Species: Castform
Gender: Female
Current Trainer:


Past Trainer(s):

Mr. Stone, Maryann and Tyler





Where Caught:

Weather Institute


Chapter 188

Popo was Mr. Stone's female Castform, then Maryann and Tyler's, and finally Ruby's. Popo competes in smart contests.


Popo debuts in Chapter 188.

Popo is used as bait by Team Aqua to lure her trainer, the President of the Devon Corporation, into a trap; however, this is interrupted by Sapphire. Sapphire saves Popo from where she is caught in the piping system of the fountain and Sapphire's Torchic warms Popo up with flame.[1]

They are then attacked by Team Aqua, and Popo helps Sapphire by using Sunny Day to power up Torchic's fire-type attacks, allowing them to escape. Because Mr. Stone is in a coma, Popo decides to go with Maryann and Tyler, a pair of reporters.[2]

While traveling with Maryann and Tyler, Popo sees the battle between Ruby and Norman on the roof of the Weather Institute. Maryann begs Popo to stop them, somehow, and Popo uses Sunny Day to protect Norman from Ruby's Marshtomp's Mud Shot, and when Ruby and Norman fall off the roof and are clinging to a pipe for dear life, Popo redirects her Sunny Day so that the pipe and their hands dry off, making their grip easier.

Afterwards, when Maryann and Tyler load the unconscious Ruby into their car, Popo sees the close relationship between Ruby and his Pokémon. Noticing this, Maryann gives Popo permission to travel with Ruby.[3]

Ruby sends Popo out with the rest of his Pokémon to battle Marge in Rusturf Tunnel.[4]

Popo and the others help Ruby look for Mimi after she leaves, and Ruby apologizes to Popo and the rest of his Pokémon for being selfish.

Ruby later sends Popo out to battle grunts in the Seafloor Cavern, and then again against Maxie and Archie. After being blown back by Maxie's Camerupt's Eruption, Popo uses the shards of ice from Archie's Walrein's Icy Wind to use Hail, which she then transforms into Weather Ball, which seems to defeat Archie and Maxie.[5]

Ruby later sends out Popo during their first training exercise on Mirage Island, against Tate's and Liza's Spoink. However, he has Popo spring a surprise attack on Juan's Kingdra, testing to see if Juan is like Wallace.[6]

Known Moves


The author describes her: "A careful Pokémon. It detects weather changes and changes its form accordingly."[9]

Ruby introduces her: "She possesses the strength of a lion, heart of a tiger… The weather is under its command, be it torrential rain, glaring sun, or unforgiving snow. Behold the Pokémon Castform… Her name is Popo."[10]



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