Professor Samuel Oak
Japanese Name:

オーキド•ユキナリ博士 Dr. Yukinari Okido




Blue Oak (Grandson) Daisy Oak (Granddaughter)


Pallet Town, Kanto


Pokedex Owners, Daisy, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, Professor Rowan


Trainer (formerly) Pokemon Professor


Chapter 2

Samuel Oak is a Pokémon Professor and ex-Champion of Kanto in Pokémon Adventures. He lives in Pallet Town and Blue is his grandson.


Many years before the opening of Pokémon Adventures, Oak defeated Agatha in a battle for Championship, embittering her.[1]

When his grandson was five years old, a five-year-old girl was kidnapped from Pallet Town. Empathetic due to his affection for Blue, Oak gets involved in the search for her. The search is futile.[2]



Oak debuts in Chapter 2.

Volume 1

He is not home when Red comes to call, and instead arrives and startles Red into knocking down an entire shelf of pokéballs, resulting in the escape of every Pokémon. Oak is furious, thinking Red to be a thief, but slowly changes his opinion as Red earnestly works to re-capture all of Oak's Pokémon and return them. They track down the final Pokémon, a Bulbasaur, to Viridian City Gym. Watching Red and Bulbasaur bond fighting an aggressive Machoke, Oak tells Red to keep Bulbasaur and gives him a pokédex. He offers Red words of wisdom and then sends him off to become a great Pokémon trainer.[3]

Red consults Professor Oak after learning about Misty's Gyarados; Oak tells him it was likely the work of Team Rocket, who are probably after the Moon Stone in Mt. Moon.[4]

Volume 2

He is later kidnapped, along with the rest of Pallet Town, by Team Rocket admin Sabrina. He is brought to Saffron City, where Team Rocket tries to make him continue the work that Blaine abandoned. Oak refuses, and they toss him in the basement of the Silph Co. building.[5]

Volume 3

He is rescued by his grandson.[6]

Under the alias "Dr. O," Oak enters the Pokémon League tournament at the Indigo Plateau. He battles his way into the semi-finals, where he faces Green. Knowing of her fear of birds, Oak defeats her using a Spearow. He reveals that he knows that she is the little girl who was kidnapped from Pallet Town five years ago, whom Oak had tried to find. He also confirms that Green's Blastoise was stolen from him, and he asks her why; upon hearing her explanation, Oak forgives her and gives her the third and final pokédex.

He then resigns from the tournament, allowing Blue and Red's match to be the final, not semi-final, battle.[7]

Yellow Arc

Oak appears in Chapter 41, where he is on a videophone with Misty. Misty is insistently asking after Red, who has not replied to any of her calls or messages. He is not worried about Red, only complaining that Red has not been filling his pokédex at all but proudly admitting that Red has done a great job as Kanto's champion. Red's Pikachu staggers into his lab, badly injured, and collapses. Oak panics.[8]

The door opens, revealing a young boy and his Doduo. Oak is outraged that the boy just wanders in, takes Pikachu into his arms, and then makes to leave, cheerfully. He challenges the boy to a battle to test his mettle and impress on him the power it would take for some enemy to have defeated Red. Oak is initially insulted that the boy wins the battle by making Oak's Spearow too dizzy to fight but cools down, realizing that the battle hadn't injured either of their Pokémon. Seeing how much Pikachu already trusts the boy, Oak decides to trust him as well, and gives him Red's pokédex to return to Red.

As the boy leaves, Oak wonders—hadn't Pikachu been injured a few minutes earlier?[9]




Oak defeats Green in the semi-final match of the Indigo League with Spearow, taking advantage of her fear of birds. Oak uses Spearow to test Yellow's battle prowess in Chapter 42.

Known Moves:

  • Fury Attack
  • Mirror Move



Oak is Blue's grandfather.


Oak is very proud of Red's success, saying that he has honored the title of Kanto's Champion, and taking offense when Yellow (who had no apparent skill in battle) wanted to be the one to save Red.



Oak is initially very suspicious, considering how Yellow came in just as Oak discovered that Red has been missing or injured. But Yellow gains his respect and he decides to trust on—based on Red's Pikachu's trust in her.




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