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Route 101 connects Littleroot Town and Oldale Town in southern Hoenn. Sapphire's secret base is located here.

Significant Events

  • Ruby and Professor Birch flee together from two wild Mightyena, causing Ruby to discover the Running Shoes' special property[1]
  • Ruby obtains a pokédex[2]
  • Ruby and Sapphire meet after Sapphire rescues Ruby from the Mightyena and a fall off a cliff[3]
  • Ruby and Sapphire battle and argue, and ultimately make the 80 days bet[4]
  • It is revealed that Ruby is an expert battler[5]
  • Ruby gives Sapphire a pair of clothes[6]
  • Ruby and Sapphire meet here after gaining all the ribbons and badges in Hoenn, respectively[7]



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