Ruby's Mother is the wife of Norman and the mother of Ruby. Her name is unknown.


Ruby's mother debuts in Chapter 181.

She drives Ruby to Littleroot Town in a Moving Pelipack van and encourages him about their move to Hoenn.[1]

She is later seen with Professor Birch and Sapphire as Sapphire explains her encounter with Ruby. Ruby's mother becomes very upset and faints, thinking about Norman and the news that Ruby has run away.

Long after, Ruby's mother is gazing at a picture of Ruby, worrying about him and about Norman, who has gone to search for Ruby. She looks up at the television and sees a news program about the attack of a red cape wearing gang in Slateport City. She sees footage of Ruby escaping from the gang, and realizing what danger he was in and that he is currently seriously MIA, she faints.[2]

At the end of the RS Arc, she goes on television with Maryann to tell Ruby that there is a birthday party for him and Sapphire awaiting them in Littleroot Town. She gets rather teary from emotion.[3]







  • She is capable and presumably licensed to drive a moving van


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