Professor Birch
Japanese Name:

オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki




Sapphire Birch (daughter)


Littleroot Town, Hoenn


Norman, Professor Oak


Pokemon Professor


Chapter 182

Professor Birch is a Pokémon professor in Hoenn. He is Sapphire's father.


Professor Birch debuts in Chapter 182.

Prior to the start of the RS Arc, Professor Birch procured very rare Running Shoes from the Devon Corporation on the request of his friend, Norman.

Professor Birch first appears climbing a tree to get a good look at a Wurmple. He is attacked by two wild Mightyena. He is rescued by Ruby, but during their escape he is separated from Ruby, who has his bag. Realizing that Ruby has his Pokégear, Birch called his own number and Ruby picked up.

Birch's relief to hear that Ruby was rescued by a wild Pokémon is short-lived when he hears Ruby being attacked, and to defend himself against his attacker's fire-type moves, Birch tells Ruby to take the Mudkip from his bag. However, Birch quickly finds out that the "wild Pokémon" that saved Ruby and attacked him is in fact his very own daughter, Sapphire, and her Torchic.

Professor Birch goes out to meet a trainer to give him Treecko, but he is caught up in the weather conflict between Kyogre and Groudon. He is stranded on the top of a tree by a flood, and Birch is swept away by a wave, losing Treecko.[1]




Sapphire is Birch's daughter.


Norman and Birch are good friends.



  1. Pokémon Adventures: Chapter 239

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