The Ruby and Sapphire Arc begins in Chapter 181 and ends in Chapter 267, making it 87 chapters long. It takes place in Hoenn.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Wally debut during this arc. The plot centers around Teams Aqua and Magma, who want to expand the seas using Kyogre and expand the land using Groudon, respectively.

Volume 15

Chapter 181: VS Cacnea

Chapter 182: VS Mightyena

  • Ruby declares his dream to become a top-notch coordinator and runs away from home, believing the only way to make Norman accept his dream is to prove himself
  • Ruby rescues Professor Birch from wild Mightyena, but as they run away, they are separated
  • Sapphire saves Ruby from the Mightyena, though Ruby believes she is a wild Pokémon
  • Birch reveals how much trouble Norman went through to get Ruby's birthday gift
  • Ruby believes he is attacked by a talking wild Pokémon
  • Ruby realizes that the "Pokémon" is a human, one dressed in leaves and scraped up like a savage

Chapter 183: VS Torchic

  • Birch tells Ruby to take Mudkip to fight with, and Ruby is disgusted by Mudkip, especially the mucus it keeps leaking
  • Ruby and Sapphire battle, Mudkip versus Torchic
  • Their battle is interrupted, both because Ruby discovers that Sapphire is Birch's daughter and because they are attacked by a wild Seviper
  • Sapphire reveals she has a pokédex
  • Sapphire is thrown around by the Seviper, but Ruby proudly declares he will not help her fight because his Pokémon will get ugly muscles; exasperated, Sapphire and Torchic defeat Seviper by themselves
  • The feud between Ruby and Sapphire begins, Sapphire saying that she hates accessorizing Pokémon and that what's natural should remain natural, then insulting Ruby for dyeing his hair. Ruby responds by telling her she smells bad and it's a hat
  • Sapphire proposes a bet: she'll try to get all 8 badges of Hoenn while Ruby tries to get all the contest ribbons in Hoenn. In 80 days they'll meet and compare
  • Sapphire passes out from wounds received when she saved Ruby from the Mightyena; and Ruby, guilty, treats her and sews her new clothes to wear
  • Ruby reveals hidden battling skill, commenting that desire to fight and ability to aren't the same
  • Countdown to deadline: 80 days

Chapter 184: VS Dustox

  • Sapphire is embarrassed to realize Ruby took her measurements while she was unconscious
  • Ruby arrives in Oldale Town
  • Ruby explains Pokémon Contests to Mudkip and evaluates it, but during the process disturbs a wild Dustox
  • Sapphire tells Birch and Ruby's mother what happened and they realize Ruby forgot to return Professor Birch's pokédex
  • Ruby's mother calls Norman, telling him Ruby ran away, and Norman told them to not call the police because Norman will take care of this himself
  • Mudkip saves Ruby from the Dustox, and Ruby decides to give the pokédex to Sapphire at the end of the 80 days
  • Ruby nicknames Mudkip "Zuzu," acknowledging him
  • Sapphire wears the clothes Ruby gave her and leaves Littleroot to challenge the gyms with her dad's blessing
  • Countdown to deadline: 79 days

Chapter 185: VS Nuzleaf

  • Ruby arrives in Petalburg City and he and Mudkip bond by picking berries
  • He and Mudkip are attacked by some Nuzleaf, and Mudkip fights them off independently (without orders from Ruby), garnering praise from Ruby for his tactics
  • Ruby finds Wally and offers to help him catch a Pokémon when Wally calls Mudkip strong; however, Wally declines, telling him that he's arranged for someone else to teach him
  • Ruby barely yanks them behind the bushes in time to hide from Norman, and he tells Wally that he is Norman's son

Chapter 186: VS Breloom

  • Norman refuses to teach Wally to capture a Pokémon on the basis of Wally's illness and the danger involved, revealing Wally is about to move to a faraway place
  • Norman almost catches Ruby, though he doesn't know it
  • Wally passes out and Ruby takes him home, where Ruby accepts Wally's parents' invitation to spend the night; however, that changes when Wally wakes up and similarities between him and Ruby spur Ruby into lending Wally his Ralts and taking him to the Petalburg City outskirts to catch a Pokémon, ignoring a sign warning about frequent earthquakes and tsunamis

Chapter 187: VS Kecleon

  • Wally gives Ruby a PokéNav as thanks for helping him
  • Wally captures a Kecleon, his first Pokémon
  • Ruby is washed away by a tsunami, leaving Ruru with Wally
  • Countdown to deadline: 77 days

Chapter 188: VS Lombre

  • Mr. Stone debuts; Ark debuts; Amber debuts; Angie debuts; and Archie debuts
  • Sapphire arrives in Rustboro City
  • She immediately accidentally interrupts a criminal scheme to kidnap the Devon Corporation's Chairman by rescuing the Chairman's Castform before Team Aqua could even show themselves
  • Offended, the criminals' boss tells them to attack anyway

Chapter 189: VS Ludicolo

  • A Lombre steals something from the Chairman, injuring him in the process, so Sapphire throws the man over her shoulders and gives chase to the Lombre all the way into Petalburg Woods, Maryann and Tyler accompanying her
  • She confronts the criminals and is helped by Castform
  • Sapphire then escapes carrying the Chairman, Maryann, and Tyler all on her back
  • The Chairman asks Sapphire to deliver a letter to Steven

Chapter 190: VS Nosepass I

  • Roxanne debuts; Mr. Briney debuts; and the actual name "Team Aqua" is introduced
  • Sapphire passes Roxanne's written test and challenges her to a gym battle
  • Mr. Briney finds Ruby floating in the ocean
  • Countdown to deadline: 76 days

Volume 16: From Dewford to Slateport

Chapter 191: VS Nosepass II

  • Sapphire earns both the Stone Badge and Roxanne's respect

Chapter 192: VS Crawdaunt I

  • Sapphire leaves for Dewford
  • Archie promotes Ark, Angie, and Amber to Sub-Leaders (Admins)
  • Ruby is on (sea) Route 106
  • Ruby awakens from unconsciousness and meets Mr. Briney
  • Relicanth is mentioned in their conversation
  • A Crawdaunt, normally found in rivers, attacks them

Chapter 192: VS Crawdaunt II


Skitty vs Crawdaunt

  • Brawly debuts
  • When Briney passes out, Ruby reveals a hidden strength: both pulling him onboard with sheer physical strength and defeating Crawdaunt with a genius application of Skitty's ability, Cute Charm, and physics
  • Ruby lies to Briney, claiming that Crawdaunt knocked itself out by accident and that a wave helped throw Briney back on board
  • Sapphire reaches Dewford, where she meets Brawly
  • Ruby reaches Dewford, where he and Sapphire immediately run into each other
  • Countdown to deadline: 70 days

Chapter 194: VS Mawile

  • Ruby and Sapphire argue, Sapphire showing off her badge to Ruby
  • Ruby and Sapphire go opposite ways in Granite Cave
  • Ruby is saved by Steven Stone and then teams up with him to face some wild Mawile
  • Ruby's Poochyena and Skitty evolve

Chapter 195: VS Makuhita

  • Sapphire's Torchic and Aron evolve
  • Sapphire challenges Brawly
  • Brawly's Makuhita evolves into Hariyama

Chapter 196: VS Beldum

  • Steven and Ruby work together to escape the Mawile
  • Steven indirectly asks Ruby to become his partner against Teams Aqua and Magma, but retracts it when he hears that Ruby is only eleven years old

Chapter 197: VS Hariyama

  • Sapphire wins her second badge (Knuckle Badge)
  • When she hears ominous rumbling from Granite Cave, Sapphire runs to Ruby's rescue
  • He tells her that Steven saved him
  • Frustrated that she had missed the chance to give Steven his letter, she drags Ruby onto Wailord with her, intent on making him show her where Steven went
  • Countdown to deadline: 69 days

Chapter 198: VS Plusle & Minun I

  • Sapphire throws Ruby off Wailord and onto the Abandoned Ship to sleep
  • Ruby finds a Plusle, Minun, and a diary
  • Sapphire is awakened by a voice

Chapter 199: VS Plusle & Minun II

  • Mitch debuts; and Marge debuts
  • Marge and Sapphire fight, revealing Marge's berry juice strategy and temporarily blinding Sapphire
  • Mitch defeats Ruby easily
  • Ruby and Sapphire team up with Plusle and Minun against Mitch and Marge
  • Mitch and Marge are revealed to be after a special scanner
  • Ruby and Sapphire escape, thinking they have the scanner, when they have actually been tricked by Marge
  • Team Magma obtains the scanner
  • Countdown to deadline: 68 days

Chapter 200: VS Torkoal

  • Maxie debuts; the President of the PokéFan Club debuts; Mack debuts
  • Sapphire and Ruby arrive in Slateport City, without finding Steven, and reaffirm their 80 days promise
  • Ruby's Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp
  • Ruby is denied access into the Hyper Rank Contest in Slateport, so instead goes to make PokéBlocks with the President; Captain Stern gets roped into the process
  • Team Magma kidnaps Ruby, the President, and a construction supervisor to get at Captain Stern

Chapter 201: VS Slugma

  • Ruby learns who Captain Stern is and realizes that Mitch and Marge never saw his face at the Abandoned Ship
  • Mack finds out that the Kaien I doesn't fully work because it is missing a key component from Devon
  • Ruby lures Mack into the Kaien I by dropping PokéBlocks for his Slugma to follow
  • Countdown to deadline: 60 days

Volume 17: Battle of Father and Son

Chapter 202: VS Slugma II

Chapter 203: VS Donphan

Chapter 204: VS Electrike I

  • Sapphire shows Wattson and Coil-Boy the entrance to New Mauville
  • Sapphires makes a deal with Wattson: if she can help them solve the mystery of New Mauville then Wattson will battle with her
  • Wattson reveals that New Mauville's generator has gone crazy

Chapter 205: VS Electrike II

  • Donphan joins Sapphire
  • Sapphire gains her third badge, the Dynamo Badge
  • Countdown to deadline: 57 days

Chapter 206: VS Feebas

Chapter 207: VS Zangoose & Seviper I

  • Norman sets off to Routes 118 and 119 to find Ruby
  • Ruby and the swimmer are attacked by a Zangoose and Seviper

Chapter 208: VS Zangoose & Seviper II

  • Feebas saves Ruby and the swimmer by using Mirror Coat
  • Ruby and the swimmer take refuge in the Weather Institute
  • Norman confronts Ruby, slamming him into the wall

Chapter 209: VS Slaking I

  • Maryann and Tyler catch sight of Ruby and Norman
  • Ruby decides to fight Norman
  • Ruby tricks Norman because Norman isn't familiar with Marshtomp's skills

Chapter 210: VS Slaking II

  • Ruby and Norman battle
  • Ruby's mother reveals to the reader that Norman had intended to give Ruby permission to particpate in Hoenn's contests; however, Ruby ran away from home only hours before Norman would have arrived and given him permission
  • Norman tries to save Ruby

Chapter 211: VS Slaking III

Chapter 212: VS Azumaril I

  • Team Aqua kidnaps Flannery, both to learn more about Sapphire and to use as bait for Sapphire
  • Ark fills the cable car that Sapphire and Flannery are in with water, trying to drown them

Chapter 213: VS Azumarill II

  • Sapphire defeats Ark, saving herself and Flannery from drowning

Chapter 214: VS Pelipper I

  • Team Aqua succeeds in "killing" Mt. Chimney, halting volcanic activity
  • Groudon and Kyogre begin to stir

Volume 18: The Warriors Gather

Chapter 215: VS Pelipper II

Chapter 216: VS Magcargo

  • The revival of Mt. Chimney is only temporary
  • Flannery resolves to tell her fellow gym leaders about Team Aqua
  • Flannery and Sapphire relax in a hot spring while having their gym battle; Sapphire wins her fourth badge (Heat Badge)
  • Countdown to deadline: 49 days

Chapter 217: VS Medicham

  • Team Magma has a meeting, in which Marge leaves for an unknown destination
  • Ruby wins contests and enters Feebas in a beauty contest
  • He glimpses "Wally" in the crowd

Chapter 218: VS Absol

  • Ruby's Feebas wins the beauty contest
  • Ruby chases "Wally" and discovers that the figure is in fact Wally's cousin, Wallene
  • Upon hearing of a cave-in in Rusturf Tunnel, Maryann and Tyler rush Ruby and Wallene to the scene; along the way, Ruby sees an Absol

Chapter 219: VS Whismur

  • Marge reveals that she caused the cave-in at Rusturf Tunnel, and that she is looking there for the Red Jewel
  • She recognizes and prepares to attack Ruby

Chapter 220: VS Loudred & Exploud I

  • Ruby and Marge battle
  • Marge declares that she finds true beauty in the fires of destruction, revealing that she has a contest ribbon, and says that Ruby should be able to understand
  • Marge invites Ruby to join Team Magma

Chapter 221: VS Loudred & Exploud II

  • Ruby escapes from Marge, incurring her wrath in the process
  • Mack finishes adjusting thes scanner and discovers that the Orbs are located in Mt. Pyre
  • Countdown to deadline: 36 days

Chapter 222: VS Shiftry

  • Wallace debuts (videophone)
  • There is a gym leaders' meeting in Fortree City (which all leaders but Tate and Liza attend, and that Wallace attends via videophone)
  • The gym leaders split among themselves, evenly divided into those who would support Team Magma and those who would support Team Aqua
  • Norman walks out in disgust, refusing to side with either; Wattson pursues him and alludes to a past tragic altercation between Norman and the Pokémon Association
  • Winona calls to report the events of the meeting to the Hoenn Director of the Pokémon Association, who grimaces when Norman is mentioned and declares that Teams Aqua and Magma have likely disturbed the rests of Kyogre and Groudon

Chapter 223: VS Luvdisc I

  • Maryann, Tyler, and Ruby arrive in Fallarbor Town and hear about the death of Mt. Chimney
  • Maryann and Tyler go to find and interview Professo Starstone
  • Ruby runs off to win all of the super-rank contests except the beauty one, which he arrived too late to register for
  • He watches the beauty contest instead and is dazzled by Wallace's performance

Chapter 224: VS Luvdisc II

  • Ruby challenges Wallace to an unofficial contest battle of beauty and loses horribly
  • Maryann and Tyler find out that Starstone is out, and that the death of Mt. Chimney is causing a decrease in evaporation (and thus an increase of sea level)

Chapter 225: VS Anorith & Lileep

  • Ruby decides to become Wallace's disciple
  • Wallace decides to let Ruby travel with him
  • Maryann and Tyler discover that the media is keeping the information about the sea level from the public and call their boss about it; he orders them to report information only on Team Magma
  • Ruby wins his super-rank ribbon in beauty and then leaves with Wallace for Fortree City

Chapter 226: VS Altaria

  • Sapphire arrives in Fortree City and loses to Winona
  • Sapphire's Combusken evolves into Blaziken
  • Winona offers to teach Sapphire about battle
  • Winona asks Sapphire to fight with the gym leaders in the upcoming war
  • Wallace and Ruby arrive in Fortree City
  • Countdown to deadline: 30 days

Volume 19: Fighting the Evil

Chapter 227: VS Grumpig I

  • Sapphire apologizes to Ruby for always picking quarrels with him
  • An earthquake occurs, scaring a herd of Grumpig into stampeding
  • Ruby saves Sapphire, revealing his true strength to her

Chapter 228: VS Grumpig II

  • Tate debuts; Liza debuts
  • Sapphire gets angry at Ruby for lying to her about his strength
  • Sapphire expects Ruby to use his strength to protect Hoenn, but Ruby refuses
  • Shocked, hurt, and offended by his selfish, blasé attitude, Sapphire hurls the clothes Ruby made for her back at him and leaves
  • Tate and Liza take on Mack in Mt. Pyre

Chapter 229: VS Lunatone & Solrock

Chapter 230: VS Walrein

Chapter 231: VS Masquerain

  • Maryann and Tyler go to tell the gym leaders and Ruby about what they witnessed
  • Sapphire earns the Feather Badge
  • Ruby's Marshtomp evolves into Swampert
  • Winona reveals that she and Wallace used to be in a romantic relationship
  • Overcome by guilt from refusing to aid Hoenn, Ruby leaves Wallace
  • Wallace goes to Slateport City in pursuit of Ruby and finds it flooded
  • Countdown to deadline: 29 days

Chapter 232: VS Whiscash

  • Archie and Maxie, along with Amber, Mitch, and various grunts, get into the Kaien I together and set off for the bottom of the sea
  • Ruby obtains all the hyper rank ribbons except the beauty segment one
  • Ruby takes his frustration out on his Feebas, his cruel words causing her to cry and flee
  • Wallace reprimands Ruby and makes him realize what he has done

Chapter 233: VS Kyogre & Groudon I

  • Ruby cries himself into unconsciousness from guilt as Wallace harshly points out Ruby's mistakes and selfish nature
  • Teams Aqua and Magma reach the Seafloor Cavern and start to wake Kyogre and Groudon
  • Maryann and Tyler find Captain Stern and tell him about Teams Aqua and Magma going to the Seafloor Cavern; Stern tells them that there is no way to follow them

Chapter 234: VS Kyogre & Groudon II

  • Team Aqua succeeds in awakening Kyogre, who surfaces and destroys the Abandoned Ship
  • Plusle and Minun manage to survive, saving their master's diary too
  • The Pokémon Association calls a level 8 emergency
  • Team Magma awakens Groudon
  • Maxie decides to use the Red and Blue Jewels to control both Groudon and Kyogre

Chapter 235: VS Kyogre & Groudon III

  • Roxanne and Brawly go to help citizens in the west, where floods abound
  • Wattson and Flannery go to the west, where there is deadly heat
  • The Hoenn director of the Pokémon Association announces that the opposing forces of Groudon and Kyogre will meet in the center of Hoenn
  • Sapphire finds and heals a Relicanth

Chapter 236: VS Kyogre & Groudon IV

  • Wattson and Flannery do badly against Kyogre in battle
  • Roxanne and Brawly engage Groudon in battle
  • The guardians of Mt. Pyre use their psychic powers to escape Mt. Pyre and tell Winona and Sapphire that Groudon and Kyogre are being controlled by the Red and Blue Jewels in the Seafloor Cavern

Chapter 237: VS Kyogre & Groudon V

  • Sapphire wants to go to the Seafloor Cavern, but she doesn't know where it is and has no way of getting all the way to the bottom of the sea
  • The battles against Groudon and Kyogre continue to go badly
  • Wallace contacts Winona and finds out that Groudon and Kyogre have been awakened and are being controlled
  • Ruby, seeing Sapphire's new Relicanth at the corner of the video screen, recognizes it as the Pokémon that Mr. Briney said could reach the bottom of the sea

Chapter 238: VS Kyogre & Groudon VI

  • Ruby saves the Magikarp of a blind boy
  • Ruby decides to help fight Team Magma and tells Wallace about Relicanth's ability
  • Relicanth is small and can only carry two children to the Seafloor Cavern: Ruby and Sapphire
  • Ruby shows Sapphire the new clothes he's made (to go underwater in) and offers her new clothes to replace the leaves she's wearing
  • Ruby and Sapphire dive underwater on Relicanth to go to the Seafloor Cavern
  • Countdown to deadline: 27 days

Volume 20: The Third Journey

Chapter 239: VS Kyogre & Groudon VII

Chapter 240: VS Treecko

Chapter 241: VS Dusclops

  • Treecko evolves into Grovyle while saving Wally from Dusclops
  • Wally passes Norman's test and Norman acknowledges that he will be equal to Ruby and Sapphire during the final battle
  • Norman gives Wally his Flygon

Chapter 242: VS Volbeat

Chapter 243: VS Armaldo

  • Mitch saves Amber, both of them surviving with Mack's help
  • Sapphire tells Ruby she still doesn't trust him
  • Ruby tells Sapphire to stay with him
  • Ruby and Sapphire fight together against Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts
  • Archie and Maxie, possessed by the Jewels, advance on Ruby and Sapphire

Chapter 244: VS Kyogre & Groudon VIII

  • Amber decides to remain loyal to Team Aqua
  • Roxanne has her Nosepass use Block on Groudon, preventing it from moving forward
  • Wallace joins Roxanne and Brawly in the fight against Groudon
  • Mack, Mitch, and Marge arrive to stop Roxanne, Brawly, and Wallace

Chapter 245: VS Vibrava

Chapter 246: VS Ninjask

  • Amber defeats Wattson, knocking him unconscious and causing him to fall backwards underwater

Chapter 247: VS Kyogre & Groudon IX

  • Winona and Flannery continue to fight Ark and Angie, respectively
  • Brawly turns the tide in his battle against Mack

Chapter 248: Kyogre & Groudon X

  • Lilycove Game Freak debuts
  • Roxanne lets Marge knock out her Nosepass in exchange for saving three men's lives
    • Knocking out Nosepass breaks the Block on Groudon, letting it move forward
  • Ruby and Sapphire battle Archie and Maxie
  • Archie and Maxie begin to absorb the Blue and Red Jewels
    • Instead of controlling Kyogre and Groudon, they are now being controlled by Kyogre and Groudon

Chapter 249: VS Kyogre & Groudon XI

  • Archie and Maxie become possessed and controlled by the Jewels, and thus by Kyogre and Groudon
  • Sapphire has a feeling of déjà vu when Ruby dives forward and rescues her
  • Kyogre and Groudon call out to the Jewels, unintentionally bringing everybody out of the Seafloor Cavern and bringing them with to Sootopolis
    • Sapphire and Ruby are separated, as Sapphire is with Archie (on the way to Kyogre) and Ruby is with Maxie (on the way to Groudon)
  • Kyogre and Groudon make their ways to Sootopolis
  • Maryann and Tyler find and ride Absol, who is taking them to Sootopolis
  • Countdown to deadline: 25 days

Volume 21: I Want to Let Him Know

Chapter 250: VS Kyogre & Groudon XII

Chapter 251: VS Kyogre & Groudon XIII

  • Steven tries to pass the Champion's cloak on to Wallace, but Wallace refuses
  • Steven thinks to himself that he must pass on the cloak because by the time the crisis has been resolved, Steven will be dead

Chapter 252: VS Kyogre & Groudon XIV

  • Steven asks Wallace to trust him, and Wallace accepts the Champion's cloak (though he doesn't put it on)
  • The blind boy tells Steven that he cannot read the damaged portion of the slab, so Steven does not know how to awaken the Regis
  • Maryann and Tyler arrive in Sootopolis on Absol; Wallace and Winona arrive in Sootopolis
  • Ruby and Sapphire tell the tale of their childhood friends and the battle against the Salamence that made them into who they are today
  • Ruby, Sapphire, Wallace, and Winona use Sapphire's fragment of the Meteorite to force the Jewels out of Archie and Maxie
  • It causes an intense explosion of energy, consuming Sootopolis

Chapter 253: VS Regirock, Registeel & Regice I

  • Steven decides to abandon the Regis plan and flies to Sootopolis on Metagross
  • Steven saves Sapphire, who gives him the letter his father entrusted to her
  • The letter contains the translation of the damaged portion of the slab: Steven needs a Wailord and a Relicanth to awaken the Regis

Chapter 254: VS Regirock, Registeel & Regice II

  • Sapphire uses her Wailord and Relicanth to awaken the Regis with Steven
  • Steven loses his grip on Sapphire and she is lost to the energy of the explosion
  • Ruby and Sapphire awake on an unknown island with Juan, Tate, and Liza

Chapter 255: VS Spoink I

  • Juan tells Ruby and Sapphire that he saved them and brought them to this island, Mirage Island
  • Juan shows Ruby and Sapphire that the two Champions and the Elite Four are using the Regis to contain Kyogre and Groudon's battle
  • Ruby and Sapphire accept Juan, Tate, and Liza as their teachers
    • Ruby accepts Juan as his "grand master," as Juan was the mentor of Wallace
  • They discover Plusle and Minun, along with their old master's diary, on Mirage Island

Chapter 256: VS Spoink II

  • Ruby and Sapphire learn how to double battle with each other
  • Sapphire's Lairon evolves into Aggron
  • Ruby reveals that the Jewels are inside of him and Sapphire

Chapter 257: VS Kyogre & Groudon XV

  • Ruby and Sapphire learn to control the Jewels
  • Sapphire is fascinated by Ruby's hair

Chapter 258: VS Rayquaza I

  • Wally reveals that Ruby's Ralts have evolved into Kirlia
  • Wally and Norman wake Rayquaza

Chapter 259: VS Rayquaza II

  • Sapphire confesses her feelings to Ruby and asks him to stay in Hoenn
  • Ruby realizes and reveals that he was the boy who saved Sapphire from a Salamence when they were five
  • Ruby traps Sapphire in the aircar, preventing her from taking part in the battle against Kyogre and Groudon

Volume 22: Land, Sea, and Sky

Chapter 260: The Final Battle I

  • Ruby reveals that he and Marge met on Mirage Island and decided to team up because Ruby didn't want to put Sapphire danger, particularly the danger of possession from the Blue Jewel
  • Ruby gives a Jewel to Marge to control

Chapter 261: The Final Battle II

Chapter 262: The Final Battle III

  • A tentacle traps Marge in the collapsing Cave of Origin
  • She gives Ruby her Jewel and her memory lighter
  • Marge dies

Chapter 263: The Final Battle IV

  • Marge's memory lighter tells Ruby that his father has spent the past five years of his life searching for Rayquaza, on the orders of the Pokémon Association
  • The lighter also tells Ruby that Rayquaza has the power to subdue Kyogre and Groudon
  • Between Rayquaza and the Jewels, Ruby and Norman end the battle of Kyogre and Groudon
  • Steven Stone dies, and Norman sways, about to collapse

Chapter 264: The Final Battle V

  • Ruby figures out that Norman took the blame for the escape of Rayquaza five years ago—when the blame would have fallen on Ruby if the truth had come out
  • Archie's Tentacruel wraps Ruby up, restraining and trapping him

Chapter 265: The Final Battle VI

  • Maxie's Houndoom burns Norman's body while Ruby watches helplessly
  • Wallace and Sapphire arrive in Sootopolis and see the destruction and death wrought
  • Wallace dons the Champion's cloak

Chapter 266: The Final Battle VII

  • Wallace challenges Archie and Maxie, who instead threaten their hostage, Winona
  • Wallace surrenders and lets Archie and Maxie attack him, mortally wounding him
  • Ruby's Feebas stands up to Archie and Maxie, making them sneer at her weakness and ugliness
  • Ruby realizes that Feebas is beautiful because of her heart
  • Wallace gives Ruby the hyper-rank beauty ribbon
  • Feebas evolves into Milotic

Chapter 267: The Final Battle VIII

  • Ruby's Celebi breaks the Blue and Red Jewels, so that only two shards remain
  • Celebi brings Ruby and Sapphire through an alternate timeline where everyone survived
  • Ruby wins all the master-rank contests
  • Sapphire wins the Balance Badge
  • Giovanni finds the two shards of the Jewels, which he needs for some new plan


  • The RS Arc is the only arc which features two evil teams
  • The RS Arc is the only arc where two characters openly confess being in love with each other to each other

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