot with her father's blessing.

She arrives in Rustboro City, where she sees a Castform fall into a fountain. When she can't find it in the water, she realizes it must have been sucked up by the piping system, locating Castform by sniffing. She sends out her Aron, Rono, to eat through the fountain enough that she could break it off, freeing Castform. A TV reporter approaches her for an interview, and after realizing they were with television, Sapphire turns them down. The Castform she rescued belongs to the Chairman of the Devon Corporation, who thanks her and asks for her name. After telling him it, Sapphire smells enemies inside the fountain and readies Toro and Rono to battle them: a horde of water-type Pokémon.

When she sees a Lombre steal something from the Chairman, injuring him in the process, she grabs the Chairman and charges after the Lombre into Petalburg Woods with Maryann and Tyler. She then discovers that Team Aqua stole a submarine part for the S.S. Kaien I from the Chairman. Sapphire escapes by coordinating Toro's attack with Castform's Forecast, which told her it is sunny, therefore powering up fire-type moves. She literally carries the Chairman, Maryann, and Tyler on her back as she runs away. When they are at a safe distance, the seriously hurt Chairman gives Sapphire a letter to deliver to Steven in Dewford.


She enters Rustboro Gym

Sapphire goes to challenge Rustboro Gym, but is confused to find people taking tests. She is dismayed when she is told that in order to challenge Roxanne, she has to pass a written test; a real problem for Sapphire, because she can barely read. With help from the proctor in deciphering words, Sapphire not only passes the test—she gets a full 100%, the first challenger ever to do so.

Volume 16

Roxanne sets up the battle, making Sapphire stand at an end of the battlefield/classroom. Facing Roxanne's Nosepass in battle, Sapphire sends out Rono, but when Nosepass's successfully blocks Metal Claw, Sapphire tries to switch Rono out for Toro—only to discover that Nosepass's ability, Magnet Pull, prevents steel-types from being withdrawn. Nosepass exerts its magnetic power over Rono, forcing Rono to retreat so that distance lessens the magnetic force.

Undeterred, Nosepass uses Rock Throw and Rock Slide to bury Rono, apparently knocking him out, and Roxanne throws open the doors to the gym, triumphantly intending to kick Sapphire out. However, upon smelling the wind, Sapphire realizes that that direction is north, and the reason Roxanne made her stand there is because Nosepass, a slave to magnetism, can only face north. Sapphire then has Rono burrow under the rocks and pop up behind Nosepass, where it can't turn, and knock Nosepass out.

Sapphire explains to Roxanne she'd noticed Roxanne put her on a specific end of the field and had wondered if there was any meaning to that; she also tells Roxanne that Pokémon can teach her what's not in books. After gaining the Stone Badge, she jumps onto her father's Wailord, Walo, and sets off to Dewford.

When she arrives at Dewford, she arrives with a splash: Walo creates an immense tidal wave, swamping the beach. Seeing a particular surfer, Sapphire rushes to apologize to him. Seeing that he had been surfing with a Makuhita, she questions why he would teach it to surf; he explains two types of fighting styles to her, Go and Ju, and by surfing, Makuhita practices Ju, using existing energy rather than your own.

Upon seeing Sapphire's Stone Badge, he tells her that he is Brawly, the gym leader of Dewford, and if she wants to challenge him, she has to do before tomorrow morning, when he leaves on a training trip. With that on her mind, Sapphire goes for a walk along the piers. She finds Ruby and Mr. Briney docked and she immediately gets into an argument with Ruby. She explains their rivalry to the bemused Mr. Briney, mocking Ruby's emphasis on beauty, and shows off her Stone Badge. She and Ruby head to Granite Cave, for separate reasons, and freaked out that the other is "following" her.
At Granite Cave, they find two paths; Sapphire loudly declares that she will go right, and Ruby decides to go left.[1] Sapphire trains Toro and Rono against wild Pokémon, and as they fight, she thinks about Brawly. She had recognized his strength in just their few moments of conversation and knew that she couldn't defeat him as her strength is right now. She reflects on the Ju he spoke about and thinks back to Mr. Stone, cringing as she realizes she should have gone looking for Steven as soon as she reached Dewford, but she only has tonight to battle Brawly.

Thinking that, she stares at her Pokémon, realizing something.

Some time later, Sapphire exits Granite Cave and rushes to Dewford Gym. She challenges Brawly. Brawly sends out a Machop and Sapphire sends out Toro—an evolved Toro, a Combusken, whose attacks are lightning swift. Sapphire proudly releases Rono, showing Brawly that Rono has also evolved, and she challenges Brawly to show her his secret weapon, too.

Brawly sends out Makuhita and Sapphire chooses Rono. Unfortunately, Makuhita dodges all of Rono's attacks and almost knocks him out, making Sapphire hastily return him and send out Toro. Toro's Flamethrower is ineffectual against Makuhita's Thick Fat, and his other attacks are all dodged until Makuhita sends Toro flying into a wall, plunging in arm in there.


Sapphire demonstrates Ju

Sapphire praises Brawly for his Ju techniques, impressed by their competence. She then draws a vine out of her fanny pack, explaining that if she tries to throw it to the ceiling—which she does, and it falls far short—she doesn't have enough power in just her arms. But if she swings it around like a lasso, starting small and getting bigger, accumulating energy, then she can easily hurl the vine up and snag it on one of the overhead lights. She says that is the essence of Ju: not conflict, but going with the flow and slowly accumulating energy.

Now Brawly praises her, saying that is a perfect answer. But then his Makuhita evolves into Hariyama, attacking Toro. The last attack—Hariyama charges at Toro, who still has an arm stuck in the wall. Hariyama turns, both to avoid Toro's attack and add power to his hit.

Brawly declares that he has won; but Sapphire tells him to guess again. She reveals that Toro had two kicks, one that Hariyama had dodged, and a second kick that had dealt Hariyama damage and lessened the damage taken by Toro. Sapphire admits that she and Toro have been waiting the whole battle for Brawly to unleash his most powerful attack. Knowing Brawly is the "master of Ju" she knew that Hariyama would dodge the first kick and end up right in the second kick. She also admits that his insistence that she challenge him tonight made her wonder if there was a special reason, just like how Roxanne's insistence she use a particular side of the field had made Sapphire suspicious.


She worries about Ruby

Sapphire pins her new badge on her fanny pack as Brawly looks on. But suddenly there is a rumbling sound and the two dash out of the gym to see that the rumbling is coming from Granite Cave. Sapphire's thoughts fly to Ruby, still in the cave, and she makes to sprint to him. But Brawly catches her by the arm, protesting that it's dangerous. Sapphire says that "that guy" is in there and when Brawly assumes she has a friend in there, she furiously protests that the guy isn't her friend. Sapphire continues to Granite Cave, clambering over rocks until she finds Ruby, who is both perfectly safe and in a sassy mood.

Sapphire screams at him for his blasé attitude when he could have been buried alive (and she'd sprinted to make sure he was alright). Ruby tells her that Steven saved her and Sapphire is devastated, pulling out Mr. Stone's letter as she realizes her lost opportunity. She grabs Ruby and yanks him along with her, shouting that he has to show her where Steven went. The two set off on Walo.

Of course, it's impossible for Sapphire and Ruby to not argue. They get on each other's nerves again, Sapphire saying that he should be training for battle and not doing makeup for contests and Ruby saying that she is a barbarian because she wasn't wearing proper clothes when they first met. Incensed, Sapphire lifts Ruby above her shoulders and prepares to throw him into the water, declaring that he could swim for what she cared, but Walo interrupts, ending the fight. They see the Abandoned Ship, and realizing that she has to sleep soon, Sapphire tosses Ruby onto the ship, declaring that her dad would be upset with her if she slept near a guy.

Alone on Walo, Sapphire falls asleep. She talks in her sleep, saying that she'd forgive "you" if you apologized. She is woken by the voice of someone relishing the upcoming vaporization of the sea.

The voice belongs to Marge, an admin, or "Fire," of Team Magma. Sapphire has Walo hide, melting into a puddle, as she creeps onto the Abandoned Ship, watching Marge and her partner, Mitch, from afar. Marge suddenly attacks Sapphire, gouging her fingers in Sapphire's eyes, but Sapphire retaliates with a kick to Marge's face. They back off, Marge revealing that she'd sensed Sapphire from the very start. Sapphire discovers that opening her eyes causes her agonizing pain because Marge specializes in using berry juice for offensive purposes: she had coated her fingers in the super hot Tamato berry juice, resulting in the temporary blindness of Sapphire.

Sapphire sends out Toro and Rono, who are easily defeated by Marge's Ninetales.

Realizing this is not a fight she can win, Sapphire kicks up dust and disappears. She searches for Ruby, afraid that he might have run into Mitch. He has; Sapphire finds him unconscious on the ground. She takes advantage of Mitch's turned back to snatch Ruby up and hide in a tree with him, waking Ruby (who of course immediately assumes she was the one to knock him out). Sapphire explains the situation to him, but his Pokémon have the confused status affliction and can't fight. Sapphire suggests they use wild Pokémon.

Ruby sees a Plusle and a Minun, the ones who had hurt his Pokémon. They are furious at Team Magma's intrusion and team up with Ruby and Sapphire to fight Team Magma. They start off with a Double Team attack to surround the two admins and then shock them with Spark, the electric attack powered up by Plusle and Minun's complementary abilities Plus and Minus. However, with the element of surprise used up, Mitch and his Torkoal proceed to toss Minun to the side and stomp on Plusle.


Adios, pals!

Sapphire gets Minun while Ruby distracts the admins by threatening to destroy a diary which possesses crucial information about the scanner Team Magma came here to get. After Ruby makes a deal with Marge—they would trade Plusle for the diary—Sapphire and Minun launch a surprise attack, double-crossing Team Magma. They rescue Plusle, Minun shocking Marge and thus knocking the scanner out of her hand. Ruby catches it and Sapphire takes him, Plusle, and Minun over the edge of a cliff, landing on Walo and escaping. Plusle and Minun, however, stay behind.

Once on Walo, Ruby and Sapphire realize they only have the casing for the scanner, not the scanner itself.

They cross from Route 108 to Route 109 and arrive in Slateport City, finding no sign of Steven Stone. Ruby and Sapphire bicker, reaffirm their bet, and Ruby gladly rushes off as Sapphire steams at him.

Sapphire proceeds directly through Slateport City to Route 110.[2]

Volume 17



Realizing at this point she has no way of finding out where Steven is in order to deliver his letter, Sapphire goes to Mauville City. On the way, she steps on a strange square of grass. She investigates it and suddenly it flips over, leaving her dangling in darkness. She climbs onto the ground and finds herself under attack from robots, who snag her and her Pokémon in a net. She breaks out and discovers that she has been mistaken for a Pokémon, again.

She meets the owners of the robots, Wattson and Coil-Boy, who are trying to catch a rogue Donphan. She tells them about the weird grass and they immediately get excited, realizing that she found the lost entrance to New Mauville.[3]

Sapphire is shocked and scandalized when a group of kids run up to Wattson and challenge him to a gym battle, and even though they lost, Wattson still gives them their badges for their enthusiasm. He tries to give her a badge, too, but Sapphire is insulted and smacks the hand away, declaring that she has fought for her badges so far and isn't stoppig now. The badge she smacked from him flies through and hits the rogue Donphan, angering him, and he chases them until he, Sapphire, Wattson, and Coil-Boy fall through the trapdoor and into New Mauville.

Sapphire and Donphan work together to rescue Wattson when the haywire generator there kidnaps him. Afterwards, Donphan decides to go with Sapphire, who nicknames him Dono, and Wattson gives Sapphire the Dynamo Badge for her heroic actions and battle against the generator.[4]

Sapphire approaches Mt. Chimney, inadvertently passing a van carrying Ruby in the opposite direction.[5] She spots Flannery being held hostage by Team Aqua admin Ark in one of the cable cars leading up Mt. Chimney, prompting her to use Dono to propel herself into the air and into the cable car. Once there, she tells Ark that she isn't letting him get away this time, and attacks his Azumarill with Toro. Azumarill easily rebuffs the attack and fills the airtight cable car with water, intending to drown Sapphire and Flannery. (Ark has a bubble of air around his head.)[6]

Ark sends out his Sharpedo to finish them off, but Sapphire drags Flannery out of its way and unleashes Rono; Sharpedo tries to chomp down on Rono instead, but Rono's Iron Defense causes its fangs to break off. Secretly, Sapphire takes one of these fangs and uses it to puncture the back window of the cable car as she feigns unconsciousness. This makes the water burst out the window, saving hers and Flannery's lives. She knocks Ark and his Pokémon out with Rono's Iron Defense.

Sapphire carries Flannery on her back and jumps out of the cable car, landing safely. She and Flannery decide to team up and take on Team Aqua at Mt. Chimney's summit. She whistles, summoning her Tropius, Pilo, to fly them there.[7]

They are intercepted by Amber on his Pelipper. Sapphire quickly realizes that he is feigning incompetence at battling and she tries to attack the laser machine at Mt. Chimney, but is too late: Team Aqua has succeeded in using the Meteorite to shut down Mt. Chimney's volcanic activities.[8]

Volume 18

Team Aqua knocks Sapphire and Flannery off Pilo. Sapphire is not fooled by their smoke cover and follows them underground into an enormous, dark hollow created by their Secret Power. As Flannery begins to use Flamethrower on Mt. Chimney, attempting to revive it, Sapphire realizes it's working.[9]

The revival is temporary, though. Sapphire launches attacks into the darkness, and they are returned by Team Aqua. After some time of fighting like this, Sapphire realizes that she has been tricked by Mirror Coat and has been fighting herself the entire time. Sapphire pounds the ground in frustration and finds a glittering stone. Hearing Flannery call her, Sapphire returns to the surface.


The two make their way down Jagged Pass, and seeing how depressed Flannery is about Mt. Chimney's death and her perceived failure as gym leader, Sapphire decides to lounge in a hot spring with Flannery. The two of them bond and have a gym battle, which turns competitive; realizing this, they laugh at each other, ending the battle with a friendly tie.

As they dress, Sapphire declares that she's going to the next gym, in Fortree City, and that she is going to take down Team Aqua; before Sapphire flies away on Pilo, Flannery tosses her the Heat Badge.[10]

Sapphire does her own training camp before going to Fortree, getting Toro ready to evolve. She sees a little girl up in a tree, trying to help a sick Zigzagoon; the girl falls, but Sapphire demonstrates great bravery and strength by jumping below and catching the falling branch. The girl explains what a Pokémon Center is but Sapphire decides it would be faster to treat Zigzagoon herself, sniffing the Zigzagoon's butt and then feeding it a berry to cure its flu perfectly.

Winona then steps out of the shadows, admitting that she'd wanted to meet Sapphire before Kyogre wakes up, and challenges her to a gym battle. Sapphire sends out Toro, wanting a close-combat battle instead of the long-range aerial one she'd get with Pilo. During the battle, she pulls out her trump card, Toro's evolution, and dispatches Winona's Altaria with a Blaze Kick; however, it didn't knock Altaria out, and Altaria takes Toro down with Sky Attack.

After defeating Sapphire, Winona offers to coach Sapphire in battle, an offer which Sapphire excitedly accepts. Winona goes on to say that she, and the other gym leaders Sapphire has met, have agreed to ask Sapphire to help them in the upcoming war (particularly against Kyogre). At that moment, a car comes down from the sky and Sapphire catches sight of Ruby.[11]

Volume 19

After a brief interaction with Ruby, Sapphire goes with Winona for a lesson in battle. Winona tells her to remember to move to keep in the whole battlefield in view and cover her Pokémon's blind spots. Winona then leaves Sapphire with nothing to do, so she goes to Ruby, who is similarly unoccupied.

She is happy to see that Ruby's Castform is the same one who helped her against Team Aqua in the Petalburg Woods, but realizing how close her face is to Ruby's, she quickly backs off. When Ruby accuses her of always starting their quarrels, Sapphire thinks for a moment and then bows, apologizing and admitting that she does. When Ruby snickers that she's acting like a girl, Sapphire proudly protests that she is a girl, so it's normal for her to think fondly of someone.

They are interrupted at that moment by a stampede of wild Grumpig. Sapphire falls, but Ruby's Mightyena takes out all of the Grumpig easily, revealing Ruby's true strength to Sapphire.[12] Sapphire becomes furious and feels betrayed, demanding to know why Ruby lied to her. When he doesn't respond, she sets her anger aside and tells him that at least now he can help the gym leaders with her.


She is shocked when Ruby arrogantly refuses, asking her why he should care about a region he barely knows. Sapphire tears off the clothes he made her, declaring that she had thought that he was a good person underneath it all because of his selfless action in making her the clothes and leaving her a note telling she'd look good in them. She asks him what his strength is for, if not to help people. She leaves him, now dressed again in leaves.[13]

Sapphire trains frantically and challenges Winona to a battle. Sapphire wins the Feather Badge.[14] She continues to train, but when suddenly the weather turns unnaturally hot. She rushes indoors and finds out with the other gym leaders of the natural disasters occurring across Hoenn. They learn of the awakening of Kyogre and Groudon, and Sapphire accompanies Winona, the commander of the gym leaders. They fly to Route 126, where the weather phenomena of Kyogre and Groudon meet.

Spotting a dying Pokémon stranded on the shore, Sapphire swoops down to care for him. Suddenly a huge wave appears and is about to crash down and kill Sapphire,[15] but—apparently—an attack from Winona's Masquerain breaks the wave, saving Sapphire. However, sensing something off, Sapphire wonders if perhaps the Pokémon she'd found—a Relicanth—had released a wave of energy to save her. She decides that he is too injured to, and decides to keep him until he gets better. She nicknames him Relo.

Sapphire and Winona suddenly hear voices in their heads, informing them that fighting Kyogre and Groudon isn't enough to stop them. The guardians of Mt. Pyre appear and tell the two that Kyogre and Groudon are being controlled by an enemy in the Seafloor Cavern.[16] Sapphire impulsively lets out Walo and tries to dive down there on her own, but Winona reminds her that she doesn't know where it is.

Winona receives a call from Wallace and she tells him what's going on. Sapphire is in the background of the phone call, listening.[17]

Ruby and Wallace arrive in person and Ruby tells them that Relo, as a Relicanth, has the special ability to carry people to the bottom of the sea. However, he is small and can only carry two children. Ruby offers Sapphire a new set of clothes, a gift of apology and reconciliation. Sapphire accepts it and the two of them begin their journey to the bottom of the sea.

Volume 20

After an indeterminate amount of time, Sapphire and Ruby arrive at the Seafloor Cavern. Still mad at Ruby, Sapphire announces that she doesn't trust him and the two of them should split up to search the cavern. Ruby grabs her shoulder and tells her they have to stick together. They do, and soon Ruby's Mightyena senses enemies: a group of Aqua and Magma grunts. Sapphire and Ruby easily defeat them with Blaziken and Swampert.[18]

Archie and Maxie arrive, the Blue and Red Jewels in their hands and their eyes vacant. Sapphire and Ruby attack them and struggle against their Walrein and Camerupt. Ruby effectively ends the battle by having Castform use Weather Ball—the power of which shocks Sapphire—but then the Jewels sink into Archie's and Maxie's bodies.[19]

Archie attacks Sapphire, but Ruby lunges and pulls her out of the way, the close rescue giving Sapphire a brief sense of dèjá vu. Archie attacks again as Maxie attacks Ruby, and the possessed men begin to choke the two. A sudden surge of mysterious power suddenly lifts everyone out of the Sealfoor Cavern, transporting them to Sootopolis City; the power comes from Kyogre and Groudon, who are rallying the power of the Jewels in preparation for their showdown at Sootopolis.[20]

Volume 21

Sapphire arrives at Sootopolis City just as the battle between the legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon begins. She and Ruby attack Archie and Maxie but are easily repulsed, sent flying apart from each other. Just as Sapphire loses all hope of victory—all hope that the world can be saved from Kyogre and Groudon—Winona comes to her side and revives her fighting spirit by reminding her that she has to fight or lose her loved ones. This prompts Sapphire to tell Winona all about the boy she used to have a crush on, and how she changed from a girly-girl to a fierce trainer. Sapphire resolved to fight and stop Kyogre and Groudon.

Determined to get the Jewels out of Archie's and Maxie's bodies, Sapphire, Ruby, Winona, and Wallace set up a reflection system to send a ray of power from Sapphire's Meteorite fragment into the possessed men. As soon as the rays hit them, all of Sootopolis lights up from the force of an enormous explosion.[21]

Sapphire is saved by Steven Stone, the very person who Mr. Stone asked her to deliver a letter to. She gives it to him and they realize that Sapphire can awaken Regirock, Registeel, and Regice using her Relicanth and Wailord. After the Regis are awakened, Sapphire and Steven are separated.[22]

Sapphire wakes up on Mirage Island, reunited with Ruby. They learn that they have been unconscious for three days, and due to a time quirk, three days on Mirage Island means twenty-one days have passed in real life. Juan catches them up on the news: the Elite Four, Steven, and Wallace are using the Regis to confine the power of Kyogre and Groudon's battle to Sootopolis.[23]

Juan, Tate, and Liza teach Sapphire and Ruby to fight as a team. They encounter Plusle and Minun and practice with them. While training, Sapphire's Lairon evolves into Aggron.[24]

While taking a break, Sapphire, overhearing a snippet of conversation between Ruby and Juan, feigns sleep. She hears Ruby confront Juan over the fact that—without their knowledge—during the explosion of Sootopolis, Ruby and Sapphire absorbed the Jewels into their own bodies. After Juan admits it, he leaves, and Ruby wanders over to Sapphire, suspecting that she is awake. Sapphire sheepishly sits up and they discuss the Jewels. Sapphire notices that Ruby's hat has come loose, revealing a strand of dark hair. She leans in, curious, but Ruby flushes and straightens it.

The two of them continue their training, now learning how to eject and absorb the Jewels at will. It is very tough and even painful to do.[25] When their training is complete and they're about to leave Mirage Island on Sapphire's Tropius, Sapphire stops Ruby, telling him that she has something to say. She confesses that she has feelings for him. Juan interrupts, calling for them to enter the time vortex, and they fly into intense winds. Sapphire keeps talking, saying that even though she initially thought he was arrogant and shallow, she's come to realize he's actually a good guy. She goes on to tell him about the boy she'd had a crush on when she was younger, unaware that the boy in question was in fact Ruby.

Sapphire concludes her confession by asking Ruby to stay in Hoenn after the big battle is done. Before he can respond, a powerful wind nearly knocks them off Tropius. They burst into the air above Sootopolis City, the site of the tremendous battle of titans. Ruby asks Sapphire to eject her Jewel, which she does, and Ruby promptly traps her in Wallace's car. As Sapphire bangs on the windows, trying to get out, Ruby confesses that he likes Sapphire, too and can't let her risk her life by confronting Kyogre and Groudon. He takes off his hat to show her the scar he earned as a young child when protecting her from the Salamence. Shocked, Sapphire stares as he leaves with both of the Jewels.[26]

Volume 22

Sapphire keeps fighting to get out, enlisting the help of Plusle and Minun.[27]


Sapphire has been shown to have very keen senses, especially her sense of smell, as she smells Seviper before it attacks in Chapter 183 and locates a Castform stuck in a fountain by sniffing in Chapter 188. She is also said to have powerful sight, seeing and identifying symbols in a split-second, and in the Petalburg Woods she could hear the Team Aqua grunts even though they were out of sight. She is very physically strong and agile, even carrying a grown man on her shoulders.

Sapphire is also vigorously compassionate, especially towards Pokémon. When a Castform is stuck in a Rustboro City fountain, Sapphire struggles to free it; when Mr. Stone tells her she can wait for the authorities, she doesn't have to do him such a big favor, Sapphire demands of him what favor? and declares that she's doing this for Castform, not him.

Sapphire is either very kind-hearted or a tad oblivious, as she doesn't react at all to Roxanne's condescension. She also asks for help reading without any sort of self-consciousness or embarrassment, just relief when Roxanne remarks snidely that challengers can ask for help.

It could also be assumed that Sapphire is very girly as well, as when she was younger she wore a frilly frock with a matching hairband. As a younger child, she was described as docile and hated battles, but after seeing Ruby hurt, she changed because she thought it was her fault he got hurt.


Dono (Donphan)

Pilo (Tropius)

  • Male
  • Pilo was given to Sapphire by her father; he debuts in Chapter 213

Rono (Aron→Lairon→Aggron)

  • Male
  • Rono may be Sapphire's first Pokémon.
  • It isn't known how Sapphire obtained Rono

Rono evolves into Lairon shortly before Sapphire's battle with Brawly.

Toro (Torchic→Combusken→Blaziken)

  • Female
  • Toro was given to Sapphire by her father, Professor Birch.

Toro evolves into Combusken shortly before Sapphire's battle with Brawly; Toro evolves into Blaziken during Sapphire's battle with Winona.

Walo (Wailord)

  • Male
  • Walo was given to Sapphire by her father. He provides transportation across Hoenn's seas.

Kiruru (Kirlia->Gallade)

  • Male
  • None of its moves are known
  • Not known how Sapphire obtained Kiruru
  • Shown at the beginning of ORAS chapter

Kiruru evolved while training with Ruby's Rara when a dawn stone flew at him.



Sapphire and Ruby initially dislike each other intensely, though with grudging respect. Sapphire proudly tells Mr. Briney that she and Ruby are rivals. Over the course of the RS Arc, they grow closer. During the first battle at Sootopolis, Sapphire tells Winona the story of how when she was young, a young boy saved her from a Salamence that attacked her while the two children were playing. Sapphire confesses to Ruby that she has a crush on him, which he reciprocates, and it is revealed that Ruby is the boy who saved her from the Salamence. After the climactic battle at Sootopolis, Ruby feigns memory problems, telling Sapphire that he can't remember anything of or before the battle. Sapphire remains very frustrated and confused about the nature of their relationship, even expounding to Winona about it to try to sort out her feelings. It can be assumed that their feelings for each other are still the same, but due to Ruby saying he can't remember, their relationship is currently unclear.

Professor Birch

Professor Birch is Sapphire's father. Sapphire has felt that he neglected her a little because of how busy he is with Pokémon research, but holds no hard feelings, only loneliness.




  • Sapphire's birthday is September 20th, making her birthstone a sapphire, like her name.
  • Sapphire has been mistaken for a Pokémon twice[30][31]
    • By the same person, no less.
  • All of Sapphire's Pokémon, with the exception of Toro and Minun, are male
    • This complements Ruby, whose Pokémon are all female except for Zuzu and Plusle
  • Sapphire can hold her breath to up to four minutes[32]
  • Sapphire does not know what a Pokémon Center is until 50 days into her bet with Ruby[33]
  • Sapphire begins wearing her Emerald outfit partway during the RS Arc, in Chapter 238
    • This outfit actually had a different color scheme in this chapter which lasted to the end of the RS arc, and the colors were changed to blue and white for the Emerald outfit.
  • Sapphire is the only Hoenn Pokedex owner actually from Hoenn, as Ruby and Emerald are both from Johto.
  • Despite being based off her game counterpart's role as a rival, much of her journey is similar to that of the player character in R/S/E.
  • Sapphire is the only version of May who is not a Pokemon coordinator.
  • Sapphire appears to have no shame, as she stripped off in front of Flannery, when going to the hot springs, without any obvious embarrassment.[34].
  • Sapphire never forgot Ruby, although she forgot his name and face.
    • This corresponds with Ruby never forgetting Sapphire, though he forgot her name and face too.
    • Sapphire didn't know Ruby was the boy who saved her from the Salamence until he revealed his scar after she admitted to liking him, whereas Ruby knew Sapphire was the girl he saved when she unknowingly jogged his memory when she mentioned a boy she had liked who saved her, and he realised she was the girl from years ago.


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