Roxanne's Pokémon are rock-types. They include Nosepass, Graveler, and Cradily.



Cradily debuts in Chapter 248.

Roxanne sends Cradily out to battle Marge's Ninetales. Cradily lands a good attack, impressing Marge, but Ninetales retaliates. However, Cradily hangs on by using Ingrain. The battle then shifts to Nosepass.[1]

Known Moves



Roxanne uses Graveler against Groudon.[3] She rides on Graveler in a barrage of Rock Blast against Groudon.[4]

Known Moves



Roxanne uses Nosepass during her gym battle with Sapphire. Sapphire and her Aron defeat Nosepass when Sapphire figures out that Nosepass must always face north.[6]

She later sends Nosepass out during the fight against Groudon. Nosepass uses Block to try to prevent Groudon from moving forward.[7] Roxanne later is forced to let Marge knock Nosepass out (or else Marge would murder innocents), thus breaking the Block.[8]

Known Moves


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