Roxanne is the gym leader of the Stone Badge in Rustboro City. She trains rock-type Pokémon.


Roxanne debuts in Chapter 190.

Roxanne administers a written test each week to all those who want to challenger her; the trainer who scores the highest will get the chance to challenge her. This system was put into place because Roxanne has so many challengers.

Roxanne delights in making Sapphire take the test, making a sarcastic comment when she sees Sapphire struggling to read the questions. When the tests are graded, the proctor tells Roxanne that for the first time ever, someone has scored perfect marks. Roxanne is excited until she sees that it is Sapphire, at which point she realizes that Sapphire is Professor Birch's daughter. Roxanne accepts Sapphire's challenge and they battle in front of a crowd.

Roxanne sends out her Nosepass at the same moment that Sapphire releases Aron. Nosepass blocks Aron's Metal Claw with Harden, making Sapphire decide to switch Pokémon, but Nosepass's Magnet Pull keeps Aron on the field. Roxanne laughs, reading a book as she battles Sapphire. Her Nosepass's magnetism cripples Aron's ability to move and Roxanne buries Aron in Rock Throw and Rock Slide. Declaring the battle over, Roxanne triumphantly throws open the door to the gym to eject Sapphire. However, Sapphire reveals that Aron isn't unconscious and takes advantage of Nosepass's magnetism—the fact it can only face north, like a compass—to knock out Nosepass from behind.


Even when Sapphire jumps onto a Wailord and Surfs away, Roxanne shouts info after her

When Sapphire tells her strategy to Roxanne, admitting that she'd suspected something fishy from the start because of Roxanne's insistence that Sapphire use a certain end of the field, Sapphire gains Roxanne's respect, to the point where she is friendly enough to proudly confer the Stone Badge on Sapphire, even putting it in her fanny pack for her and chasing after her when Sapphire leaves the gym without necessary information.

Volume 19

Roxanne goes to the gym leaders ' meeting in Fortree City, where she takes attendance and notes the missing gym leaders. She sides with Team Aqua, convinced that Professor Starstone, a colleague of hers, would not support them without good reason.[1] Later, she and Brawly confront Winona about allowing Sapphire to join them without consulting her and Brawly first. They are quite offended at being disregarded.[2] They later watch disapprovingly when Winona gives Sapphire the Feather Badge.[3]

When Kyogre and Groudon awaken, she and Brawly help citizens evacuate. Afterwards they stay in Fortree to battle Groudon. Their battle goes badly.[4]

Volume 20

Roxanne confronts Groudon head-on and has Nosepass use Block to prevent it from advancing any further. Wallace arrives to help her and Brawly, but Mack, Mitch, and Marge kidnap them, bringing them to Lilycove City for battles.[5] Roxanne faces Marge in the Lilycove Inn, using her Cradily against Marge's Ninetales. Roxanne accurately deduces that Marge wants to break the Block on Groudon.

The two of them hear screams from nearby, and Marge sprays the wall with corrosive liquid, revealing three bystanders. She threatens to kill them if Roxanne doesn't let Marge knock out Nosepass (thus cancelling Block), and Roxanne, teary-eyed, stands by as Marge does so, freeing Groudon.[6]


Roxanne is exceptionally proud of graduating as the top trainer of Rustboro's best trainers' school. She seems to enjoy putting people in their place and/or showing off, almost gleeful as Sapphire got pushed into a student's seat and gloating when Sapphire had trouble reading the questions.

She is initially excited when she's told someone got a perfect score, but when she realizes that it is Sapphire and that Sapphire is Professor Birch's daughter, Roxanne is first shocked then angry, perhaps feeling insulted that such a barbaric girl scored so high.

However, she is changed by the end of her battle with Sapphire. Sapphire tells Roxanne that while reading is good, there are things not learned in books. Sapphire's clever strategy and observations gained Roxanne's respect and even admiration.

Roxanne describes her battle strategy as "turning an unfavorable situation around with strategy and wits."[7]

The author describes Roxanne: "She has displayed both her wonderful knowledge of Pokémon and her powerful strategies. Her intelligence will be vital in the battle against Team Aqua and Team Magma. However, will her lack of cooperation cause any hiccups?!"[8]



  • Ability: Magnet Pull

Known moves:

  • Harden
  • Rock Throw
  • Rock Slide

Its rock-hard defense is really reliable![9]



Professor Starstone



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