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Japanese Name:

ルビー Ruby




10-11 (RS), 11 (Emerald), 15(ORAS)


July 2

Blood Type:



Norman (father), mother


Goldenrod City, Johto


Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Crystal, Wallace


Contest master, trainer


Chapter 181

Ruby is an acclaimed coordinator. He is a Pokédex holder. He is the son of Norman. Professor Oak Awarded him the title of "Charmer".


Ruby is a slightly tall, slim boy with dark, ruby red eyes. His short black hair, normally hidden under a white beanie, has the hint of a widows peak like his father's, and he has a large cowlick in the same location of his mother. In the ORAS arc, he has grown out the side burns. He has two large, jagged, parallel scars on the left side of his forehead, also normally hidden by his signature beanie. Ruby has gone through many outfit changes over the course of the manga. His first outfit in the RS arc was a button up, red black and gold sweatshirt, black sweatpants, black and yellow finger less gloves, a white black and green beanie hat, and the black, orange, green, and white running shoes. His second outfit was a black and orange button up short sleeved collared shirt, black shorts over black sweatpants, a white and green beanie, orange and black finger less gloves, and the Running shoes.In the Emerald arc, his outfit was mostly a simple color swap of his second RS outfit, with a red and black shirt of the same style with the same pattern, the same shorts and sweatpants, a white and red beanie, black and red finger less gloves, and the running shoes. With all these outfits, Ruby also occasionally wore prescription glasses.


Ruby is the son of Norman. He grew up in Goldenrod City, Johto, and as a child, he loved to battle and learn from his father. When Norman was about to take his gym leader exam, Professor Birch came to support him, bringing his daughter Sapphire. Ruby and Sapphire hit it off right away, Sapphire quickly becoming the closest friend Ruby had ever had, despite not knowing each other for long.[1] Ruby told Sapphire about a ten-year-old boy who had become Champion in Kanto, and Ruby and Sapphire promised each other that they, too, would be Champions when they were ten.[2]


However, when out playing, the two were attacked by a Salamence. Realizing that Sapphire was in danger, Ruby knew he had to protect her. He tried to fight it off, diving forward to save Sapphire from a near miss. His Pokémon—Coco, Nana, and Ruru—successfully drove Salamence off, but in the process Salamence's Dragon Claw slashed him on the right side of his forehead and up into his hair, leaving him bloody—and, later, scarred.


After driving off Salamence, Ruby turned, offering Sapphire a hand and assuring it that it was safe…but Sapphire began crying, terrified by him. Ruby blamed himself for scaring Sapphire and "tainting" her heart, and, not wanting to be someone who could frighten her, he resolved to change himself. He wanted to become more elegant and refined. He hoped to someday meet her so that he could show her how he'd changed.

In time, Ruby forgot the name of the girl he once knew, though he still remembered her clearly.

After that, Ruby learned that Norman had failed his gym leader test and from then on was rarely around his family, instead off training. Ruby was deeply upset and resentful of this absence.[3]


Ruby debuts in Chapter 181.

Fourth Chapter: RS Arc (Chapters 181-267)

Volume 15

Ruby's father, Norman, has become the gym leader of Petalburg City, so his family is moving from their home in Johto to Hoenn on Ruby's birthday. Ruby is someone very concerned with beauty, grooming and dressing up his Pokémon in the moving van and refusing to get out when his mother mentions there is mud.

The reader glimpses intelligence and power, however, when Ruby has his Ralts, Ruru, use Confusion to lift the mired van out of the mud. When they arrive at the new house, Ruby finds a birthday present from his father: a pair of new shoes. He throws them away without a word, and then complains to his Pokémon—Ruru, Coco (Skitty), and Nana (Poochyena)—about how Norman is a bad father. He reveals to them that he plans to run away and compete in Hoenn's first-class contests, in spite of Norman's wish that Ruby be a trainer. He says that the only way to get Norman to change his mind is to win all of the contests before Norman can object.

Ruby hesitates, then grabs the birthday shoes from the trash bin and takes them with him as he runs away. As Ruby runs from Littleroot Town, he spots Professor Birch in danger from Mightyena. Birch asks him for help, but Ruby refuses on the grounds that a battle here will dirty his Pokémon. But when Ruby catches sight of the Mightyena, he is immediately charmed by their shining fur, inviting them to travel with him to conquer Hoenn's contests.

They attack him, and as Ruby runs he picks up Birch's pokedex, reading their page and realizing that they are the evolved form of his Nana. Now excited, Ruby gives an introduction speech, raving about Nana's grace and coolness before sending Nana out to battle. Nana can't match them, so Ruby and Birch flee. Ruby discovers the special feature of his new shoes: they run for him, really fast and out of control. He accidentally runs off a small cliff and goes crashing through branches, where what he believes is a Pokémon saves him. He passes out.

Ruby awakens in a cave to Nana licking his face. From Birch's bag, which he had been carrying when he fell, he hears a Pokegear ringing. It is Birch, calling to find out if Ruby is alive. Assured that Ruby is, Birch introduces himself and asks if Ruby is Norman's son, because Norman had not long ago asked Birch to order a pair of Running Shoes from the Devon Corporation for his son. Ruby is distracted from the conversation when Sapphire, wearing a full body cover of twigs and leaves (leading Ruby to mistake her for a Pokémon), startles Ruby from behind when she starts talking.

Freaking out, Ruby has Nana attack her. Sapphire is indignant, ripping off her full-body leaves to reveal herself and a Torchic. Sapphire's Torchic attacks Nana, scorching her fur (to Ruby's horror). Hearing a struggle, Birch tells Ruby to choose Mudkip for a type advantage. Ruby is dismayed over Mudkip's appearance, hesitating until Sapphire and her Torchic leap at him, Sapphire calling him a coward and demanding to know why he attacked her after she saved him. Birch recognizes her voice over the phone and tells Ruby she's his daughter, but before he can speak to Sapphire, they lose reception.

Sapphire barely notices, on all fours and preoccupied with the Seviper that just started attacking them. She shouts for Ruby to attack it, but he refuses, saying he likes contests, not battles. Toro defeats the Seviper with Ember, and Sapphire expresses her disdain for contests and beautifying Pokémon, saying that what's natural should remain natural. She then insults him for dying his hair white, to which Ruby responds that it's a hat and that she really smells bad.

They glare at each other, and then turn away. Then Sapphire proposes a bet: They both have 80 days, Ruby to win all the contest ribbons, and Sapphire to earn all the badges. After 80 days, they'll meet up again and compare. After Ruby agrees, Sapphire passes out from the gashes she got protecting Ruby from the Mightyena. Ruby treats her as best he can, sewing her clothes as thanks for saving his life and leaving her a letter telling her to wear them. As he works, the Seviper ambushes him but he defeats it instantly, observing that the ability to battle and desire to are very different.

He then leaves Sapphire asleep.

In Oldale Town, Ruby shows Mudkip his Pokémon, explaining that each represents another aspect of the contest: Ruru for intelligence, Nana for coolness, and Coco for cuteness. He cross-examines Mudkip, looking for any redeeming qualities. He finds one when Mudkip saves him from an infuriated Dustox and he nicknames Mudkip "Zuzu."

Utilizing the Running Shoes, Ruby arrives in Petalburg City. Zuzu protects Ruby from some Nuzleaf, earning praise, and Ruby encounters Wally. Wally compliments Zuzu, leading Ruby to offer to teach him to catch a Pokémon, which is why Wally is out there; however, when Ruby hears that Wally has already asked someone to teach him, a sixth sense makes him take Wally and hide behind a bush—just in time, as Norman emerges. Ruby has Coco use Safeguard, defending against Slaking's Swagger. Ruby ducks beneath a ledge just before Norman can see him—a ledge directly beneath Norman, what a close call—and successively evades detection.

Ruby finds Wally, unconscious from some sort of medical condition, and takes him to his house. Wally's parents thank Ruby and invite him to stay the night, which he does. When Wally tells Ruby that his parents asked Norman to not teach Wally to catch a Pokémon, in order to keep Wally safe. Ruby, who has long felt the strain of an oppressive parent, offers to lend Wally Ruru in order to show their parents who's right.

The two go out to Petalburg Forest, where Wally and Ruru successfully capture a Kecleon. However, an earthquake cuts their celebration short, and Ruby is thrown into the ocean, where he passes out.

Volume 16

Ruby awakens in a boat in the middle of the sea, having been rescued by Mr. Briney. Ruby is horrified by the state of his clothing and quickly decides that he and Briney have nothing in common, primarily because Briney is looking for a very ugly Relicanth and keeps ugly Pokémon.

Ruby gets really seasick. While being seasick, Ruby hears an beeping sound and alerts Mr. Briney, who explains that whenever his Whiscash senses an earthquake, that alarm goes off. While Ruby and Briney talk, Briney is also fishing; his rod suddenly yanks him and a Crawdaunt surfaces, throwing Briney overboard and advancing on Ruby.


Double Edge

Now without an audience, Ruby displays strength, pulling Briney aboard effortlessly and defeating Crawdaunt flawlessly by utilizing Coco's Cute Charm, a circular motion to increase the number of times of physical contact (thus increase the probability of Cute Charm kicking in), and using the motion to increase the power of Double Edge while decreasing the recoil damage.

However, when Briney awakes, Ruby lies, claiming that a wave helped lift Briney back onto the boat and caused Crawdaunt to knock itself out.

At some point, Briney shows Ruby a book of Hoenn's water-type Pokémon in an effort to show him that Hoenn does have beautiful water-type Pokémon. In the book, Briney shows Ruby a picture of a Milotic, which immediately captivates Ruby.

They arrive at Dewford Town, encountering Sapphire. Ruby is happy to see that Sapphire is wearing the clothes he made her, though Sapphire slaps him away when he tries to investigate closely. Sapphire introduces herself and makes fun of Ruby's liking of contests, inviting retaliation from him and generally disintegrating into a glaring contest. Ruby thanks Briney and leaves, and is disturbed to see Sapphire walking the same direction as him.

They arrive at Granite Cave, where they go separate directions: Ruby left, Sapphire right. Ruby reveals to his Pokémon that they are looking for a Milotic, on which he has no data, but he suspects that such a beautiful Pokémon wouldn't live in salt water.[4]


Ruby finds an underground lake and groups of Golbat and Geodudes, which horrify him, as well as a group of Mawile, which he thinks are cute until they turn around and snap their jaws at him. He and his Pokémon are swarmed by the Mawile but a stranger saves Ruby, pulling him out of the crowd. He introduces himself as Steven. Suddenly Nana, still in the sea of Mawile, starts to evolve, and Coco, standing by a stone hanging from the stranger's belt, also starts to evolve.

Ruby's immediate response is to pull a tripod camera out of nowhere,[5] recording his Pokémon's glowing forms. Ruby is yanked into escape by an exasperated Steven, who explains that his Moon Stone caused Coco to evolve. Ruby says that he owes Steven one for helping Coco become even more cute (and Nana even more cool), and so he will do anything Steven tells him to. Steven tells him to lure the Mawile along a certain path—one that ends in a deadend. However, Steven's Beldum and Metang all burst from the walls, attacking the Mawile, and Steven's Metagross carries Ruby and Steven to safety.

Ruby is bored as Steven tells him about "stone getters," and Ruby apologizes for his lack of his interest, explaining that he is only interested in contests. Steven then asks Ruby to become his partner against two forces invading Hoenn, but is disappointed when he hears that Ruby is only eleven years old. Ruby also protests that he doesn't know anything about battling, and grows nervous when Steven gives him a sideways look, presumably afraid that Steven has caught on to Ruby's secret skill at battling.

After Steven leaves, Ruby shrugs off the encounter and resolves to continue his journey.[6] He finds Sapphire, who is searching for him in the wreckage of Granite Cave. They get into an argument and Ruby brags to her about teaming up with Steven and succeeding; this hits Sapphire hard, making her pull out a letter. She then grabs Ruby and drags him off a cliff and onto her Wailord, declaring that Ruby has to show her where Steven went.

They, of course, eventually argue. It gets to the point that Sapphire is about to physically throw Ruby off Wailord, but Wailord intervenes on Ruby's behalf (or merely points out what's ahead). They see the Abandoned Ship and Sapphire throws him onto it so that she can sleep in peace, telling him to come back in the morning.

Ruby is miffed because he has been sleeping in hotels, not the wilderness, and considers this an affront. While on the ship, he finds some berries. Zuzu gets hit by one and he discovers a pair of trembling Plusle and Minun; Ruby's initial rage at having a berry thrown at Zuzu dissipates in the face of their cuteness. This prompts a deadpan look from Zuzu, emphasizing Ruby's hypocrisy in letting this slide just because Plusle and Minun are cute. Plusle and Minun show him a diary from a passenger on the Abandoned Ship and Ruby concludes that they must have belonged to this passenger.


Ruby faints

Plusle and Minun then reveal their true prankster colors by feeding Zuzu, Nana, and Coco berries that make them confused. This time Ruby is not so easily taken in and chases them down.[7] As he does so, he realizes they are trying to lead him away from a door; excited by the possibility of ultra-rare berries growing in there, Ruby is about to enter when Mitch knocks him out from behind. His unconscious body is swiped by Sapphire, who wakes him up and reveals that Marge has temporarily blinded her. Sapphire takes charge, demanding if there are any Pokémon they can fight Team Magma with; Ruby sees Plusle and Minun, and the four agree to team up.

They team up

They start out with Double Team and then Spark, dealing serious damage. But the battle takes a turn for the worse, and Ruby has to threaten to destroy the diary Plusle and Minun showed him—which could contain crucial information—in exchange for Marge letting Plusle go. Sapphire and Minun double cross Marge, rescuing Plusle and retrieving the scanner that Team Magma is after.

However, after their escape, Ruby realizes that Marge tricked them: they have only the case of the scanner, not the scanner itself.[8]

Upon arriving in Slateport City, Ruby gladly takes leave of Sapphire, angering her by informing her that nothing good ever happens when he's around her. They reaffirm their bet as well. Walking along a Slateport City sidewalk, Ruby records Zuzu as he suddenly evolves into Marshtomp. He proceeds to take photos, telling Zuzu that though Zuzu may not be beautiful, he is still worthy of Professor Birch's research. Ruby also comments that Zuzu has grown stronger, just like Nana and Coco; this makes Zuzu feel happy and included.

At that moment, a short man approaches them. He makes Ruby show him his Pokémon, whom he declares marvelous, and reveals himself to be the President of the PokéFan Club. The two bond over their shared love of Pokémon and their shared hatred of battle, considering battle to be a waste of a Pokémon potential and cuteness. The President tries to get Ruby into a Slateport City contest, exciting him, but fails because Ruby does not have a Hoenn Contest Pass and doesn't have any ribbons to qualify him for a Hyper Rank contest.

Ruby, however, isn't too disappointed, realizing that making too much of a fuss could attract the attention of Norman, who is searching for Ruby.

The President and Ruby decide to make PokéBlocks, roping two bystanders into the act. Among the two is Captain Stern, who is a target of Team Magma. Team Magma chooses this moment to make their move, Mitch using his Torkoal to knock all four PokéBlock makers out and kidnap them.[9]

Ruby awakens when he is tossed into a room, the fall causing Zuzu's pokéball to pop open. Ruby and the President watch through a glass slot in the door as Mack interrogates Captain Stern violently, choking him. Ruby sees the Team Magma symbol on Mack's uniform, meaning that he is allied with Mitch and Marge. Ruby realizes that Mitch and Marge never saw his face on the Abandoned Ship, meaning that they couldn't recognize him

The President and Ruby get into a brief but intense argument, the President insisting that Ruby should pop out and save the day by defeating Mack and Ruby snapping that the President should do that if he wanted it to happen.

Captain Stern finally cracks, telling Mack that the Kaien I is missing a key component that is currently in the hands of the Devon Corporation. Mack tries to throw him in the same room as Ruby and the President, but Ruby and the President fall out when he opens the door, making him realize that they heard everything. Mack decides that he can't afford to let them go because they know this.

Ruby and Zuzu run and dodge Mack's Slugma, pleading with and promising Mack to not tell a soul of what he heard. However, as he runs, he is secretly leaving green PokéBlocks because he recognizes that Slugma has a calm nature, meaning green PokéBlocks are its favorite. He uses the PokéBlocks to lure Slugma into the Kaien I, where no one could see him; Mack follows, realizing Ruby's PokéBlock plan. Ruby at first pretends to have done it by accident, but when it's clear Mack isn't buying it, falls into a fierce, combat stance, Zuzu at his side.[10]

Volume 17

Ruby battles with Mack, but Mack uses his illusionary abilities to make Ruby hallucinate his worst memory: Norman rejecting Ruby as a child.

Once he snaps out of it, he tells Mack that was a big mistake, because Ruby's worst memory is the memory that drives him. He orders for Zuzu to use Earthquake, returns him, and before getting away in the escape pod, he tells Mack that what isn't amazing is that Ruby can tell a Pokémon's nature by looking at it: it's that Mack can't. Once alone inside the escape pod, Ruby says sadly that Dad was the one who taught Ruby to do that.[11]

His escape pod surfaces on Route 118, where he catches sight of a TV broadcast on a dock. There is a news report about the attack on Captain Stern by a gang wearing red, mentioning that a young boy has gone missing afterwards. Ruby realizes that the President must be worrying about him, but Ruby doesn't dare contact him and reassure him because that would for sure catch Norman's attention.


Ruby imagines

Ruby continues down the river, but his escape pod snags on a fishing line, ruining the catch of a swimmer. The swimmer demands that Ruby repay him by helping him fish. Ruby tries, but all he can catch is an extraordinarily ugly fish, horrifying him. He lets it go again and again but it keeps coming back.

The swimmer reveals that the Pokémon he is looking for is a Feebas: the very Pokémon that Ruby keeps catching. The swimmer's passionate reaction startles Ruby, who drops it into the river and can't find it again. Ruby feels guilty, imagining what it would be like if someone showed him a Milotic and then snatched it away. In a rare fit of generosity, he volunteers to keep helping the swimmer capture Feebas.[12]

He keeps at it into the night, when he and the swimmer see a Zangoose and Seviper carrying out their ritual rivalry. They accidentally catch the rivals' attention and are attacked; however, the Feebas leaps out of the water and into Ruby's arms, using Mirror Coat to defend them.

The Feebas drops Ruby's PokéNav into his hand, which he uses to to locate the nearby Weather Institute as Feebas continues to defend him. They successfully flee to the Weather Institute with Feebas. When they arrive, Ruby giddily explains about his PokéNav to the swimmer, claiming that it's thanks to the PokéNav that they're alive. The swimmer rebukes Ruby, telling him it was Feebas who saved their lives, not the PokéNav, and that Ruby should do the right thing and capture Feebas, it she has clearly taken a shine to him. Ruby is, of course, horrified, trying to imagine an ugly fish like Feebas on his beautiful contest team. (It's bad enough to have Zuzu.) However, he does capture Feebas.

Speaking of Zuzu, Ruby realizes that he can't see Zuzu. He searches for Zuzu and finds him on the roof, where Ruby also finds one of his PokéBlocks. Suddenly Norman appears behind Ruby, shocking and possibly scaring him. Ruby stutters, asking what Norman is doing here, and Norman ominously growls that he can read Ruby like a book—kids can't hide anything from their parents.

The next moment, Ruby is slammed into the wall. The curious and concerned swimmer, just emerging out the door, is shocked. Ruby tells him that he is about to witness the most violent family quarrel he's ever seen.[13] Norman grabs Ruby the collar and ignores Ruby's croaked plea to release him; he punches Ruby in the face, flinging him away and demanding to know why Ruby ran away from home.

Ruby is beside the swimmer again, who is frightened and tells Ruby to just apologize to Norman. As Ruby struggles to survive his father's Slaking's attacks, he muses that he has three options: apologize, flee, or fight. He chooses to finally put an end to this and requests that the swimmer leave and doesn't watch.

Norman is unimpressed with Ruby's choice. Ruby attacks him with Coco's Iron Tail and Nana's Hyper Beam, but both are foiled easily, Norman sneering that he, Norman, had been the one to teach Ruby's Pokémon those attacks. Fighting Norman, who is intimately familiar with Ruby's Pokémon, is a hopeless task.

Ruby responds that yes, Norman knows Coco and Nana well, but he does not know Ruby's newest team member: Zuzu. At that moment, he unveils his true plan: Coco and Nana were distracting Norman and manipulating him into a position so that Zuzu, on the ground, could channel Mud Shot through the pipes and strike Norman.[14] Norman uses his Vigoroth's Focus Punch in defense, but Ruby knows that he, Ruby, has the advantage because Zuzu has an infinite supply of mud and rain.

The two fight brutally until Slaking wrenches the stairs from underneath Ruby, unbalancing him. He starts to slide inexorably down them, getting closer and closer to the furious Slaking, but Ruby snags a pipe and jams it into the railing of the stairs, anchoring them and allowing them to level out.

There is a pause. Norman extends his hand to Ruby, telling him to stop being so stubborn and to come quietly. Ruby yells and yanks the pipe around, pointing it at Norman, and down below Zuzu uses Mud Shot, propelling mud through the pipe so that it burst out like cannon, speeding towards Norman. But before it can hit, sunlight bursts in the sky as a Castform uses Sunny Day, drying up the mud and making it crumble away before it can hit Norman.

Father and son stare at each other, panting.

There is a sudden crack, and the stairs lurch away from the building: the pipe has given way and now Ruby is sliding off the stairs, about to fall into empty air and then certain death. Norman lunges forward, reaching out to try catching Ruby, as Ruby screams desperately for his help.[15]

They both fall off the stairs, plummeting, until Norman catches a pipe, breaking their fall. They dangle, now in rain again and in danger of slipping. The understanding of the situation—he and his dad are about to fall to their deaths—full impresses itself on Ruby.

Norman's pipe snaps, causing them to fall again. Feebas pops out of her pokéball, frantic, and Ruby spontaneously nicknames her "Mimi." Norman shouts for Ruby to use his Running Shoes, Norman's birthday gift to Ruby, and they Running Shoes propel Ruby and Norman into bushes rather than the sharp pipes and tree trunks.

Ruby appears to be unconscious. Norman tells him that Ruby had better accomplish what he set out to do and to call his mother sometimes; essentially, giving Ruby his approval to challenge Hoenn's contests. As he leaves, Ruby smiles, mentally thanking him.

The swimmer, Maryann, and Tyler load Ruby into the reporters' van. As they drive off, they pass Sapphire, who is heading in the opposite direction.[16]

Volume 18

Maryann and Tyler bring Ruby to Verdanturf Town, where Ruby can finally compete in Hoenn's normal-rank contests. Coco and Nana sweep their cuteness and coolness contests, pleasing Ruby. He knits a sweater for Zuzu to wear during his contest, complaining of how sore his back is from his battle with Norman. He declares that he has a Pokémon for each segment: Coco for cute, Nana for cool, Zuzu for tough, Popo for smart, and Mimi for beauty. He knows that, as a Feebas, Mimi is an unusual choice for a beauty contest; he's doing it because he wants a challenge.

He is approached by Maryann and Tyler for an interview about his contests, and despite his initial joy he turns them down, realizing that Team Magma could come after him if they find out he's still alive.

During Mimi's contest, Ruby catches sight of a familiar face in the crowd: Wally![17] After winning the contest, Ruby chases through the crowd, searching for Wally. Catching up with him, Ruby realizes that "Wally" is, in fact, a girl. They go to Maryann and Tyler's van, where the girl introduces herself as Wally's cousin, Wallene. She thanks Ruby for helping Wally and then mentions it is a shame that Ruby didn't arrive in Verdanturf earlier, as Wally (who still has Ruby's Ralts, Ruru) had left just that morning.

At that moment, they hear an emergency news report: there has been a cave-in at Rusturf Tunnel, where Wallene's fiancé works. They rush to the scene, and on the way Ruby spots an Absol that causes him to feel a shiver down his spine. Arriving at Rusturf Tunnel, they discover that Wallene's fiancé is trapped behind boulders; Ruby calls Zuzu out to save him.[18]

Zuzu succeeds, but they are then found by Marge. Marge, recognizing Ruby, kidnaps him and brings him alone into the tunnel. They battle, and, impressed, Marge invites Ruby to join Team Magma;[19] before Ruby can answer, the tunnel shudders from the force of wild Pokémon's Hyper Voices, separating the two. Ruby wonders why Marge would invite him like that, but the sight of his badly hurt Pokémon distracts him.

He falls to his knees, pulling a sweater over Zuzu to prevent him from losing any more water. He then gives Zuzu all of his pokéballs and orders Zuzu to flee, secretly giving him some yarn. Marge accuses Ruby of heroism, sacrificing himself to save his Pokémon, and Ruby refutes her scornfully, riding the yarn with his PokéBlock case like a zipline.

The yarn is also tied around Marge's wrist, so his jump lifts her into the air. When he and his Pokémon make it to Maryann and Tyler's van, Ruby cuts the yarn, dropping Marge into her own flames. He then safely escapes.[20]

Maryann and Tyler take Ruby to Fallarbor to compete in super-rank contests, and though Maryann tries to engage Ruby in conversations about Team Magma, Ruby claims ignorance and forces himself to focus on contest preparations. He wins all of the contests except beauty, which he had arrived too late to register for. He instead watches the beauty contest and is floored when he watches a mysterious man, Wallace, win with skill the likes of which Ruby had never seen.[21]

After seeing Wallace end a dispute in the crowd with style, Ruby challenges him to a competition of beauty. He lets out all of his Pokémon except Mimi to face Wallace with, but still loses badly to only Wallace's Luvdisc.[22]


Instead of being embittered by the humiliating loss, Ruby is inspired, and asks to become Wallace's apprentice. Ruby is undeterred when Wallace refuses, using his Running Shoes to chase after Wallace's car and collect volcanic ash for him.

He follows Wallace to the Starstone Laboratory, where an Anorith and Lileep escape from their cage; under the cover of ensuing pandemonium, Ruby menaces them into submission. (Little did he know, but it was a test from Wallace.)

Ruby is ecstatic when Wallace announces that he's changed his mind: Ruby may come with Wallace, though Wallace claims not to know what to teach him. Ruby, however, is more than content to get into Wallace's flying car and go with him to Fortree City.

On the way to Fortree, Ruby spots something traveling below them, seemingly following them.[23] Upon arriving at Fortree, Ruby immediately spots Sapphire.

Volume 19

Realizing that Wallace is a gym leader and has brought Ruby to a gym leaders' meeting, Ruby hides, afraid that his father his there; however, Norman is not, and Ruby exchanges a few words with Sapphire before going off with Wallace to train. Ruby does so enthusiastically, unaware of his master's distraction. Wallace leaves soon, and with nothing to do, Ruby finds himself cooing over Popo with Sapphire.

Startled at how close their faces are, both jump back. Ruby accuses Sapphire of always starting arguments by being rude, and when Sapphire admits he's right and apologizes, Ruby smirks that she's acting like a girl now. They are then attacked by a stampede of Grumpig and Ruby quickly defeats them with Nana's Take Down, saving Sapphire and unintentionally revealing his true strength to her.[24]

Sapphire is furious at his lies and attacks him with her Lairon to test his skill. When he doesn't respond to her angry demands, Sapphire decides to overlook it in the light of the timing: after all, he can put his hidden skills to use by joining the gym leaders with her and fighting Teams Aqua and Magma. Ruby finally says something, telling her he has no interest in protecting Hoenn. Ruby is only interested in contests and sees no reason to risk so much to protect a region he's only just arrived in. He seems aloof and unconcerned

Sapphire rips off the clothes he had made for her, throwing them at him and telling him she'd actually thought he is a good person. Ruby is shaken, especially when she shows him the note he left for her, telling her that she would look good in them. Sapphire crumples the note in her fist and demands to know what he trained for, what his skills are for, if he won't use them to help people.

Ruby has no answer for her, and they split ways.[25]

That night, Ruby is still tortured over what happened between them. He punches a tree, telling Nana and Coco that his secret is out. When Zuzu suddenly evolves, Ruby realizes how many battles he's been in on this journey, and that it had caused him to fall back into his battle reflexes.

Ruby catches sight of Wallace speaking with Winona, but is reminded of Sapphire yelling at him. Knowing that all the people here that he is among are here to protect Hoenn, Ruby thinks that he is a nuisance to them, and he jumps onto Zuzu and rides him on the river, away from Fortree.[26]

Ruby goes to Slateport, where he wins the hyper rank coolness, cuteness, beauty, and intelligence contests. As he enters a beauty contest, he continues to wrestle with his encounter with Sapphire. When he feels that Mimi is losing the contest, he turns on her cruelly, shouting that she is unworthy and he never should have caught her. His mysterious opponent in the beauty contest reveals himself as Wallace, furious at Ruby's treatment of Mimi, and Mimi flees from Ruby, crying. After Wallace dunks him in water, Ruby suddenly realizes what he has done and goes off to search for Mimi, crying desperate apologies.[27]

Ruby cries himself into unconsciousness as Wallace harshly points out all of his mistakes and negative bias towards Mimi, as well as his selfishness in general.

Little does Ruby know, however, that he and Ruby won that beauty contest, and the contest announcer hands the ribbon to Wallace for safekeeping, revealing that Wallace had wanted to set this "loss" up for Ruby. Wallace then takes Ruby to the first-aid center.[28]

Ruby wakes up and sees Tuga and the PokéFan Club President coughing violently, their breathing damaged from breathing in Mack's smoke. Seeing Wallace, Maryann, Tyler, and Captain Stern approach, Ruby quickly hides. He listens with half an ear as Wallace has a videophone conversation with Winona, Ruby more paying attention to the glimpse of Sapphire visible in the corner.

Ruby suddenly recognizes the new Pokémon Sapphire is holding: a Relicanth, the Pokémon Mr. Briney had told Ruby could reach the bottom of the sea. Ruby realizes that they can use Sapphire's Relicanth to reach the Seafloor Cavern, where an enemy is using the Blue and Red Jewels to control Kyogre and Groudon.[29]

Ruby catches sight of Mimi outside and leaves, quickly saving her, but realizes that he was mistaken and this is only a Magikarp. He returns the Magikarp to its owner, who happily thanks Ruby for using his skill to save his Magikarp. This makes Ruby realize that while everyone else—Sapphire, the gym leaders—has been using their skills to protect Hoenn, Ruby has been doing nothing. Ruby is tormented by guilt, but realizes that there is a simple solution: to fight Team Magma.

He goes to Wallace and tells him about Relicanth's abilities, even contacting Mr. Briney to corroborate his case. He puts on new clothes and makes new clothes for Sapphire before going to Route 126 to meet up with Sapphire and Winona, bringing them up to date.

He gives the clothes to Sapphire, who accepts his peace offering. Sapphire's Relicanth is only big enough to carry two children—Ruby and Sapphire—to the bottom of the sea. The two of them dive down deep together.[30]

Volume 20

Ruby and Sapphire arrive in the Seafloor Cavern, still holding hands from their underwater trip. Ruby, having seen a submarine on their way in, wonders if the cavern is empty. Sapphire interrupts his thoughts when she yanks her hand from his and declares that she still doesn't trust him, and expresses the intention to split off from him. Ruby grabs her shoulder and tells her that they need to stick together, or else they'll be back at square one again.

They are attacked by Team Aqua and Magma grunts, whom they defeat. Afterwards, they are approached by two ominious figures: Archie and Maxie.[31] Realizing that these are the leaders, and that the men are only minimally aware of each other, Ruby and Sapphire utilize teamwork to land a solid blow against them. They retaliate powerfully, causing Ruby to have Popo use a very powerful ice-type Weather Ball. As a result, Archie and Maxie are frozen, and they completely absorb the Jewels into their bodies,[32] despite Coco's efforts.

Possessed, the men physically attack Ruby and Sapphire themselves. Ruby dives, saving Sapphire, but then the two are seized around their necks. Suddenly, everyone in Seafloor Cavern is lifted by a mysterious force; Ruby correctly deduces that Kyogre and Groudon are calling out to the Blue and Red Jewels, summoning them. Ruby and Sapphire are separated, Ruby being dragged with Maxie to Groudon as Sapphire is dragged with Archie to Kyogre.[33]

Volume 21

Ruby arrives at Sootopolis City, where Kyogre and Groudon rage against each other. Ruby deals out a final attack at Maxie but is powerfully repulsed, knocking him out. While unconscious, Absol protects Ruby's body with Magic Coat. Wallace awakens Ruby, and Ruby immediately tells him that they have to escape while they can. Wallace reprimands Ruby harshly, telling him that the future is on his shoulders, and it prompts a long confession from Ruby concerning a certain girl, a Salamence, and an incident from his past. Ruby resolves to keep fighting. He, Wallace, Sapphire, and Winona work together to use the radiation from Sapphire's Meteorite fragment to force the Jewels out of Archie and Maxie. They succeed, but it causes an intense explosion, consuming everything in white light.[34]

Ruby wakes up beside Sapphire, stranded on an island with Juan, Tate, and Liza.[35] Juan explains the situation and offers them training, but Ruby doesn't accept until he attacks Juan, confirming through Juan's style that Juan is, indeed, Wallace's master—and thus Ruby's "grand-master."[36]

After finding Plusle and Minun on the island, Ruby and Sapphire accept them into their teams, learning to double-battle. Juan also takes them to a spring, where he tests their "hearts" (or intuition) by holding a coin in one hand and having them guess which hand it is. He explains that in the heat of battle they won't always have the chance to make logical decisions, and thus will have to rely on intuition. Ruby gets two out of three guesses correct (as opposed to Sapphire's perfect score).

After this training, when Sapphire appears to have wandered off to take a nap, Ruby confronts Juan with the knowledge that he and Sapphire have absorbed the Red and Blue Jewels.[37] He shows Juan the diary of Plusle and Minun's previous trainer, the person who had invented the scanner, and lays out his deductive reasoning.

Juan is very impressed, admitting to and apologizing for keeping him and Sapphire in the dark. He has Ruby focus on ejecting the Jewel, which he succeeds at (though the effort makes his hat crooked). Juan says that the Jewels chose Ruby and Sapphire because they were the best choices, not because of their power (as Wallace, Steven, and Winona had also been nearby), but because of their spirits.

Ruby goes to check on Sapphire and finds that she had been awake and listening the whole time. As they speak, Sapphire stops, leaning forward to stare at the black hair visible under his crooked hat. Ruby, embarrassed, hastily adjusts it.[38]

They train together to perfect their control over ejecting the Jewels. At some point, Ruby discovers that Marge is hiding out on the island as well, and she makes him an offer of partnership in the final battle. By pointing out how much danger Sapphire will be in, particularly from possession by the Blue Jewel, Marge convinces him to join her and leave Sapphire during the fight.[39]

Training with Sapphire continues until Mirage Island's time synchronizes with the rest of the world, but before they leave on Sapphire's Tropius, Sapphire has something to tell Ruby:[40] she likes him.

As they fly through the time vortex, Sapphire elaborates, admitting that though she had initially found him arrogant, shallow, and annoying, through the course of their wager she'd come to know that he is a good guy underneath. She tells him of her past crush—a boy who had saved her from a Salamence when she was a child. Ruby is shocked, realizing that Sapphire is the girl he saved. Sapphire continues, oblivious to his epiphany, and admits that though she still likes that boy, she likes Ruby even more.
They arrive at Sootopolis, where Ruby asks Sapphire to eject her Jewel. Once she hands it to him, he summons Wallace's aircar and shoves her into it, locking it and trapping her inside. He pulls off his hat, revealing the scar he had sustained protecting her from Salamence five years ago, and confesses that he has liked her from the day they met, and this affection is why he cannot let her risk herself in this battle.

He leaves her, a Jewel in each hand, and with Marge approaches Kyogre and Groudon.[41]

Volume 22

Giving a Jewel to Marge, Ruby and her attempt to control the Ancients, but fail. They absorb the Jewels, trying again; this time Kyogre and Groudon take notice of them and attack, causing a rockfall, trapping Ruby and Marge. Ruby sees Rayquaza arrive, and Marge explains that it is the third Ancient.[42] Before she can say more, Ruby sees a tentacle extend from the shadows of the rocks, pulling her deeper into the rocks. Zuzu saves Ruby from the rock pinning him.


I want to compete with you in a contest!

Ruby asks Zuzu to clear the rocks to save Marge, but she disagrees, telling him it's hopeless. She ejects the Jewel and manages to hold it out through a gap in the rock. Realizing that she has given up, Ruby desperately tries to give her inspiration to live, telling her that when this is over he wants to compete in a contest with her. He reveals that he had deduced that she, too, is a coordinator. Marge tries to speak to him, but he can't hear her through the rocks.

Zuzu lunges forward, saving Ruby from a stray attack from the Ancients' battle. The attack hits the rocks, destroying them—and Marge. Ruby is horrified, realizing that Marge has been killed, but then he catches glimpse of a little balloon of gum. He takes it and finds a memory lighter attached to the bottom. He finds an image of a Balance Badge in the lighter, revealing that the person controlling Rayquaza is Norman.[43]

Through the lighter, Marge tells Ruby about Norman and Rayquaza. Ruby teams up with Norman, and between Ruby controlling the Jewels and Norman controlling Rayquaza, they end the battle between Kyogre and Groudon. After Kyogre and Groudon leave, Ruby turns to Norman, saying that he will go to Littleroot and apologize to his mom; however, Ruby quickly realizes something is wrong.[44] Ruby grabs Norman as the man sways, and spotting Rayquaza approaching behind him, Ruby drags Norman to the side as Rayquaza whips past.

Norman, dying, challenges Ruby to figure out what really happened five years ago. Ruby, remembering what Marge had said about his father being stripped of the right to take the gym leader test and ordered to search for Rayquaza, realizes it must have been a punishment; however, Norman isn't the type to make big mistakes. Ruby figures out that Norman took the blame for someone else: Ruby.


When Ruby had saved Sapphire from the Salamence, the mad, injured Salamence had gone on to attack the research facility where Rayquaza was kept, freeing it. Ruby desperately demands of his father why he had taken the rap for Ruby, and the last lingering renmants of Marge's voice tell him that people will do anything for those they love. Ruby begins to cry as he realizes that his father has always cared for and protected Ruby, even if he hasn't been around to show it. Norman dies in Ruby's arms.

Hearing something behind him, Ruby turns to see Archie and Maxie advancing on him.[45] Archie's Tentacruel wraps Ruby up in a strangle hold, rendering him helpless. Ruby is saved by Wallace's interference.[46] Sapphire rushes over to check on him, and as they look around, they realize that there is no one left to fight Archie and Maxie.

At that moment, Ruby sees Mimi confront the criminals, who treat her cruelly and callously, laughing at her weak, but whole-hearted, efforts and her ugly appearance. Ruby rushes over to hold her, realizing that she isn't ugly: she is loyal, brave, and unselfish. He realizes that a gentle soul has the power to console and encourage others, and that beauty is in the heart capable of love.

Wallace, bloody and dying nearby, reaches out weakly to give Ruby the hyper-rank beauty ribbon, telling him that he has earned it. Ruby bequeaths it to Mimi, saying that though her body may decay, her the beauty of her heart is eternal.

Mimi suddenly begins to glow, and evolves into a Milotic: the very Pokémon for which Ruby has been searching.[47] Ruby resolves to fight against Archie and Maxie, and Sapphire joins him. They attack Archie and Maxie, who try to escape in Wallace's aircar. Ruby and Sapphire attack them with Plusle and Minun, stopping them. Ruby gives Sapphire the remote control to the car, telling her to save Archie and Maxie because enough people have died today.

Ruby pulls out a pokéball, intending to retrieve the Blue and Red Jewels. He says that no other Pokémon can survive the deadly electric field around the aircar. Ruby stands in a particular position: both of his hands on the pokéball, one on top and one below, held at arms length ahead of him, and his feet spread apart. Ruby releases his sixth Pokémon: Celebi. Celebi retrieves the Jewels.

Ruby, drifting in light and unconsciousness, sees the faces of the dead floating past. He awakens in the bachoon, surrounded by everbody, alive and well; he realizes that Celebi brought him and Sapphire to an alternate time line, one where nobody died.

Ruby and Sapphire suddenly realize that they have one day left to complete their bet, and Ruby frantically asks Wallace to arrange a master-rank contest. Ruby wins, and he arrives at Sapphire's secret hideout on Route 101. He completely redesigns it, filling it with pokédolls and stuff. When Sapphire arrives, he shows her his Pokémon, wearing their ribbons, and he grooms Sapphire's Pokémon.


When Sapphire tries to bring up their mutual confession, their conversation is interrupted by Ruby's mother, who is on the TV news. She asks for Ruby and Sapphire to come home to Littleroot to celebrate Sapphire's birthday—and Ruby's, as they'd never gotten the chance to. Ruby and Sapphire run home together, into the sunset.

At some point soon after the battle, Wally returns Ruru to Ruby.[48]

Emerald Arc


Ruby is initially very superficial, holding appearance over any other value. Consequently, he rejects ugly Pokémon like feebas and goes soft on cute Pokémon, like Plusle and Minun.[49] Ruby is very strong[50] and cunning but tries to hide the fact,[51][52] especially from Sapphire. He is also selfish, refusing to fight Teams Aqua and Magma in favor of his dream. But Ruby displays times of selflessness and bravery as well, such as when, washed away by the ocean, he is happy to know that Ruru will take care of Wally, or when mere moments after being rescued from a stampede of Mawile, Ruby recovers enough to start taking pictures of his newly evolved Pokémon.


Coco (Skitty→Delcatty)

  • Female

Ruby has had Coco since childhood

Known Moves:

Nana (Poochyena→Mightyena)

  • Female
  • Ruby has had Nana since childhood

Known Moves:

Mimi (Feebas→Milotic)

Popo (Castform)

Known moves

  • Sunny Day
  • Shadow Ball
  • Hail
  • Weather Ball

Ruru (Ralts→Kirlia→Gardevoir)

  • Female

Ruby has had Ruru since childhood. He lends Ruru to Wally for the entirety of the RS Arc; Wally then returns her, evolved as a Kirlia. At the beginning of the ORAS chapter, she evolved into a Gardevoir while training with Sapphire's Kiruru

Known moves:

  • Confusion
  • Imprison
  • Hypnosis

Zuzu (Mudkip→Marshtomp→Swampert)



Ruby and Sapphire meet in Chapter 182. At first, Ruby and Sapphire are rivals, as Sapphire states to Mr. Briney during their second encounter. They would argue a lot, but with Sapphire's tacit understanding that Ruby is a good guy underneath, they grew close. However, when Sapphire discovers that Ruby has deliberately hidden his talent for battle in order to avoid fighting to protect Hoenn, she ends their friendship, giving back to him the clothes he'd made her. This split devastates Ruby, consuming this thoughts and filling him with guilt until he finally decides to join the fight to protect Hoenn. He gives Sapphire a new set of clothes as a peace offering, and though she accepts them, she warns him that she still doesn't trust him.

They fight together against Archie and Maxie in the Seafloor Cavern, where Sapphire fully realizes the extent of Ruby's power. They train together on Mirage Island, where Sapphire confesses to wanting to become strong enough to not be a burden to Ruby. Ruby also realizes the depth of his feelings for Sapphire; at one point he checks her pokédex, and, upon realizing that she had been traveling around on hand and foot, climbing and swimming and running while he has been traveling comfortably in the Hoenn TV van, he smiles softly. Ruby then tries to protect Sapphire by making a deal with Marge, so that Sapphire will not be involved in the final battle because he is concerned for her safety.

As they leave Mirage Island, Sapphire confesses to Ruby, and causes him to realize that she is the girl from his past. He traps her in Wallace's aircar so that she won't be involved in the battle against Kyogre and Groudon and also confesses to her. However, after the battle, Ruby avoids the matter of their mutual feelings entirely, upsetting Sapphire to the point where she declares to Winona that it's over between her and Ruby. It can be assumed his feelings for her do remain the same, but due to him feigning memory loss, their relationship is now currently unclear.

It was revealed that both Ruby and Sapphire were best friends when they were younger, but an encounter with a wild Salamence scarred the two forever.


Ruby and Norman are father and son, yet they don't get along, at least partly because Ruby wants to be a coordinator and Norman wants him to a trainer. Ruby seems to at once desire Norman's approval but is bitterly accustomed to not getting it, deciding instead to force Norman's respect by winning Hoenn's contests on his own initiative and skill.


Ruby is Wallace's apprentice.


Ruby lends Wally Ruru, help him catch a Pokémon. They become good friends and it's assumed they still are.


Ruby helped Emerald and the other 9 pokedex holders fight against Guile Hideout(Archie).




  • Ruby is from Goldenrod City, Johto.
  • His birthday is July 2, making his birthstone a ruby, like his name.
  • Ruby keeps albums about his Pokémon; when in Granite Cave with Steven Stone, he said that he already had 36 albums[57]
  • All of Ruby's Pokémon, with Zuzu and Plusle as exceptions, are female
    • This complements Sapphire, whose Pokémon are all male except for Toro and Minun
  • He has mistaken Sapphire for a Pokémon twice already.
  • He always remembered Sapphire, although he forgot her name and face, hence why he didn't recognise her when they met again years later.
    • This corresponds with Sapphire remembering Ruby, but she didn't remember his name or face.


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