Saffron City is the largest city in Kanto. Its gym leader is Sabrina.


Saffron City debuts in Chapter 27.

Its gate guards refuse Green and Blue entrace, even when Green turned on her charms. The two decide to try from the air but discover a psychic barrier surrounding the city, even far up into the air.[1] This barrier is maintained by Sabrina's Mr. Mime and is physically impenetrable. It only falls when Sabrina's Mr. Mime is knocked out by Red's Pikachu.[2]


Saffron City has four entrances, one each of the cardinal directions: from the north (Route 5), from the east (Route 8), from the south (Route 6), and from the west (Route 7). These entrances are guarded by police officers.

The Silph Corporation building is the tallest building in Saffron; it is located centrally.


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