The RGB Arc is the first arc of Pokémon Adventures. It takes place at Kanto Region.

The main protagonists in this arc are Red, Green, and Blue, and the overall plot loosely bases itself on Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue (or in certain countries, just Red and Blue).

It spans from Chapter 1 to Chapter 40.

Volume 1

Chapter 1: A Glimpse of the Glow

Chapter 2: Bulbasaur, Come Home!

  • Professor Oak debuts; Bulbasaur debuts; Red reaches Viridian City
  • Red knocks over a shelf of pokéballs, accidentally releasing all of them, and vows to Professor Oak to recapture all of them
  • Professor Oak gives Bulbasaur and a pokédex to Red

Chapter 3: The Secret of Kangaskhan

  • Red and Blue meet again and introduce themselves, becoming rivals

Chapter 4: Wanted: Pikachu!

  • Pikachu debuts; Red arrives at Pewter City
  • Red captures the bad-tempered Pikachu
  • Red and Blue decide to challenge the Pewter City gym, but Red realizes that the Pokémon Center is temporarily closed because it has been vandalized; namely, Red can't heal his other Pokémon, leaving his stubborn, unfriendly Pikachu as his only healthy Pokémon

Chapter 5: Onix is On!

  • Brock debuts
  • The gym battle is held as the final of a tournament; Red blows through the preliminaries with Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl
  • He earns Pikachu's respect and the two defeat Brock, earning the Boulder Badge

Chapter 6: Gyarados Splashes In!

  • Misty debuts; Gyarados debuts
  • Red captures Gyarados for Misty
  • He finds out it had been stolen from her, likely by Team Rocket, according to Professor Oak
  • Professor Oak also tells him that Team Rocket is probably looking for a powerful Moon Stone in Mt. Moon
  • He and Misty decide to go together to take them on

Chapter 7: Raging Rhydon

  • Koga debuts
  • Red and Misty sneak into Mt. Moon, where they encounter Koga, some grunts, and a Rhyhorn
  • Red and Pikachu defeat the Rhyhorn but Koga injects it with something to force evolution
  • Misty attacks Koga when he says he can't remember if that's what he did to her Gyarados, but Koga knocks her out
  • Red defeats Koga

Chapter 8: Suddenly Starmie

  • Red arrives in Cerulean City
  • Red and Misty have an argument, later resolved during their gym battle
  • Red and Misty train together and Misty gives Red the Cascade Badge

Chapter 9: …But Fearow Itself!

  • Bill accidentally becomes a Rattata
  • Red encounters Bill as a Rattata
  • Red helps Bill become normal again

Chapter 10: Danger: High Voltorb

Chapter 11: Buzz Off, Electabuzz!

  • Red discovers the fate of the stolen Pokémon
  • Red fights Lt. Surge but is thrown into the sea alongside his Poliwhirl
  • Poliwhirl evolves into a Poliwrath
  • Red and Poliwrath rescue the stolen Pokémon and defeat Lt. Surge.

Chapter 12: Wake Up—You're Snorlax!

  • Red wins a race and captures a Snorlax

Chapter 13: Sigh For Psyduck

  • Mr. Fuji debuts
  • Red arrives in Lavender Town and finds out from Mr. Fuji that Blue disappeared into Lavender Tower two weeks ago
  • Red goes to the tower to save Blue
  • He discovers that the tower is inhabited by zombies possessed by ghosts

Chapter 14: That Awful Arbok!

  • Red snaps Blue out of the Gastly's possession
  • Blue defeats Koga (causing Red to privately admire his skill)

Volume 2

Chapter 15: Wartortle Wars

  • Green debuts
  • Red's Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur
  • Green scams Red; Red later figures out
  • Professor Oak tells Red that he used to have a Squirtle, but it was stolen
  • Red tracks down Green, who steals his two badges

Chapter 16: Tauros the Tyrant

  • Red sees the "Mewtwo" that Team Rocket is creating
  • He hears that Team Rocket is after Mew
  • He finds out that Green stole vital data from Team Rocket, and grudgingly likes her better

Chapter 17: The Jynx Jinx

  • Red tries to tell Green about Mewtwo
  • Green's motives are revealed
  • Red and Green try capturing Mew, and Team Rocket intervenes
  • Mew saves itself, Red and Green, then vanishes
  • Green departs, and leaves Red his stolen badges

Chapter 18: A Tale of Ninetales

  • Blue purchases his Porygon from the Celadon Game Corner
  • Red and Blue bump into each other and switch their Pokemon by accident
  • Red and Blue train each other's Pokemon
  • Blue's Machoke evolves into a Machamp
  • Red captures a Ninetales, which he gives to Blue
  • Red and Blue get their Pokemon back

Chapter 19: Blame It on Eevee

  • Erika debuts
  • Red finds an Eevee who can cycle through his evolutions
  • Red badly injures the Eevee

Chapter 20: Meanwhile… Vileplume!

  • Sabrina debuts
  • Red battles Erika and loses
  • Red finds out that Eevee was experimented on by Team Rocket and Erika is working to stop them
  • Erika gives Red the Rainbow Badge for his compassion

Chapter 21: Long Live the Nidoking!

Chapter 22: A Hollow Victreebel

  • Red reunites with his Pokémon after getting lost in the Safari Zone (and capturing many Pokémon)

Chapter 23: Make Way for Magmar!

  • Giovanni debuts
  • Giovanni meets Red and evaluates him, deciding that Red is not a threat to Team Rocket

Chapter 24: What a Dragonite

  • Misty and her Gyarados save Red from a wild Dragonite as Red searches for HM03, Surf
  • HM03 is destroyed in the process

Chapter 25: You Know…Articuno!

  • Red arrives at Seafoam Islands, searching for Articuno
  • He tries to save Articuno from Team Rocket, but Articuno saves Red

Chapter 26: Holy Moltres

  • Red meets Blaine, who has betrayed Team Rocket
  • Moltres is revealed to be under Team Rocket's control
  • Blaine reveals that Mewtwo has escaped
  • Red revives the Old Amber into Aerodactyl
  • Articuno is revealed to be under Team Rocket's control, and Zapdos is captured as well, completing the set

Chapter 27: Kalling Kadabra

  • Blue meets Green
  • The barrier around Saffron City is discovered and impenetrable
  • Sabrina tells Red that Professor Oak and the residents of Pallet Town are being held hostage in Saffron City

Volume 3

Chapter 28: Peace of Mime

  • Red and Blue work together to successfully enter Saffron City, with Green's supervision

Chapter 29: Go for the Golbat

  • Red battles Lt. Surge and his Zapdos, and is losing badly
  • Blue battles Koga and is losing badly

Chapter 30: Zap! Zap! Zapdos!

  • Green gets the upper hand on Sabrina
  • Red defeats Lt. Surge and gets the Thunder Badge

Chapter 31: The Art of Articuno

  • Koga summons Articuno
  • Red and Blue defeat Koga
  • Blue gives Red Koga's Soul Badge

Chapter 32: A Little Kadabra'll Do It

Chapter 33: The Winged Legends

  • The Amplifier creates Zapmolcuno
  • Red's Ivysaur evolves into Venasaur
  • Red, Blue, and Green team up and defeat Zapmolcuno

Chapter 34: And Mewtwo Too!?

  • Red and Blaine battle Mewtwo

Chapter 35: And Mewtwo… Three!

  • Blaine reveals that Red is the reason he quit Team Rocket: Red inspired and changed Blaine
  • Red's Pikachu captures Mewtwo with a Master Ball

Chapter 36: Drat That Dratini!

  • Yellow debuts
  • Red rescues a girl in Viridian Forest
  • Red goes to the Viridian Gym

Chapter 37: Golly, Golem!

  • Red discovers Giovanni is the gym leader of Viridian and the leader of Team Rocket
  • Red and Giovanni begin to battle after making a bet: Red can leave without worries if he defeats Giovanni, but if he loses, he has to join Team Rocket

Chapter 38: Long Live the Nidoqueen!?

  • Red defeats Giovanni

Chapter 39: Just a Spearow Carrier

  • It is revealed that a bird Pokémon kidnapped Green from Pallet Town when she was a little girl
  • Green recieves a Pokedex. 

Chapter 40: A Charizard… and a Champion

  • Red defeats Blue, becoming the Champion of Kanto

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